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Auction House:Charles Leski Auctions Pty. Ltd.Number of lots recorded:471
Sale Title:General MemorabiliaLots with images:162
Auction Location:MelbournePrices available:283
LotDescription Price Image
*** Australian Cameras c1900-1930 comprising Houghton box cameras marked Harrington Sydney, Klito #1 (1) Klito #1a (2), A cme Sportshot by Australasian Camera Manufacturers (2) one in original box, one Af, Lexia box. In mixed condition.… *** N/A
*** Bolex Paillard: c1950 including 8mm cameras D8L with three lens turret, C8 with one lens, B8 with two lenses and an assortment of Bolex accessories including lenses, hand mount, etc. In mixed condition *** N/A
*** Canon Vt-Delux-Z: c1957. Like 'Vt Delux' but with baseplate opening key. Original body with 50mm F:1.2 lens. in VG condition. ***
*** Canon Pellix: c1964 with original body and 58mm 1:1.2 lens. In very good condition with original hard case. *** N/A
*** Graphlex Miniature Speed Graphic: c1938 with roll film holder and metal plates. In good condition *** N/A
*** Kodak Box Camera Assortment, c1920s including 3a Folding Pocket camera, Junior 3a, Folding Pocket 3, Folding Pocket maroon bellows 3, 2c Junior combination back etc. Mixed condition. Good value. (10) *** N/A
*** Kodak: c1900-1960 including Kodak Instamatic 400 Motor Driven (2), Kodak Brownie 6-20 Model tan covering brass trimmed, Starlight Flash Camera (4), and many others. Condition mixed, selection good. (27) *** N/A
*** Kodak petite: c1929-1930 decorator lilac vest pocket with original bellows. Camera and matching case in brown leather. Unusual and very collectible in very good condition. ***
*** Leica MDa, camera body (1410435) c1970. In very good condition ***
*** Leitz 50mm f1.9 Hektor (#437359) 1946, black and nickel with original lens cap, hood and in original leather case. In excellent condition. ***
*** Maugey-Anne Lens, c1900 a Paris Optician. A very large lens 13 cm diameter 31 cm long. Beautifully made in very good condition. *** N/A
*** Russian Tal-M Telescope c1994, 51 cm long x 18 cm tall. Boxed with accessories, may have missing parts *** N/A
*** Nikon F2 Photomic camera (7609845) 1971, with Nikkor 55mm micro auto lens (214884) with original hood, Nikon Dw-2 6x etc. All in good + condition (4) ***
*** Photosniper Spy Camera Rifle Shoulder Mount c1940: In original metal box with some parts missing. Including original lens and filter. A very rare item. ***
*** Rodenstock Lenses: c1970 comprising Rodagon 50mm F1:2,8 and Rogonar-S 75mm f1:4,5. New old stock in original box. (2) ***
*** Russian Cameras: c1960-1980 including Zorki 10 (1964-1970), Kiev 4m (1977-87), Fed 5b, etc. An excellent assortment of rare cameras. All appear to be in good condition. (7) ***
*** Thornton Pickard: c1900 half-plate wood and brass camera with black leather bellows, swing out back and Thornton Pickard-Beck lens, also 8 double dark negative holders. A restorer's delight. ***
*** Zeiss-Ikon: c1950 including Icon 6 x 6 nettar, Super B with interchangeable back, Contaflex IV, Nettax 513/16 etc. All with hard cases all good condition. (17) *** N/A
*** The Zorki-6 'Reflex' Spy Camera: A 'Zorki-6' in reflex casing and with tubular lenses [#674068 - indicating that it was camera #68 manufactured in 1967] for 'through-the-wall' spy photography. Designed for silent operation and installation by 'technicians' employed by the Kgb. Contained within the Zorki-6 body is a double optical group, mounted and fixed to the inside wall of the reflex casing.… ***
*** Photographic Assortment, 1950-1980 including paper tray, thermometers, Revere film splicer, film cutters, filters, color processing etc. mixed condition (c 35) *** N/A