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Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLotsLink To
26-Nov-2023The Spring Auction SeriesMelbourne495View Images
16-Oct-2023Graham Geddes: The Grand Tour, Session IIIMelbourne183View Images
15-Oct-2023Graham Geddes: The Grand Tour, Session IIMelbourne404View Images
14-Oct-2023Graham Geddes: The Grand Tour, Session IMelbourne397View Images
2-Oct-2023Icons of the 20th Century: The John Henry CollectionMelbourne233View Images
11-Sep-2023Luxury OnlineMelbourne478View Images
21-Aug-2023The Winter Auctions Series, Part IIMelbourne509View Images
20-Aug-2023The Winter Auctions Series, Part IMelbourne556View Images
10-Jul-2023Australian, Maritime & Exploration, Part IIMelbourne199View Images
9-Jul-2023Australian, Maritime & Exploration, Part IMelbourne192View Images
29-May-2023The Autumn Auction Series, Part IIMelbourne611View Images
28-May-2023The Autumn Auction Series, Part IMelbourne439View Images
9-May-2023Luxury OnlineMelbourne279View Images
30-Apr-2023Property from the Sam Gance Collection.Melbourne169View Images
26-Mar-2023Interiors | Private CollectionsMelbourne268View Images
28-Feb-2023The Kenneth & Gloria Ely Collection, Part IIMelbourne194View Images
27-Feb-2023The Kenneth & Gloria Ely Collection, Part IMelbourne209View Images
28-Nov-2022The Spring Auction Series, Part IIMelbourne433View Images
27-Nov-2022The Spring Auction Series, Part IMelbourne556View Images
2-Oct-2022InteriorsMelbourne314View Images
29-Aug-2022Australian, Maritime & Natural History, Part IIMelbourne152View Images
28-Aug-2022Australian, Maritime & Natural HistoryMelbourne259View Images
17-Jul-2022The Winter Auction SeriesMelbourne498View Images
5-Jun-2022Interiors | Private CollectionsMelbourne353View Images
4-May-2022The Autumn EmporiumMelbourne392View Images
27-Mar-2022The Autumn Auction SeriesMelbourne505View Images
6-Mar-2022Interiors feat. The Bloomfield Taylor Collection & The Claude Ullin CollectionMelbourne338View Images
21-Nov-2021The Spring Auction SeriesMelbourne410View Images
20-Nov-2021InteriorsMelbourne443View Images
5-Oct-2021The Harry Oviss Collection Part IIIMelbourne373View Images
4-Oct-2021The Harry Oviss Collection Part IIMelbourne317View Images
3-Oct-2021The Harry Oviss Collection Part IMelbourne143View Images
7-Sep-2021The Furniture & Decorative Arts EmporiumMelbourne406View Images
23-Aug-2021The Winter Auction Series, Day 2.Melbourne248View Images
22-Aug-2021The Winter Auction Series, Day 1.Melbourne378View Images
11-Jul-2021Tempus Fugit: The Collection of George Gyori; Australian, Maritime & ExplorationMelbourne599View Images
21-Jun-2021Property from the Private Collection of Trevor Kennedy AM Part IIMelbourne291View Images
20-Jun-2021Property from the Private Collection of Trevor Kennedy AM Part IMelbourne449View Images
16-May-2021The Autumn Auction SeriesMelbourne478View Images
28-Mar-2021InteriorsMelbourne548View Images
29-Nov-2020The Spring Auction SeriesMelbourne326View Images
8-Nov-2020Australian, Maritime & Exploration featuring the Bob Munro CollectionMelbourne312View Images
11-Oct-2020Interiors | Private CollectionMelbourne379View Images
19-Jul-2020The Graham Joel CollectionMelbourne170View Images
29-Jun-202020th Century DesignMelbourne240View Images
25-May-2020The Autumn Auction SeriesMelbourne581View Images
2-Dec-2019Australian and ExplorationMelbourne125View Images
11-Nov-2019The Spring Auction SeriesMelbourne737View Images
22-Sep-201920th Century DesignMelbourne275View Images
6-Aug-2019The Winter Auction Series, Day 2Melbourne591View Images
5-Aug-2019The Winter Auction Series, Day 1Melbourne197View Images
16-Jun-2019The Australian CollectionMelbourne159View Images
2-Apr-2019The Autumn Auction Series, Day 2Melbourne524View Images
1-Apr-2019The Autumn Auction Series, Day 1Melbourne232View Images
14-Oct-2018Estate & CollectorMelbourne664View Images
16-Sep-2018A Spring CollectionMelbourne215View Images
12-Aug-2018The Collection of Dr. Robert WilsonMelbourne466View Images