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4-Dec-2019Important JewelsSydney181View Images
30-Oct-2019Collections: Important Asian, Australian & European Arts & DesignSydney98View Images
7-Aug-2019Important JewelsMelbourne140View Images
17-Jul-2019Collections: Important Asian, Australian & European Arts & DesignSydney147View Images
15-May-2019Important JewelsSydney198View Images
20-Mar-2019Important Asian, Australian & European Arts & DesignSydney169View Images
12-Dec-2018Important JewelsSydney323View Images
24-Oct-2018Treasures: Fine Asian, Australian & European Arts & DesignMelbourne78View Images
8-Aug-2018Important Jewels & WatchesMelbourne278View Images
18-Jul-2018Fine Asian, Australian & European Arts & DesignSydney307View Images
18-Apr-2018Important Jewels & WatchesSydney272View Images
7-Apr-2018Russell Crowe: The Art of DivorceSydney195View Images
21-Mar-2018Mueller Collection of Lalique Glass; The Kirk Pengilly (INXS) Collection; Fine Australian & European Arts & DesignSydney215View Images
6-Dec-2017Important JewelsSydney286View Images
24-Oct-2017Fine Asian, Australian & European Arts & DesignSydney176View Images
29-Aug-2017Important JewelsSydney210View Images
21-Jun-2017Fine Asian, Australian & European Arts & DesignSydney331View Images
23-May-2017Important JewelsSydney220View Images
6-Dec-2016Important JewelsSydney330View Images
25-Oct-2016Fine Asian, Australian & European Arts & DesignSydney191View Images
9-Aug-2016Important JewelsSydney283View Images
19-Jul-2016Fine Asian, Australian & European Arts & DesignSydney114View Images
19-Apr-2016Important JewelsSydney296View Images
6-Apr-2016Fine Asian, Australian & European Arts & DesignMelbourne194View Images
8-Dec-2015Important JewelsSydney325View Images
27-Oct-2015Fine Asian, Australian & European Arts & DesignSydney283View Images
31-Aug-2015Important JewelsSydney247View Images
21-Jul-2015Fine Asian, Australian & European Arts & DesignSydney209View Images
12-May-2015Important JewelsMelbourne253View Images
1-Apr-2015Fine Asian, Australian, & European Arts & DesignMelbourne192View Images
31-Mar-2015Fine Asian, Australian & European Arts & Design Including Property From The Collection Of Dame Nellie Melba CBEMelbourne136View Images
10-Dec-2014Important JewelsSydney299View Images
29-Oct-2014Fine Asian, Australian & European Arts & Design (Art lots only)Melbourne256View Images
3-Sep-2014Important JewelsSydney252View Images
29-Jul-2014Fine Asian, Australian & European Arts & DesignMelbourne201View Images
15-Apr-2014Fine Asian, Australian & European Arts & DesignSydney243View Images
1-Apr-2014Important JewelsMelbourne198View Images
3-Dec-2013Important JewelsMelbourne235View Images
29-Oct-2013Fine Asian, Australian & European Arts & DesignMelbourne175View Images
3-Sep-2013Important JewelsMelbourne196View Images
18-Jun-2013Fine Asian, Australian & European Arts & DesignMelbourne147View Images
23-Apr-2013Important JewelsMelbourne194View Images
4-Dec-2012Important JewelsSydney307View Images
31-Oct-2012Important Asian, Australian & European Decorative Arts & Furniture - Day 2Melbourne191View Images
30-Oct-2012Important Asian, Australian & European Decorative Arts & Furniture - Day 1Melbourne255View Images
11-Sep-2012Important JewelsMelbourne217View Images
26-Jun-2012Important JewelsSydney210View Images
15-May-2012Fine Asian, Australian & European Decorative Arts & Furniture, Day 2Melbourne337View Images
14-May-2012Fine Asian, Australian & European Decorative Arts & Furniture, Day 1Melbourne181View Images
3-Apr-2012Important JewelsMelbourne193View Images
6-Dec-2011JewelsSydney236View Images
25-Oct-2011Fine Furniture and Decorative ArtsMelbourne692View Images
13-Sep-2011JewelsMelbourne242View Images
27-Jun-2011Important JewelsSydney224View Images
5-Apr-2011Fine Furniture & Decorative ArtsMelbourne553View Images
6-Dec-2010Fine JewellerySydney292View Images
27-Oct-2010Jewels & WatchesMelbourne178View Images
26-Oct-2010Fine Furniture and Decorative Arts - Day 2Melbourne264View Images
25-Oct-2010Fine Furniture and Decorative Arts, Melbourne - Day 1Melbourne269View Images
28-Jun-2010Fine JewellerySydney246View Images
15-May-2010The Okey Collection, Denham Court, Ingleburn, NSWSydney552View Images
4-May-2010Fine Furniture and Decorative ArtsMelbourne361View Images
12-Apr-2010Fine JewellerySydney284View Images
27-Oct-2009Fine Decorative Arts & JewelleryMelbourne312View Images
26-May-2009Fine Decorative Arts & JewelleryMelbourne435View Images
4-May-2009Antiques & Decorative ArtsMelbourne83View Images
29-Oct-2008The Connoisseur's Collection - Part 2Melbourne487View Images
28-Oct-2008The Connoisseur's Collection - Part 1Melbourne281View Images
28-May-2008The Connoisseur's Collection - Part 2Melbourne277View Images
27-May-2008The Connoisseur's Collection - Part 1Melbourne330View Images
30-Oct-2007The Connoisseur's CollectionMelbourne550View Images
3-May-2007Asian Arts & European Decorative ArtsMelbourne270View Images
1-May-2007The Estate of the Late Dr. Paul Otto Taubert; JewelleryMelbourne290View Images