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Auction House:
McKenzies Auctioneers
Number of lots recorded:16
Lots with images:16
Prices available:16
*** i) A rare West Australian Colonial 9ct gold Queen Victoria commemorative medal. Issued to Inspector Edward George back (1839-1907), 30 years long service to June 20th 1897. The Sir John Forrest administration marked Queen Victoria's 60th reign celebrations, by striking just 24, commemorative medals for the law men, with just 10, being in gold. The medals were manufactured and designed by. A. W. Dobie & Co.… ***
*** A rare Fijian 'Tabua' incised whale's tooth 19th century a Fijian tabua is a sperm whale tooth neck ornament attached to a looped sinnet fibre chain (Magimagi), they were a highly prized and valuable possession and were given as gifts for atonement or as a token of esteem and were important as negotiables between rival chiefs. Tooth. Length 21 cm neck chain 48 cm ***
*** A New Zealand greenstone (jade) page turner, with engraved silver mounts, length 28 cm ***
*** Three Aboriginal Message boards mid 20th century, Central Australia the boards are decorated both sides, with incised circles and geometric designs. Lengths 34 cm. 41 cm & 41.5 cm ***
*** A Papua New Guinea Sepik hardwood house mask the mask has a pierced septum and tongue and decorated with natural white, red, black pigments. Note: Inventory number verso. Height 93.5 cm ***
*** A carved African ivory glove box, circa 1930's, each panel carved in relief with depictions of African, animal wildlife scenes. Height 5.3 cm. Width 20.5 cm. Depth 11 cm ***
*** A Papua New Guinea Sepik mask, lintel panel of. The man's house early 20th century. Decorated in black, white and red pigments. Height 36 cm; width 105 cm ***
*** i) A carved African ivory bust, depicting a tribal elder. Height 20 cm. Ii) A pair of carved ivory mantle vases, depicting fish and water birds. Heights: 20 cm & 24 cm ***
*** Artist unknown, Wanjina and Men with boomerangs Ochre on bark 78 x 42.5 cm ***
*** Two Aboriginal woomera's - throwing sticks mid 20th century, Kimberley Region decorated with geometric designs and red ochre. Lengths: 64.5 cm & 80.5 cm ***
*** Aboriginal Western Desert hardwood woomera, c.1930's, incised zigzag decoration to one side, traces of red ochre, nice patina, spinifex resin handle, (lacking tip hook). Length 60 cm. note: Owner recalls collected from Marble Bar 1950's ***
*** West Australian Aboriginal shield c. 1960's, north West, Kimberley Region carved desert hardwood with zig-zag lines to front, fluted and diagonal lines to verso. Length 85.5 cm. Width 18.5 cm ***
*** A Papua New Guinea Sepik hardwood carving Collected 1952. The carving is decorated with multiple masks and pierced septum with smoke patina to one side. Length 68 cm ***
*** A Papua New Guinea Abelam Sepik hook figure Collected 1952. The hook figure is decorated with five masks and pierced oral projections mounted on customised metal stand. Height 56 cm ***
*** An Aboriginal Western Desert hardwood shield, c1960's Kimberley Region, incised decoration to both sides length 71 cm ***
*** Aboriginal hardwood shield, c1960's La Grange Bay, Kimberley Region, incised interlocking decoration to one side length 79 cm ***