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Auction House:Theodore Bruce AuctionsNumber of lots recorded:564
Sale Title:Antiques & Interiors including Chinese ceramics and works of artLots with images:537
Auction Location:SydneyPrices available:426
LotDescription Price Image
*** Large Copeland parian group of Paul & Virginia, c. 1850 (ref 'The Parian Phenomenon' Fig 511). Height 30 cm ***
*** Lladro figure 'Nude with Rose' by Salvador Deb¾n retired figure. Height 47 cm ***
*** Lladro lamp base, girl with basket standing by a tree. Height 41 cm ***
*** Lladro figures, Gretel, and two others holding animals (3). Height 21 cm ***
*** Lladro figures of angels by Salvador Deb¢n retired figures, one with restored wing. Height 124 cm ***
*** Lladro group figure of a boy & girl. Length 24 cm ***
*** Lladro figurine Don Quixote Man of La Mancha together with a figure of a Spanish lady in traditional dress. Heights 32 cm and 30 cm ***
*** Naples Blanc de Chine group figure modelled as a dancing young gallant & lady on flower encrusted base. Height 21 cm ***
*** Lladro Collectors society plaque together with figure in need of restoration (2) ***
*** Royal Dux group figure modelled as a hound with catch of a duck firing crack to base. Length 40 cm ***
*** Lladro figure 'Cara al Viento' by Juan Huerta retired figure. Height 35 cm ***
*** Lladro group figure girl feeding ducks. Height 17.5 cm ***
*** Lladro group figure boy kissing girl. Height 23 cm ***
*** Lladro figure 'Cinderella' by Antonio Ruiz retired figure. Height 25.5 cm ***
*** Lladro figure of girl with flowers, together with Zaphir figure (2) 24 cm. and 25 cm ***
*** Lladro figure 'Repose' 2169 retired figure. Height 21.5 cm ***
*** Lladro & Nao figures of geese (4). Height 20 cm ***
*** Lladro two figures of donkeys (2) 16.5 cm. L *** N/A
*** Lladro figure 'Jealousy' by Juan Huerta retired figure. Height 23 cm ***
*** Lladro figure shepherdess with lamb and barrow. Height 25 cm ***