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Auction House:
Watson's Auctioneers (No longer trading)
Number of lots recorded:12
Lots with images:12
Prices available:12
*** Pair of blackamoor figures with seven tiered lights. Height 193 cm ***
*** A plaster bust of head, Julius Ceaser painted verigris. Height 45 cm ***
*** A bronze American eagle on perch H 84 cm ***
*** A bronze elephant, with raised trunk. Height 69 cm ***
*** A bronze figure of mercury balanced on a gust of wind issued from the mouth of Zephyr ***
*** Bronze figure of a young girl at play. ***
*** Large bronze figure of a tethered horse carrying a saddle, saddle bags, bed roll and sword, signed Carl Kauba. Height 42 cm ***
*** A spelter figure of Narcissus, Italian, late 19th century ***
*** Terracotta blackamoor figure ***
*** Terracotta blackamoor figure ***
*** Bronze bust of Shakespeare on a circular marble base ***
*** Plaster bust of a young boy ***