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Auction House:
Watson's Auctioneers (No longer trading)
Number of lots recorded:9
Lots with images:9
Prices available:9
*** A rare Japanese Katana (long sword) complete with tsuba. Signature of swordsmith 'Kunimitsu'. Shinto period (late 17th to early 18th century) ***
*** Naval officers sword and scabbard shark skin handle. New Zealand marked. Length 94 cm ***
*** A small single shot flare pistol with wooden grip. Brass frame and steel barrel. No name or proof marks ***
*** Hunting knife with leather, brass and enamel handle. ***
*** US army issue dagger and sheath ***
*** Napoleon hat shaped mantle clock. ***
*** Knight's cross of the war German medal with ribbon ***
*** New Zealand military uniform and coat ***
*** Two war medals, the New Zealand service medal and 1939-45 Allied service medal ***