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13-Dec-2023Jewellery and Watches.Perth0

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Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLotsLink To
29-Nov-2023Art, Collectables, Furniture.Perth178 Prices not yet available
1-Nov-2023Oriental, Rugs, Collectables, Jewellery, Watches, Silver.Perth196View Images
31-Oct-2023Art, Collectables, Furniture.Perth87View Images
5-Sep-2023Art, Collectables, Luxury Items, Furniture, SilverPerth162View Images
26-Jul-2023Jewellery, Watches, SilverPerth178View Images
25-Jul-2023Art, Collectables, FurniturePerth146View Images
24-May-2023Jewellery, Watches & Silver.Perth171View Images
23-May-2023Art & CollectablesPerth208View Images
22-Mar-2023Jewellery, Watches & SilverPerth216View Images
21-Mar-2023Collectables & FurniturePerth165View Images
14-Dec-2022Jewellery & WatchesPerth180View Images
6-Dec-2022Art, Collectables, Luxury, FurniturePerth189View Images
12-Oct-2022Watches, Furniture, Decorative Arts, Ceramics & SilverPerth153View Images
11-Oct-2022Art, Luxury & JewelleryPerth128View Images
10-Aug-2022Furniture, Clocks, Decorative Arts etc.Perth152View Images
9-Aug-2022Jewellery & WatchesPerth173View Images
1-Jun-2022Glass, Clocks, Ceramics, Books, Oriental, Furniture and Silver.Perth338View Images
31-May-2022Art and LuxuryPerth76View Images
4-May-2022Jewellery & WatchesPerth215View Images
22-Mar-2022The Richard Jupp Tribal Artefact CollectionPerth243View Images
14-Dec-2021Jewellery, Watches & LuxuryPerth231View Images
1-Dec-2021Pens, Luxury, Glass, Furniture, Rugs, Oriental, Decorative Arts, Ceramics, Militaria & SilverPerth240View Images
30-Nov-2021Art & JewelleryPerth122View Images
19-Oct-2021Collectable Guitars, Art, Furniture & Decorative ArtsPerth139View Images
25-Aug-2021Timepieces, Writing Implements, Furniture, Rugs, Decorative Arts and Collectables, & SilverPerth311View Images
24-Aug-2021Fine Art and JewelleryPerth152View Images
19-May-2021Furniture, Rugs, Watches and Decorative ArtsPerth260View Images
18-May-2021Fine Art and JewelleryPerth169View Images
16-Mar-2021Fine Furniture, Decorative Arts & ArtPerth172View Images
14-Dec-2020Jewellery and WatchesPerth221View Images
1-Dec-2020Decorative Arts & FurniturePerth271View Images
15-Oct-2020Fine and Decorative Arts, Jewellery and Furniture, Day 2Perth207View Images
14-Oct-2020Fine and Decorative Arts, Jewellery and Furniture, Day 1Perth146View Images
19-Aug-2020Decorative Arts and FurniturePerth245View Images
18-Aug-2020Fine Art & JewelleryPerth90View Images
26-May-2020Fine and Decorative Arts, Jewellery and FurniturePerth301View Images
10-Mar-2020Fine and Decorative Arts, Jewellery and FurniturePerth285View Images
10-Dec-2019Fine Jewellery and WatchesPerth222View Images
25-Nov-2019Fine and Decorative Arts and FurniturePerth217View Images
16-Oct-2019Decorative Arts and FurniturePerth216View Images
15-Oct-2019Fine Art and JewelleryPerth199View Images
20-Aug-2019The Oriental SalePerth215View Images
30-Jul-2019Fine and Decorative Arts, Jewellery and FurniturePerth248View Images
14-May-2019Fine and Decorative Arts, Jewellery and FurniturePerth296View Images
20-Mar-2019Furniture and Decorative ArtsPerth218View Images
19-Mar-2019JewelleryPerth164View Images
27-Nov-2018Fine & Decorative Art, Furniture & RugsPerth170View Images
24-Oct-2018Decorative ArtsPerth193View Images
23-Oct-2018Australian Ceramics, JewelleryPerth125View Images
7-Aug-2018Fine and Decorative Arts, Jewellery and FurniturePerth274View Images
13-Jun-2018Jewellery & FurniturePerth298View Images
12-Jun-2018Decorative ArtsPerth141View Images
8-May-2018The Oriental SalePerth337View Images
20-Mar-2018Decorative Arts, Jewellery & FurniturePerth318View Images
13-Dec-2017Fine Decorative Arts, Jewellery & FurniturePerth371View Images
21-Nov-2017The Lauder & Howard Closing Down SalePerth312View Images
17-Oct-2017Fine & Decorative Arts, Jewellery & FurniturePerth315View Images
5-Sep-2017The Leo Laden Militaria CollectionPerth328View Images
18-Jul-2017Fine and Decorative Arts, Jewellery and FurniturePerth259View Images
23-May-2017Fine and Decorative Arts, Jewellery and FurniturePerth293View Images
21-Mar-2017Fine and Decorative Arts, Jewellery & FurniturePerth184View Images
7-Dec-2016Art & CollectablesPerth162View Images
6-Dec-2016Jewellery & WatchesPerth217View Images
15-Nov-2016Surf & Maritime CollectablesPerth221View Images
11-Oct-2016Jewellery, Watches, Collectables & FurniturePerth230View Images
19-Sep-2016House AuctionPerth152View Images
3-Aug-2016Collectables and FurniturePerth214View Images
2-Aug-2016Jewellery & WatchesPerth149View Images
25-May-2016Georg Jensen, Collectables & FurniturePerth227View Images
24-May-2016Art & JewelleryPerth120View Images
23-Mar-2016Collectables and FurniturePerth159View Images
22-Mar-2016Jewellery & WatchesPerth191View Images
8-Dec-2015Jewellery, Objets de Vertu and WatchesPerth199View Images
1-Dec-2015Fine Art, Collectables & FurniturePerth180View Images
20-Oct-2015Collectable Surfboards, Part 2.Perth114View Images
8-Sep-2015Jewellery, Furniture & CollectablesPerth313View Images
4-Aug-2015The Jack Sue Collection of 'Z Force' Militaria and Diving Equiment plus selected CollectablesPerth302View Images
3-Jun-2015Decorative Arts, Furniture, Rugs, Clocks, Collectables & OrientalPerth216View Images
2-Jun-2015Jewellery & WatchesPerth144View Images
25-Mar-2015Decorative Arts, Oriental and FurniturePerth193View Images
24-Mar-2015Art & JewelleryPerth115View Images
10-Dec-2014Decorative Arts & FurniturePerth369View Images
9-Dec-2014Jewellery & WatchesPerth148View Images
21-Oct-2014Collectable Surfboards, Part 1.Perth111View Images
3-Sep-2014Collectables, Furniture, Militaria, RugsPerth312View Images
2-Sep-2014Jewellery and WatchesPerth134View Images
11-Jun-2014Decorative Arts, Militaria & FurniturePerth277View Images
10-Jun-2014JewelleryPerth171View Images
26-Mar-2014Decorative Arts, Militaria, and FurniturePerth256View Images
25-Mar-2014JewelleryPerth92View Images
19-Nov-2013Decorative Arts, Funiture & JewelleryPerth353View Images
16-Oct-2013Jewellery, Modern & AntiquePerth279View Images
21-Aug-2013Mid 20th Century Design, Collectables and FurniturePerth340View Images
12-Jun-2013Antiques & Decorative ArtsPerth309View Images
11-Jun-2013Jewellery & WatchesPerth121View Images
16-Apr-2013Jewellery and WatchesPerth315View Images
20-Mar-2013Decorative Arts & FurniturePerth218View Images
10-Dec-2012Christmas Fine Jewellery & WatchesPerth300View Images
19-Nov-2012Paintings, Decorative Arts, FurniturePerth189View Images
26-Sep-2012Antiques & Decorative ArtsPerth234View Images
25-Sep-2012JewelleryPerth128View Images
4-Jul-2012Antiques & Decorative ArtsPerth281View Images
3-Jul-2012JewelleryPerth110View Images
3-Apr-2012Antiques & Decorative ArtsPerth246View Images
2-Apr-2012JewelleryPerth111View Images
6-Dec-2011Decorative Arts & FurniturePerth214View Images
5-Dec-2011Pictures, Jewellery and WatchesPerth114View Images
25-Oct-2011Art, Jewellery & Watches, Decorative Arts, FurniturePerth377View Images
21-Sep-2011Decorative Arts, Jewellery & FurniturePerth203View Images
16-Jun-2011Decorative Arts, Jewellery and FurniturePerth263View Images
15-Jun-2011Australian Art, International Art and JewelleryPerth87View Images
30-Mar-2011Collectables, Jewellery, Furniture and a Maritime Collection from The Estate of Robert MuirPerth355View Images
29-Mar-2011Historical Documents included in Fine Art AuctionPerth6View Images
24-Nov-2010Premium Spring AuctionPerth347View Images
15-Sep-2010A Significant Private Collection of Oriental, European, and English CollectablesPerth190View Images
23-Jun-2010Fine Art, Decorative Arts, Jewellery & Selected FurniturePerth173View Images
28-Mar-2010Fine & Decorative Arts, Jewellery and Furniture, including Elizabeth Durack artworks, and part Estate of Arthur RussellPerth205View Images
2-Dec-2009Fine Art, Decorative Arts, Jewellery and Selected Furniture - Day 2Perth277View Images
1-Dec-2009Fine Art, Decorative Arts, Jewellery and Selected Furniture - Day 1Perth37View Images
23-Sep-2009Fine Art, Decorative Arts, Jewellery And Selected FurniturePerth201View Images
4-Jun-2009Fine Art, Jewellery, Collctables and FurniturePerth318View Images
23-Nov-2008Fine Art, Decorative Arts, Furniture & JewelleryPerth297View Images
13-Aug-2008Decorative Arts & JewelleryPerth110View Images
12-Mar-2008Artworks, Decorative Arts, Furniture, Horology & JewelleryPerth134View Images
8-Aug-2007Furniture & Decorative ArtsPerth164View Images
17-May-2007Decorative ArtsPerth278View Images