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Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLots
2-Dec-2023Traditional Antiques, Jewellery & Fine ArtSydney464

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Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLotsLink To
8-Oct-2023Tribal Art | Chinese, Japanese and Southeast AsianSydney506View Images
7-Oct-2023Traditional Antiques, Jewellery and Fine ArtSydney485View Images
6-Aug-2023Chinese, Japanese and Southeast AsianSydney405View Images
5-Aug-2023Traditional Antiques, including the Fred Sinfield (1938-2008) Eclectic Collection of Silver and Gold Boxes; Jewellery & WatchesSydney578View Images
31-May-2023Autumn Auction Series, Session IV, Traditional AntiquesSydney833View Images
28-May-2023Autumn Auction Series, Session II, The David Said Collection of Tribal Art; Chinese, Japanes & Southeast Asian ArtSydney557View Images
27-May-2023Autumn Auction Series, Session I, Traditional Antiques and Fine ArtSydney464View Images
12-Mar-2023Chinese, Japanese and Southeast AsianSydney301View Images
11-Mar-2023Traditional Antiques & JewellerySydney504View Images
14-Dec-2022Traditional Jewellery & EstateSydney626View Images
11-Dec-2022A Private Collection of Snuff BottlesSydney132View Images
29-Oct-2022Traditional Antiques; AntiquitiesSydney415View Images
21-Aug-2022Winter Auction Series, Day 2, Asian ArtSydney378View Images
20-Aug-2022Winter Auction Series day 1, Traditional Antiques & Fine ArtSydney492View Images
22-May-2022Traditional Antiques & Fine Art, Tribal ArtSydney752View Images
13-Mar-2022Asian ArtSydney417View Images
12-Mar-2022Traditional Antiques & Fine Art,Sydney474View Images
5-Dec-2021Summer Auction Series Day 2, Including The Collection of the Late Bruce & Odette McLeod and The Collection of the Late Dr Alexander Yu Fu PauSydney499View Images
4-Dec-2021Summer Auction Series Day 1, Including The Collection of the Late Bruce & Odette McLeodSydney452View Images
6-Oct-2021Traditonal & EstateSydney806View Images
3-Oct-2021The Collection of the Late Bruce & Odette McLeod - Part 1Sydney656View Images
15-Aug-2021Asian Art including The Yeung Estate and International Collection of a GentlemanSydney671View Images
23-May-2021Traditional Antiques Fine Art & Asian Art including The Estate of The Late John Wilson, Ex Antique Dealer, Woollahra Antique GallerySydney795View Images
28-Mar-2021Asian Art and Silver Inc Collection of Genevieve CumminsSydney759View Images
14-Feb-2021Traditional European, Australian and Fine ArtSydney623View Images
29-Nov-2020Asian Art; SilverSydney804View Images
18-Oct-2020Traditional Antiques and Fine Art including Contents of an Historic House, RichmondSydney761View Images
13-Sep-2020Asian Art including The Ivan Ban CollectionSydney731View Images
19-Jul-2020Traditional Antiques & Fine ArtSydney688View Images
31-May-2020Asian ArtSydney750View Images
19-Apr-2020Traditional Antiques, Asian & Fine ArtSydney729View Images
8-Mar-2020Asian Art including Collection of Late Dr. Merna TorringtonSydney720View Images
9-Feb-2020Traditional European, Australian and AsianSydney655View Images
15-Dec-2019Traditional Antiques, Asian & Fine ArtSydney771View Images
13-Oct-2019Traditional Antiques & Fine Art Including a collection of South African paintingsSydney615View Images
15-Sep-2019Asian ArtSydney705View Images
18-Aug-2019Traditional European & Tribal ArtSydney817View Images
2-Jun-2019Traditional European Decorative Arts & Fine ArtSydney711View Images
5-May-2019Asian Art including The Collection of the Late Dorothy Savage, latterly Dorothy Fu (1930-2010)Sydney770View Images
7-Apr-2019Traditional European and Australian Decorative ArtsSydney685View Images
10-Mar-2019Asian Art, including the Collection of Judith RutherfordSydney696View Images
25-Nov-2018Traditional European & Australian including a Private Collection of SilverSydney761View Images
28-Oct-2018The Judith Rooney CollectionSydney822View Images
29-Jul-2018Traditional European and Australian AuctionSydney719View Images
27-May-2018Tribal, Historical, Traditional & AsianSydney895View Images
8-Apr-2018The Lindfield CollectionSydney810View Images
25-Feb-2018Contents of GirraweenSydney794View Images
10-Dec-2017Netsuke and Asian ArtSydney941View Images
12-Nov-2017Traditional European & AustralianSydney704View Images
24-Sep-2017Traditional European & AustralianSydney620View Images
6-Aug-2017Asian ArtSydney590View Images
2-Jul-2017Traditional Auction including the Collection of William HosfordSydney635View Images
7-May-2017Private Collection, Historic House “Wybalena”, Hunters HillSydney466View Images