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Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLots
7-Dec-2023Asian ArtsSydney62

Past Auction Lots by Category

Past Auctions by Catalogue

Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLotsLink To
29-Nov-2023Australia Jewels including The Caroline Laws CollectionSydney152 Prices not yet available
9-Aug-2023Asian Art, Including Paintings from the Wong Family CollectionSydney55View Images
8-Aug-2023Australia JewelsSydney167View Images
18-Apr-2023Australia JewelsSydney138View Images
28-Mar-2023Elegant Interiors: A Distinguished CollectionSydney23View Images
1-Mar-2023Chinese Ceramics & Works of ArtSydney80View Images
14-Dec-2022Elegant Interiors, A Single CollectionSydney24View Images
30-Nov-2022Australia JewelsSydney176View Images
9-Aug-2022Australia JewelsSydney218View Images
10-May-2022Australia JewelsSydney135View Images
29-Apr-2022Australia Jewels: Mothers DaySydney65View Images
27-Apr-2022Asian ArtSydney98View Images
25-Mar-2022Lady Mary Fairfax | A Life in FashionSydney41View Images
8-Dec-2021Asian ArtSydney113View Images
23-Nov-2021Chinese Paintings, and Properties from a Japanese CollectionSydney63View Images
16-Nov-2021Australia JewelsSydney186View Images
25-Oct-2021Early Interiors: The Collections of Estelle Gould and Richard GreenSydney77View Images
25-Aug-2021Australia JewelsSydney181View Images
8-Aug-2021Elegant Embellishments: Featuring the Hsiao Family collectionSydney130View Images
27-May-2021Tony White | The Final CollectionSydney155View Images
27-Apr-2021Australia JewelsSydney118View Images
22-Apr-2021Asian Art (lots 52 - 111); Important Australian Art (lots 140 - 159)Sydney79View Images
9-Dec-2020Australia JewelsSydney163View Images
25-Nov-2020Important Australian Art (Decorative arts lots only)Sydney3View Images
4-Nov-2020Asian ArtSydney88View Images
11-Oct-2020Tony White | The Jeweler's EyeSydney197View Images
19-Aug-2020Jewellery AustraliaSydney90View Images
8-Jul-2020The Grice Collection: sculpture, ceramics and silverSydney65View Images
8-Jul-2020Jewels featuring the Grice Collection of IntagliosOnline - Do Not Use74View Images
24-Jun-2020The Yeung Collection II, including Works from Various VendorsSydney37View Images
10-Jun-2020The Grice Collection: paintings, icons, miniatures & printsSydney31View Images
27-May-2020Australia JewelsSydney57View Images
13-May-2020Asian Art, including highlights from the Grice CollectionSydney73View Images
21-Nov-2019Asian Art including the Dr TF Yeung Collection of Chinese Paintings and CalligraphySydney61View Images
20-Nov-2019JewelsSydney250View Images
22-Sep-2019Fairwater: The Collection of Sir Warwick and Lady Fairfax AC OBESydney290View Images
14-Aug-2019JewelsSydney256View Images
22-May-2019Asian ArtSydney76View Images
15-Nov-2018Asian Art including a private collection of Chinese paintingsSydney109View Images
9-May-2018Asian ArtSydney63View Images
25-Oct-2017Asian ArtSydney69View Images
3-May-2017Asian ArtSydney174View Images
26-Oct-2016Asian ArtSydney183View Images
3-May-2016Fine Asian Art including The Collection of Snuff Bottles of Franca Arena A.M.Sydney212View Images
30-Nov-2015Asian ArtSydney148View Images
13-Jul-2015Lockwood De Forest II - A Collectors Eye; Asian ArtSydney221View Images
22-Mar-2015Asian Art; The Lumsden Family Collection of Chinese Snuff BottlesSydney379View Images
25-Nov-2014Fine JewellerySydney195View Images
1-Sep-2014Asian ArtsSydney161View Images
22-Jun-2014Asian ArtsSydney165View Images
27-May-2014Fine JewellerySydney162View Images
27-Nov-2013Australian, European & Asian Decorative Arts, Day 2Sydney149View Images
26-Nov-2013Fine European Furniture, Decorative Arts & Asian Art; Fine Jewellery, Day 1Sydney405View Images
25-Nov-2013The Colonial SaleSydney118View Images
17-Jun-2013Fine European Furniture, Decorative Arts & Asian Art, Day 2; Fine JewelleryMelbourne305View Images
16-Jun-2013Fine European Furniture, Decorative Arts & Asian Art, Day 1Melbourne398View Images
25-Nov-2012The Collection of Graham & Elizabeth Cocks - Part 2, Day 2Sydney520View Images
24-Nov-2012The Collection of Graham & Elizabeth Cocks - Part 2, Day1Sydney361View Images
18-Nov-2012Fine Furniture & Decorative Arts; The Collection of Graham & Elizabeth Cocks - Part 1 (Lots C1 - C344)Sydney776View Images
17-Nov-2012Fine JewellerySydney221View Images
4-Sep-2012Fine Jewellery & WatchesSydney182View Images
27-May-2012Decorative Arts & Fine Furniture; Fine JewellerySydney583View Images
22-Nov-2011Fine JewellerySydney281View Images
20-Nov-2011The Dale Frank Collection of Early Colonial Furniture; Fine Furniture & Decorative ArtsSydney453View Images
23-Aug-2011Fine JewellerySydney167View Images
29-Jun-2011Fine Furniture and Decorative ArtsSydney232View Images
26-Jun-2011Fine Furniture & Decorative Arts, JewellerySydney421View Images
15-Nov-2010The Spring Auction Series - Day 3 - JewellerySydney140View Images
14-Nov-2010The Spring Auction Series - Day 2 - Owston Collection Part II etc.Sydney472View Images
13-Nov-2010The Spring Auction Series - Day 1 - Automobilia & Collectors' Numberplates, Collectors' Motor Cars and MotorcyclesSydney239View Images
31-Oct-2010The Andre & Cecile Fink Liquidation SaleSydney227View Images
26-Jun-2010The Owston Collection - Day 2Sydney606View Images
25-Jun-2010The Owston Collection - Day 1Sydney700View Images