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Auction House:Charles Leski Auctions Pty. Ltd.Number of lots recorded:303
Sale Title:Autographs, Ceramics, Jewellery, Judaica, Posters and ToysLots with images:168
Auction Location:MelbournePrices available:218
LotDescription Price Image
*** Antique writing slope c1855, English walnut with cross banding, brass inlay (front and back), original lock and two secret drawers, green and gold gilt leather writing surface. ***
*** Antique Australian cedar writing slope c1865, including original, new brown and gold gilt writing surface ***
*** 1869-1903 collection of cycling engravings (42), mainly from 'The Illustrated London News' & 'The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News'; Maps (6) by Edward Stanford (1827-1904), comprising 'New South Wales', 'Queensland', 'South Australia', 'Western Aust… *** N/A
*** Antique Writing Slope c1870, Rosewood with brass escutcheon around original lock. Green leather writing surface. In good condition ***
*** Gilbert Kitchen Clock, c1880 American made, one of the most ornate and largest of the kitchen clocks. Pressed oak with Lion's head design. Top of the line in it's time. 60 x 39 cm. Very good condition, needs moderate restoration. Movement working but needs attention. All original ***
*** Decorative Glass and Pottery Assortment, c1870-1920 comprising Wade pottery jug 18 cm tall, crystal ashtray, small crystal lidded container, crystal square container with stopper, crystal round possible perfume bottle with sterling screw on top, dated Lond… *** N/A
*** Victorian Inkwell Desk Set c1880, complete with glass inserts, and separate hand blotter. Rare to find complete and in very good condition ***
*** Lady's Scrapbook Album: c1880s album illustrated with early Christmas & Greeting cards. Fair/Good condit *** N/A
*** Lanterns: c1900, large buggy or automobile kerosene lantern complete with glass lens: small miners lantern 'Phanomen' with red and green faceted jewels, missing cover lens, rare. (2) *** N/A
*** General Store Computing scale, c1900 manufactured by, the Computing scale Company of Dayton Ohio. Rarely seen in 100% original working condition. Original green paint and complete with all weights. 47 x 40 x 54 ***
*** Black Forest bear carving c1900, a large carving of a bear with a fish on his back. Very large at 33 cm, in very good condition ***
*** Australian Ephemera including, National Geographic Maps, World War I & II newspapers, Educational Magazines, Trade and Craft Booklets, Melbourne picture booklets. Very large and interesting assortment. (qty) *** N/A
*** Collectables: King George VI and Queen Elizabeth - rare 'HMS 'Renown' - Australasian Cruise 1927' Certificate, signed at top 'Albert' and 'Elizabeth' (King George Vi's signature faded, though Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother's) signature is quite clear); 1907-31 London Police posters/flyers, (10); 1907 athletics programme; James Bond book 'From Russia, with Love' by Ian Fleming (The Book Club, London, 1957); map 'Monmouthshire', by Thomas Moule (London, 1841); books 'The Visit of Their Royal Highnesses the… ***
*** Scouts: Walking/Hiking Stick, 111 cm in length, with two metal badges affixed, 'Australian Jamboree, Frankston/Victoria 1935' & 'Pan-Pacific Jamboree, Yarra Brae, Victoria, 1948-49'. Very attractive and scarce *** N/A
*** Enamel badge for 'South Australia Centenary 1836-1936'; 1941 official signed card for visitors to Sydney Harbour Bridge; nice 1930s Abc postcard showing sports; and another postcard showing Australian cyclist R.W.'Fatty' Lamb. (4 items) *** N/A
*** Fire Brigade Helmets and Hats c1940-1970 comprising, German Helmet (metal), New Nederlands, Old Nederlands plus seven assorted fire caps. (10) ***
*** Ephemera c1950 including, theatre programs, travel album with post cards and pictures, festival programs, travel sites of interest. Good condition. (50+) *** N/A
*** Fire Brigade Toy Assortment c1960, a wonderful assortment of miniature fire related toys including, Dinky, micro, Bendros (U.K. Made), Viking, Rmo's and many other brands. Diecast and plastic. All in good condition, good value. Viewing will delight. (80+items) ***
*** Fire Brigade Toy Assortment including, Corgi, Preiser, Revel Praline, Brekina, plus many others. Mint in box, assorted sizes, plastic and diecast. Fabulous Value. (15items) ***
*** Fire Brigade Toy Engine Assortment c1960, including, Matchbox, Corgi, Roco, Mercure, Wiking, etc. A fabulous assortment of diecast and plastic fire engines in various sizes. All mint in box. Great Value, please view to appreciate. (20 items) ***