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Auction House:
Watson's Auctioneers (No longer trading)
Number of lots recorded:28
Lots with images:28
Prices available:28
*** Well carved greenstone (Pounamu) Hei-tiki by Russell Clark, modelled with head tilted, chin to left shoulder, ring eyes, open mouth with protruding tongue and hands clasping thighs. Pierced at the forhead with a plaited flax suspension cord. Length 11 cm. ***
*** Hei tiki, greenstone, 19th / 20th century, Paul shell eyes. Y#13313. 10.5 cm x 6.5 cm x .8 cm ***
*** Dark stained wood wahaika decorated all over with an amalgam of surface carving including kowhaiwhai and rauponga, the forward projecting figure to the blade edge based on a tau-ihu (canoe prow), the terminal knob carved as a koruru profile head with… ***
*** African 200 year old rain mask ***
*** A Maori Korowai (cloak) crafted from dressed muka (flax fibre) and highlighted with orthodox double thrums of dyed black wool (hukahuka) attached ***
*** Maori argillite stone adze. Good colour. 145 mm length ***
*** Solomon Island spoon with spiral twisted stem and figural finial. 430 mm length 68 Early Aboriginal boomerang. Probably early 20th century. 640 mm length ***
*** Large Maori stone adze. 16 cm. Length ***
*** Maori stone adze of good shape ***
*** Maori adze toki, dark grey mottled argillite. 134 x 69 x 28 mm 528.2 grams ***
*** Maori stone adze or toki ***
*** Small Maori adze, good shape, traces of greenstone ***
*** Large Duff type adze. Y# 13311. 12.4 cm ***
*** Early Aboriginal boomerang, probably early 20th century. 66 cm. Length ***
*** Maori greywacke adze or toki ***
*** Maori greywacke stone adze or toki ***
*** Maori stone adze or toki ***
*** A large adze of good shape and colour. 20.5 cm length ***
*** Maori greenstone pendant, with hourglass hole for hanging ***
*** Maori stone adze or toki ***
*** Maori stone adze. Some chips. 130 mm length ***
*** Maori stone adze blade. Traces of greenstone. 110 mm length ***
*** Maori stone adze. Good colour. 120 mm length ***
*** Maori fine stone adze. Tinges of green. 110 mm length ***
*** Maori sinker ***
*** A Fijian knob Kerry ***
*** John Gibb 'Rapaki Pa' limited edition print oak frame ***
*** Old Papua New Guinea n adze ***