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Auction House:
Watson's Auctioneers (No longer trading)
Number of lots recorded:54
Lots with images:54
Prices available:54
*** Art Deco amber coloured vase and stand by Argy Rousseau decorated with stylized leaves and flowers to top. Marked G Argy 3073.23. Height 36.5 cm. This is a rare piece ***
*** A Venetian Luncheon Set, Decorated with classical scenes by Boncampagne of Venice C.1935 Consisting of large and small rectangular dishes, comport, four plates, large bowl and two small plates ***
*** Eleven Waterford Crystal goblets on circular base. ***
*** Murano comport with dolphin support in pink with gold highlights and 4 sets of 6 matching Murano drinking glasses. Compote diameter 22.5 cm ***
*** Lalique clear glass bowl decoration with moulded fish heads rising from a pool of bubbles. Diameter 35 cm ***
*** Tiffany hollowblown glass bowl in irridescent blue. Marked L C T R662. Diameter 25 cm ***
*** Murano figures, male and female wearing Venetian costumes in pink and gold. Height 36 cm ***
*** WMF plate mounted green glass biscuit barrel with lid. Height 23 cm ***
*** Silver plated claret jug with glass base with cut glass star decoration. ***
*** Green art glass vase with black swirl decoration by Anthony Genet. Flamedaisy glass. Nelson, New Zealand 2002. ***
*** A large French Art Deco Muller Freres pink frosted lampshade with birds perched amongst vertical bands of leaves. Signed Muller Freres Luneville ***
*** Etling pale blue opalescent lidded bowl. Allover pattern with leaves and berries. Marked Etling 110. France ***
*** A large facetted Baccarat bowl etched 'Baccarat France' to the underside ***
*** Lalique model of a sparrow with its head in its wing ***
*** Lalique glass paperweight in the form of an owl. Etched mark 'Lalique France' ***
*** Lalique model of a sparrow feeding ***
*** Loetz glass vase. Irridescent pinkish blue with 'papillion' glass beneath blue enamelling to base. Unmarked. Height 16.5 cm ***
*** Large Victorian Bohemian glass jug. White enamel cut to clear with floral decoration. ***
*** A French Art Nouveau glass bowl, orange with applied pewter decoration. Marked ‘Arly France’ ***
*** Pair of Bohemian amphora jugs in mauve, cream and green with snake handles ***
*** Red Bohemian glass bowl cut to clear and decorated with wild animals - giraffe, rhino and lion. Diameter 25.5 cm ***
*** Lalique sparrow with its wings out ***
*** Pairpoint vase of bulbous form. Red/orange with black to base. Height 21 cm ***
*** Irridescent blue textured vase by Gary Nash. Auckland, signed G Nash 92. Height 20.5 cm ***
*** Ola and Marie Hogland art glass with lid and internal design 13.5 cm high ***
*** Victorian ruby glass vase with silver plated rim and handles. Height 11 cm ***
*** Amber glass cocktail set comprising large Venetian style jug and 2 sets of 6 stemmed cocktail glasses ***
*** Lalique sparrow with its wings up ***
*** Large Tiffany style table lamp ***
*** Bohemian glass rummer etched and decorated with three reserves in black. Height 15.5 cm ***
*** Webb Corbett purple cased splash glass vase. Clear over splash. Ground pontil, circa 1920. Height 21 cm ***
*** White pressed glass syrup with pink tinge to base. Plated cover and handle. American. Height 19 cm ***
*** Lalique Art Glasss quail ***
*** Marigold Carnival vase Christchurch Exhibition 1928. Height 27.5 cm ***
*** French red and white glass vase with alternating panels of clear shapes and red hexagons. Marked France 15. Height 17 cm ***
*** American splatter glass jug vase with clear glass handle. Harry Northwood, Ohio, circa 1893. Height 22 cm ***
*** Large Bristol blue glass jug. ***
*** Blue bowl by Gary Nash. Polished interior, the exterior decorated with inset coloured glass, signed Nash 93. Height 10.5 cm ***
*** Bohemian glass vase. White cut away to blue and decorated with flowers and gilding. Height 13.5 cm ***
*** Ola and Marie Hogland art glass purple 10 cm high ***
*** art glass lidded pink container signed J. A. New Zealand 1987 10 cm high ***
*** Gary Nash bowl. Matt ground base with blue interior and blue/silver exterior ***
*** Art glass bowl. Pale green base merging to brown. Moulded with three swirls alternating with flutes. Possibly Swedish. Height 19 cm ***
*** Pair of large Bavarian milk glass vases elaborately enamelled with birds on branches. Height 37 cm ***
*** Thos Webb crystal - boxed ***
*** Royal Brierley art glass vase. Black ground with irridescent finish and irregular allover pattern. Height 23.5 cm ***
*** Waterford Crystal paperweight with diamond cut decoration, 'Chicago' ***
*** Wedgwood art glass vase with brown and white swirls ***
*** A white milk glass pedestal pavlova plate and two small cake plates ***
*** Purpled cased slag glass vase. Unmarked, probably Sowerbys, circa 1880. Height 18 cm ***
*** Webb and Corbett cased splash glass vase with amethyst body. Height 9 cm ***
*** 19th century glass celery vase ***
*** Milk overlay glass vase decorated with Persian style enamelling and gilding. Probably French. Height 27 cm ***
*** Ola and Marie Hogland blue glass vase in shape of heart a/f 6.5 cm high ***