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Auction House:
McKenzies Auctioneers
Number of lots recorded:16
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*** Surfboard: Michael Peterson 80 feet s Model Single Fin, 1980. 6 feet 2 inches x 20 inches, flyer area pin single fin shaped by Michael Peterson and signed by MP in pencil on the foam. This board is in amazing condition and is a rare find. Condition: Totally original, not a restoration. ***
*** Surfboard: Lightning Bolt shaped by Mark Richards, 1982. 7 feet 2 inches long. This was Mark Richard’s personal board that he rode in and won the 1982 Pipeline Masters. Features lightning bolts top and bottom with Mark’s personal sprayed fluorescent orange and green stripes. Oversized 'MR' logos, white glass on fin and inscription 'Rapid Transit', 'Sept 82 inches. This board was donated to the Honolulu Hard Rock Cafe where it hung for over 20 years.… ***
*** Surfboard: Tom Blake Paddle Board, 1946. By the Catalina Equipment Company of Los Angeles. Tom Blake was a forerunner of surfing design and is credited with being the first person to put fins on surf boards. A champion athlete he was a fine surfer, swimmer and board paddler, having won many titles at the three pursuits, both in Hawaii and America. 16 feet long and of a hollow design with ribs inside. ***
*** Surfboard: Hobie 3 Stringer, 1963. Made at Dana Point, California, 9 feet 10 inches x 21 1/2 inches, square tail single fin. Great pin striping. Excellent condition. ***
*** Surfboard: Greg Noll Gun, c. 1995. 11 feet 4 inches x 23 inches wide, this single stringer 'D' fin gun is a replica of the board Greg rode when he surfed, what was supposedly the biggest wave ever at the time, at Outside Pipeline. It was captured for immortality by the famous photo taken by John Sevenson, the eminent film maker. The photo depicted Greg with his back to the camera looking out across 3 massive shore break waves, while waiting for a lull to be able to paddle out.… ***
*** Surfboard 8 feet x 22 inches x 3 3/4 inches Len Dibben. Hollow wood construction nose at 12 inches - 14 Ð inches, tail at 12 inches - 13 1/2 inches marine ply top and bottom with bronze nails square red Maranti rails Nose and tail block are of radiator pine made c1957/58 new fin added 2000 when restored and varnished ***
*** Surfboard 9 feet 11 x 20 1/2 inches x 2 3/4 inches Len Dibben solid Balsa board made c1960/61 restored in 1998, new laminated fin added ***
*** 9ct yellow gold West Australian horse racing trophy - the Perth cup Won by Sydney James 1947. The cup is inscribed 'W.A.T.C. Perth cup - 1947 - Won by Sydney James, Owner Mr. & Mrs G.D. Elliott Trainer R. Burns - rider G. Davies, Time 3mins, 22sec state record 2 Miles'. Note: Sydney James went on to win the Australia cup in 1947. Cup stamped '9ct' 'V31'. Height 22 cm; weight: 216 grams. Note: Robert Burns Snr achieved nine Perth trainers Premierships in a period of 13 years; a record at the time.… ***
*** Surfboard: Duke Kahanamoku 'Maui' model, c. 1959. 9 feet 7 inches x 22 1/2 inches. Single fin square tail, classic 'D' shaped fin of laminated timber. Excellent condition ***
*** Surfboard: Hayden Single Stringer, 1967. Single fin, 9 feet x 22 inches. Absolutely immaculate condition. A great example. ***
*** Surfboard: Barry Bennett 3 Stringer, c. 1960. 9 feet 11 inches x 22 inches - Classic D fin in very good original condition ***
*** A vintage Michael Peterson Wintersun single fin surfboard, signed 'Michael' in pencil and 'Shaped By Michael Peterson'. Verso printed transfer 'Peterson Design Surfboard Wintersun'. Length 5 feet 8 ½ inches (174 cm) ***
*** Surfboard: OLE Olson Twin Fin, 1961. 8 feet 11 inches x 21 1/2 inches. Built in 1961 by Bob, he remembers only making one of these, one of the first ever twin fins. Double glass on fins and black stripes with OLE logo. Fully restored. ***
*** Surfboard: Bunker Spreckels 'The Fish', 1969. Shaped by Rick Value, 7 feet 7 inches long. Bunker Spreckels known as 'Surfing’s divine prince of decadence' was on the outer reaches of the design curve back in the late 60s. 'The Fish' represents that, with its full length concave and 'dolphin tips' tail. Shaped by Bunker’s room mate, Rick Value, it features psychedelic airbrush, balsa nose blocks, and dolphin fin. Designed for lift and speed.… ***
*** Surfboard: Greg Noll 'Da Cat' Model, 1967. 8 feet 10 inches x 23 inches. Greg Noll linked up with 'Da Cat', Mickey Dora, the controversial Prince of Malibu in 1966. It is said that Mickey had Reynolds Yater make him a Yater Spoon, so Mickey immediately took it to Greg to create his new model. Several unique features are the thin step deck, double channelled bottom, and the butterfly graphics hidden in the nose patch. This is a rare example because of its 8 feet 10 inches length. ***
*** Reno Abellira Gun 9 feet 5 inches x 19.25 inches. Hawaii Surfboards pintail gun, attractive yellow gloss. Shaped by the master shaper, Reno Abellira in 2011. ***