Lot Alerts (Free Service)

With our Lot Alerts service we automatically search each new auction catalogue as it is uploaded to our database, for items in the fields that you nominate and advise you prior to the auction by email. We will also advise you of the selling price after the auction by email. This way, you not only keep abreast of what items are coming up in your fields of interest, but also the latest prices. Each registered user can have up to 50 different saved searches operative at the one time.

You can add or edit your lot alerts here

Auction DateAuction TitleLotsImagesAuction HouseLocation
25/10/2017Asian Art126126BonhamsSydney
26/10/2017Fine Decorative Arts; Fine Jewellery396396LawsonsSydney
28/10/2017One Day Auction1,0501,045Vickers & Hoad AuctioneersSydney
29/10/2017Emporium618618Theodore Bruce AuctionsSydney
31/10/2017The Anneke Borren Collection435433Cordy'sAuckland
02/11/2017Modern Design378377Leonard Joel Pty. Ltd.Melbourne
14/11/2017Antique & Art Auction00Cordy'sAuckland
15/11/2017Antique & Decorative Arts; Fine Jewellery00Dunbar Sloane Ltd.Wellington
16/11/2017Militaria; Artefacts00Dunbar Sloane Ltd.Wellington
18/11/2017Monthly Auction, Day 100Barsby AuctionsSydney
19/11/2017Monthly Auction, Day 200Barsby AuctionsSydney
27/11/2017Jewels00Leonard Joel Pty. Ltd.Melbourne
27/11/2017Fine Jewels & Watches00Mossgreen AuctionsMelbourne
28/11/2017International Decorative Arts00Mossgreen AuctionsMelbourne
30/11/2017Luxury00Leonard Joel Pty. Ltd.Melbourne
03/12/2017Fine and Decorative Arts00Philips Auctions AustraliaMelbourne
04/12/2017Modern and Antique Jewellery00Philips Auctions AustraliaMelbourne
06/12/2017Important Jewels00Sotheby's AustraliaSydney
07/12/2017Collectables; Sporting Memorabilia00Leonard Joel Pty. Ltd.Melbourne
09/12/2017Monthly Auction, Day 100Barsby AuctionsSydney