Lot Alerts (Free Service)

With our Lot Alerts service we automatically search each new auction catalogue as it is uploaded to our database, for items in the fields that you nominate and advise you prior to the auction by email. We will also advise you of the selling price after the auction by email. This way, you not only keep abreast of what items are coming up in your fields of interest, but also the latest prices. Each registered user can have up to 50 different saved searches operative at the one time.

You can add or edit your lot alerts here

Auction DateAuction TitleLotsAuction HouseLocation
30-Nov-2023Luxury - The South Yarra Edit 170 Leonard Joel Pty. Ltd.Melbourne
2-Dec-2023Traditional Antiques, Jewellery & Fine Art 464 Aalders AuctionsSydney
3-Dec-2023A Connoisseur’s Collection Of Hiroe Swen Pottery: A Pristine Selection of 34 Pieces Dating from 1974-2018 34 Shapiro AuctioneersSydney
3-Dec-2023Jewellery & Watches 492 Barsby AuctionsSydney
4-Dec-2023Fine Jewellery, Watches and Luxury Design 206 Shapiro AuctioneersSydney
5-Dec-2023The Collection of John Elliot Lawford (1933 – 2020) 200 Art+ObjectAuckland
5-Dec-2023Important Jewels 217 Leonard Joel Pty. Ltd.Sydney
5-Dec-2023Fine Jewellery, Watches & Luxury Design, Session II 303 Shapiro AuctioneersSydney
6-Dec-2023Important Jewels and Watches 140 Smith & SingerSydney
7-Dec-2023Asian Arts 62 BonhamsSydney
11-Dec-2023 Fine & Decorative Arts Philips Auctions AustraliaMelbourne
11-Dec-2023 Furniture and Objects from the Estate of Ron Walker AC CBE Leonard Joel Pty. Ltd.Melbourne
12-Dec-2023The Michael Family Camera Museum, Part II 652 Leski Auctions Pty. Ltd.Melbourne
13-Dec-2023 Jewellery and Watches. McKenzies AuctioneersPerth
13-Dec-2023 The Sydney Jewellery Edit Leonard Joel Pty. Ltd.Sydney
18-Mar-2024 Timepieces Leonard Joel Pty. Ltd.Melbourne
25-Mar-2024 The Andrew Morris Collection of Important Worcester and other Porcelain Leonard Joel Pty. Ltd.Melbourne
8-Apr-2024 Modern Design Leonard Joel Pty. Ltd.Melbourne
9-Apr-2024 Luxury Leonard Joel Pty. Ltd.Melbourne