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McKenzies Auctioneers
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*** A rare Tang Dynasty, pottery Silk Road camel trader with stand 618-906 AD, height: 90 cm, length 70 cm. Note: With Ralf Kotalla Thermoluminescence laboratory report ***
*** A Chinese Pottery Warhorse figure northern QI Dynasty (550-577 AD) well detailed figure of a Northern Qi Dynasty warhorse, earthenware with traces of original pigment. Height 43.5 cm. Length 32 cm. note: with University of Wollongong T.L. Test report ***
*** A rare large Tang Dynasty 'Fat lady' 618 - 906 AD height 66 cm. Note: With Ralf Kotalla Thermoluminescence laboratory report ***
*** A rare large size terracotta prancing horse, Tang Dynasty, c.618AD - 907AD, with removable saddle and custom made stand, probably comes from the 'Changzhi Region, Shanxi Province. It is molded and modelled in grey earthenware and still has large amounts of its original painted decoration with 2015 Thermoluminescence laboratory report Rolf Kotalla Germany. Height 52 cm silver ***
*** Tang Dynasty polo pony and rider 618 - 906 AD. Height 38 cm. Length 36 cm, on customised acrylic stand. note: with University of Wollongong Thermoluminescence laboratory report ***
*** A rare pair of Chinese Tang musician figures with, stands, Tang dynasty (618-907). Height 29 cm, note: with TL test: Thermoluminescence laboratory ***
*** A rare set of four Tang Dynasty court musicians, 'The Empress', Tang Dynasty 618-907, the musicians are designed to indicate being of service to the empress, evidenced by the phoenix, headdress of all four musicians, all musicians in good condition showing good traces, of original colour. Note: with custom made black perspex stand. Height 24 cm. Note: with Thermoluminescence certificate from the University of Wollongong N.S.W.-TL W4708 ***
*** An early Tang Dynasty ceramic camel, circa 618 รป 906AD, with certificate, University of Woolongong, thermo luminescence report (tested). Height 37 cm ***
*** A Chinese pottery figure northern Dynasties period (385 and 598AD) well detailed standing figure of a guard earthenware with traces of original pigment height: 34 cm ***
*** A Chinese pottery Tang figure tang Dynasties period (618 and 907AD) well detailed figure of 'Tang Fat Lady' earthenware with traces of original pigment height: 38 cm ***
*** A Chinese carved jade (most likely nephrite) Prancing horse standing upon a sparrow, Han Dynasty (c.100AD) ***
*** Chinese Northern Wei guard figure with shield Northern Dynasty 386 and 589 AD terracotta. Height 26 cm ***
*** A Tang Dynasty tile mounted camel (618-906AD), with 2013 Thermoluminscence laboratory (TL) test: University of Wollongong. Height 40 cm (stand not included) ***
*** Rare Han Dynasty dancer BC 206 and 220 AD grey terracotta, with traces of original pigments. Height 30 cm ***
*** A New Kingdom Limestone wall fragment (Egypt), depicting a sistrum and the face of the goddess Hathor.-1,000BC. Note: the eyes have been chipped Off to prevent the deceased from reaching the afterlife ***
*** Fragment of an Anthropoid Coffin (Egypt) 3rd Intermediate period, circa 21st dynasty (1069BC - 945BC). Painted and gessoed wood. Height 28.5 cm. width 31 cm Reference: L. M. Berman and K. J. Bohac, 'The. Cleveland Museum of Art Catalogue of Egyptian. Art', 1999 ***