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Auction House:McKenzies AuctioneersNumber of lots recorded:302
Sale Title:The Jack Sue Collection of 'Z Force' Militaria and Diving Equiment plus selected CollectablesLots with images:232
Auction Location:PerthPrices available:228
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*** Jack Sue's standby compass. One of the standby compass types as used by members of Z special Unit during Operation Agas behind Japanese lines in the then British north Borneo in 1945. This compass was used in conjunction with the personal field compass. Diameter 4.5 cm ***
*** A cigarette tin and cigarettes. Taken from a captured Japanese soldier during Operation Agas in British north Borneo 1945, who is believed to have taken it from a POW who died along the death march route. the assorted cigarettes include; Tigres Fabrica; Players medium Navy cut; J.J. Stephen Mitchells gold Flake; Alfa; gold leaf Honeydew width 6.5 cm. Length 8 cm ***
*** Jack Sue's field compass with case, TG Co Ltd London; Serial no 45339 1940 MK III. This type of compass was used throughout World War II during the Japanese occupation as well as in the Malaysia conflict. Jack's compass was damaged during an operational patrol and attack upon a Jap garrison near Dampirit on Kudat Peninsular in British north Borneo 1945.… ***
*** A Hembrug bayonet and scabbard. This Hembrug bayonet and scabbard was made by the Dutch for the Dutch cavalry and used in Indonesia and Borneo. When the Japanese invaded, they confiscated and issued these bayonets to their own troops. This bayonet was taken from a Japanese soldier who fell foul of a deadly blowpipe dart from a native guerrilla, along the death march trail some distance from Beluran. Collected by Jack Sue and Don Harlem during Operation Agas. Length 38 cm ***
*** A Colins & Co Legitimus no. 18 knife with sheath. Issued to Jack and other members of Z special Unit for use behind Japanese lines in British north Borneo 1945. Length 38 cm ***
*** A rare pancake flipper dagger. These daggers were issued to Z Special Unit for work up close and personal. This is Jack Sue's Pancake Flipper dagger that he carried on his person throughout operations in British north Borneo 1945. Length 31 cm ***
*** Jack Sue's Smatchet knife. Part of Z special Unit issue for general use. Length 42 cm ***
*** A Henry Boker knife with sheath. This Henry Boker knife was taken from a Jap Captain during a raid conducted by Jack Sue and Captain Roy McLean and a team of guerrillas on the Kudat Peninsular. It was removed from the dead soldier along with other items including his sword for a full account, read Jack's book blood on Borneo. It is believed the Jap Captain involved was responsible for beheading an innocent local in front of his village people, simply because he was unable to answer questions. Length 27 cm ***
*** A Colingen knife with sheath. This knife originally belonged to one of the POW's who died along the Borneo death march somewhere between Sandakan and Ranau. It was found in the kit bag of a dead Jap soldier who had fallen foul to members of Operation Agas. Length 30 cm ***
*** A standard. Issue fighting knife, AKA: K-BAR knife. This US knife was taken from a Jap soldier along the Borneo death March track between Sandakan and Ranau in 1945, by Jack Sue of Z special Unit and his guerrilla forces of OPERATION AGAS How the Jap soldier came to be in possession of the knife is unknown, but believed to have been taken from a POW who died along the death march. Length 32 cm ***
*** A William Rogers Sheffield England, dagger with sheath. This dagger was presented to Jack Sue by Overseas Scottish Commandos in Perth WA during the mid 1970's. It has been kept in storage wrapped and boxed Jack was held in high regard by commandos from all parts of the allied globe During those times, both US and UK commandos all learned the Jack Sue story as part of their training. Length 33 cm ***
*** A rare native blowpipe. This Dyak blowpipe and its deadly darts were used upon the occupied Japanese. It is widely known that Japanese soldiers in jungle warfare were terrified of native blowpipes. Length 192 cm ***
*** A brush, comb & knife set. These items were found after a raid on Japanese headquarters on the Kudat Peninsular They belonged to either geisha girls or Javanese comfort women and were Personally collected by Jack Sue after the successful raid. These items have been stored amongst Jack's favourite items for almost 70 years. Length 13 cm. (comb) ***
*** Japanese Aircraft items. While on patrol on the Kudat peninsula, Jack Sue and his party discovered a crashed Japanese Zeke fighter in thick jungle. the dead pilot was still strapped in his seat although completely dehydrated from the intense heat inside the closed canopy under the tropical sun of Borneo Jack opened the canopy and removed various items from the pilot and his cockpit They include the ammeter, junction box, throat microphone and personal belongings. Diameter 6 cm. (Junction box) ***
*** A Japanese desk lamp. Collected by Jack Sue after the successful raid on the Coleman home in Pitas at the time, the place was a Japanese headquarters. the locals had suffered greatly by these Japanese warlords and with the personal assistance of a local Malay servant, who worked for the Japanese as a house boy, the carefully planned raid at dawn was successful During the clean up, Jack put this little lamp that belonged to the Japanese commanding officer in his kit bag.… ***
*** A Japanese Parade flag. This small 34 x 21 cm flag was collected with the desk lamp (Lot: 015) at Pitas after the raid upon the Jap Headquarters both items were removed from the desk of the Japanese commanding officer Numerous other Japanese items were buried around the house at Pitas frame measures: 22 x 33 cm ***
*** The brief case that saved Jack Sue's life. This medical bag belonged to a Japanese doctor of the dreaded Kempei Tei During the saga at Dampirit, the doctor tried to shoot Jack in the back with a 7mm Nambu pistol Fortunately for Jack, the round jammed in the magazine, having heard the hammer click and the brief case drop to the ground, Jack turned to find the doctor had dropped this brief case to clear the jammed magazine. the Jap doctor was quickly taken out and dispatched.… ***
*** A Japanese rice Dixie. a Japanese patrol was discovered cooking rice in this Dixie beside a river. the Z men opened fire taking particular care not to hit the Dixie, having wiped out the enemy, both Z men waded across the river, sat amongst the deceased, and enjoyed a cooked rice meal. This Jap rice Dixie was considered far superior to the Aussie issue. the Aussie Dixie was left there and this Jap Dixie was used for the remainder of the war. Height 14.5 cm. Width 18 cm ***
*** A Japanese rice Ration officers band. the top kanji says something like 'Rice Husk,. Collect, Package, in Charge', and probably belonged to the person in charge of collecting and packing the rice husk. the Bahasa looking words with Padi seem to refer to a rice field name. the bottom is the Japanese location given as Beluran. Length 28.5 cm ***
*** A Japanese stamp pad. This stamp pad was collected amongst other items by Jack Sue and Don Harlem during Operation Agas in 1945 British north Borneo. the Japanese inscription is a personal signature. Diameter 5 cm ***