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Auction House:Vickers & Hoad AuctioneersNumber of lots recorded:495
Sale Title:Antiques & CollectablesLots with images:492
Auction Location:SydneyPrices available:344
LotDescription Price Image
*** Antique French bronzed metal figure of a lion. 19 cm high ***
*** Antique French turned fruit wood hat stand. 33 cm high ***
*** Two antique French coffee grinders, both marked Peugeot France, one of cylinder form (2) ***
*** Fine antique French bronze circular miniature portrait frame, mounted with an antique coloured print of a lady, 10.5 cm high ***
*** Small antique French marriage dome standing 33 cm high ***
*** French signed pottery vase, Saint Amand. 24 cm high ***
*** Two French art Deco table clocks, one in green enamel the other on a swing movement. 17 cm high & 13 cm high (2) ***
*** French antique bisque figure group 20 cm high, a long with a pocket watch & bronze medallion from Ville de Sceaux dated 1882 (3) ***
*** Two vintage French coffee grinders, one marked Peugeot France in beechwood, and the other marked RRR in beech wood and metal (2) ***
*** Pair of French World War I brass trench art vases. 28 cm high (2) ***
*** Small scale antique French marriage dome. 35 cm high ***
*** Antique French silver plated food warmer. 28 cm high ***
*** French Louis XVI style antique white marble and brass clock garniture set standing 41 cm high (3) ***
*** Vintage French Meams blue enamel coffee grinder ***
*** Pair of French World War I brass trench art vases standing 35 cm high (2) ***
*** Antique French leather bag with original key and brass mounts. 21 cm high x 46 cm long ***
*** Antique French faux marble tin coffee grinder ***
*** Pair of German trench art vases decorated with the iron cross. 22 cm high(2) ***
*** Antique French Longchamp Majolica asparagus plate, 26.5 cm ***
*** Small antique French marriage dome standing 35 cm high ***