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Auction House:McKenzies AuctioneersNumber of lots recorded:114
Sale Title:Collectable Surfboards, Part 2.Lots with images:110
Auction Location:PerthPrices available:111
LotDescription Price Image
*** Hohensee Single Stringer 9 feet x 23.5 inches. 1966, made in Queensland. Red gloss coat with white competition stripes. Good condition. ***
*** McTavish Classic Single Fin 6 feet 6 inches x 20 inches round tail. Excellent condition. ***
*** Farrelly early 1970 Single Fin. An original 1971 single fin by the great Midget Farrelly, Australian World Champion surfer. This 6 feet x 19 inches is one of the original 'S' deck shortboards from this important period In surfing history and would be right at home in any serious collection. This board is unrestored with only a few small dings that have been repaired, and it's straight with no delaminations, and with a hole in the fin for a legrope. ***
*** Balsa Mal 9 feet 2 inches long x 20.5 inches. Circa 1958/59. All original one owner, unknown shaper/brand. Light blue pigment all over, red fin on tails edge ***
*** Barry Bennett Squaretail A mid '70s single fin squaretail by the respected Sydney surf factory, Bennetts. 6 feet 8 inches x 19 inches. Has had a few dings repaired and is a bit brown on the bottom, but the deck still shows well. ***
*** Barry Bennett Yellow Swallow Tail 7 feet x 19 inches single fin 1974. Very good condition ***
*** Bing Surfboards Made in America for the Australian market. 7 feet 10 inches long x 21.5 inches wide, 1969 This single stringer, pin tail single fin has the Bing logo with the kangaroo on one section. With the wave set fin box and large raked red fin, this is an unusual board. Whilst made for the Australian market it never left the American shores until recently. ***
*** Blaxell Single Fin Pintail, 6 feet 7 inches x 20 inches, 1974. Attractive colours with Tom's unique logo ***
*** Bob Brown Single Fin Any fractures or dings have been repaired the old school way and the shape is by Rico., measures 6 feet x 19.5 inches and features fluted flyers and nice original fiberglass fin in the box, plus a fabulous period spray. 1976. Condition-this rates a healthy 8/10 ***
*** Paipo Body Board Floral Design Floral design on bottom, twin fin. Made in Portsea, Victoria. ***
*** Plywood Body Board 4 feet 6 inches x 17 inches. 1940's with handle made by Wards boat builder in Cottesloe. Later famous for Australia's Americas Cup Winner. ***
*** Brothers Neilsen Shaped by Rick Neilsen for their Surfers Paradise shop circa 1976., measures 6 feet 11 inches x 19 1/2 inches and is totally original and unrestored. ***
*** Byrning Spears Epoxy Thruster c.1980's Al Byrne. Experimental plastic surfboard. Possible connection with McTavish. *** N/A
*** Cole Single Stringer Longboard 9 feet 9.5 inches x 23 inches. Circa 1965. Square Tail. Average condition. ***
*** Cooper Single fin Swallow tail shaped by Richie West This is a great example of a mid 70s Cooper single fin shaped by American surfer Richie West, and it's a fine rider. Has West's interpretation of the concave bottom that was so successful in California's waves and still used by some of today's top shapers such as Dick van Straalen., measures 6 feet 6 inches x 20 inches with plenty of nose area. West's design was known as the Bullett Model and for good reason.… ***
*** Cordingley Red Stripe Mal Single fin, square tail 9 feet 6 inches long x 22 inches, red stripes with white band-1965. Good condition. ***
*** Cordingley Swallow Tail 6 feet 9 inches x 20 inches. Circa 1976. This single stringer was shaped and signed by Bob Monkman. Green top and bottom with yellow pin stripe on deck. ***
*** DHD Stephanie Gilmore Competition Board 6 feet 5 inches long x 18 1/8 inches. Ridden by Steph during the 3rd World Title 2010. Thruster with pink deck grip, signed by Stephanie. ***
*** DHD Swallow Tail shaped by Maurice Cole, Jake Paterson personal board Ridden by Jake in competition. This board is extremely light. Features the snake logo, crescent tail and thruster design. Length 5 feet 11 inches ***
*** Dick Brewer Gun Three stringer, single fin pintail. 9 feet 10 inches x 20 inches. Attractive plum red in colour with black fin. Made by Dick in 2010 during his visit to Noosa for the surf festival. A prime example by the master shaper. ***