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Militaria & Weapons — McKenzies Auctioneers


Auction House: McKenzies Auctioneers
Number of lots recorded: 16
Lots with images: 16
Prices available: 16
Category: Militaria & Weapons

Lot Description Price Image
*** A medieval knights style, full suit of armour with sword on custom stand high quality full scale reproduction manufactured by Marto, Artes de Toledo Spain 20th century, engraved steel and rivet construction. Height 204 cm (including base) ***
*** Rare Australian spear point Bowie knife by, Thomas short Sheffield 'For Australia', circa mid to late 19th century, excellent 6 ¾' single edged blade with 90% original, full polish, etched with scroll & leaf patterns &, 'For Australia' in a central banner, with 'For' section, of the etching is mostly covered by an area of staining, Ricasso marked 'Tho.… ***
*** Rare Ottoman Kard dagger, 18th century, Turkey, the cylindrical hilt is constructed from four pieces of dark-brown jade, and pommel in the form of a Crown, decorated with fine inlaid gold - koftgari work. the tapering single-edge blade is made of Damascus Wootz steel and well forged with a consistent pattern grain running through entire blade. the base of the blade is decorated with koftgari gold inlay work in traditional Ottoman foliate pattern.… ***
*** World War I Turkish naval officers sword with scabbard, with Turkish officers I.D. Book, length 87 cm ***
*** I) World War II Wartime log, YMCA for British Prisoners Germany, belonging to Murray J Nish, Pow Camp Marlag and Milag Nord Germany, with personal diary entries, original war photos, drawings, sporting events, enemy ship sinking records, ii) manual of army Catering Services, published by the war office Sep 1945 ***
*** German SS Dacha sword with scabbard, length 101 cm ***
*** Royal Horse Guard Troopers sword with battle honours and scabbard, length 99 cm ***
*** Dutch antique style bronze signal cannon mid 20th century cast bronze, mounted on wooden stand cannon length 83 cm ***
*** British 1803 type light Infantry Sabre sword, with scabbard, the sword has a lion head pommel with gilt hilt, with pierced GR monogram and Crown, the blade is engraved with George III 'Gr' and 'Crown', with motto 'Diet Et Mon Droit' verso, with original brass and leather scabbard. Note: a good example of a Georgian officers sword, from the Napoleonic war period. length 96.5 cm ***
*** A 10th Light Horse World War I photo album, each photo approx 57 x 85mm (probably of 'Box Brownie' origin) approximately 95 photographs in total with inscriptions on their reverse and/or within the album ***
*** Grenadier Guards 1953 service sword with battle honours by Wilkinson, with scabbard. Length 100 cm ***
*** World War II German naval sword with scabbard, length 89.5 cm ***
*** An English military officers dress sword 19th century, steel, nickel plate steel and leather manufactured by Humphrey's and Crook Haymarket with original scabbard (Af) length: 99 cm ***
*** I) Trench Art Comet Racer De Havilland, aluminium and nickel plate. Height 13 cm. II) Trench Art Douglas DC-2, cast brass and nickel plate. Height 12 cm. III) Trench Art Lockheed Hudson 111 Super Electra, cast brass and nickel plate. Height 13 cm ***
*** WA Police 1788 - 1988 Australian Bicentennial, commemorative sword with scabbard, length 90.5 cm ***
*** US Navy dress sword with scabbard, manufactured Toledo Spain, length 92 cm ***

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