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Office, Workshop & Farm — McKenzies Auctioneers


Auction House:McKenzies Auctioneers
Number of lots recorded:16
Lots with images:16
Prices available:16
Category:Office, Workshop & Farm

*** A rare Siebe Gorman & Co LTD, four port window, 12 bolt divers helmet & divers suit Serial no 17356. This serial number is branded inside the helmet and breast plate so the suit and helmet both match. Provenance: Brought to Perth from the Broome area around 1972 They were purchased by Jack Sue personally as part of an underwater salvage operation. They have been displayed in Jack's stores ever since, with custom wooden crate ***
*** A rare Siebe Gorman & Co, four port window, 12 bolt divers helmet & helmet Spanner, with name plate, 'Siebe Groman & Co, Submarine Engineers, London'. This helmet became a major attraction in Jack Sue's diving stores. This helmet was well worked in the north of WA, and obtained from Broome area, before finding its way to Perth, along with Lots 68 and 69.… ***
*** Rare c.1912, US Navy divers helmet manufactured by A.J. Morse & Sons (inc) Boston Massachusetts USA matching serial numbers, 1370 12 bolt mount, later paint, front glass grill cover removed. Height 43.5 cm ***
*** A 12 bolt C. E. Heinke & Co. Ltd London divers helmet manufactured from circa 1922 copper and brass construction, with central front screw mount circular window, and two fixed circular side windows base plate stamped 'C. E. Heinke & Co. Ltd London 2194'. Provenance: Owner recalls purchased Gregsons' Auctions Perth, circa 1980's. Height 46 cm ***
*** A Miller Dunn 'Divinhood' Navy-standard, style 3 shallow water, diving helmet. Manufactured by Miller-Dunn of Miami, Florida U.S.A, with name plate rear side of helmet. Jack acquired this helmet in the early 60's while diving in the north of WA. This helmet sat on display in his diving stores located at 871 Hay Street (7 years) Perth, 486 Murray Street Perth (15 Years) and 6 Helena Street Midland and is one of Jack's favoured pieces, with custom wooden crate. Height 62 cm ***
*** A rare Robison Brothers Melbourne 1945, divers helmet manufactured from copper and brass. The helmet carries a Dept. of Defence serial number stamped into the breastplate 'D 307 D'. Height 48 cm. Note: It is believed that only 50 helmets were produced in 1945, and its unknown how many were scrapped by the Dept. Of Defence, after the war ***
*** A Japanese TSK 12Bolt Osaka Diving helmet c.1940's; TSK 'Toa Senpaku Kaisha', with all internal communications, valves and splitcock, with original criss-cross windows and makers name plate. Height 41.5 cm. (approx.) ***
*** A 12 bolt Japanese divers helmet, c.1940's, by T.O.A. Of Minamisenji, Japan, with one air intake and one exhaust; criss-cross side windows and original valves, with original name plate Provenance: Purportedly purchased from a diver, Roebuck Bay c.1950's. Height 41.5 cm ***
*** A rare copper and brass pearl divers helmet manufactured by C. E. Heinke & Co. (1871 and 1922) London, together with a diving boot of similar period height: 46 cm; width; 37 cm;. Depth 39 cm (helmet) ***
*** A 12 bolt Broome pearl divers helmet, early 20th century, probably Japanese. Copper and brass construction. Matching top and bottom impressed numbers #2. Height 42 cm ***
*** A 12 bolt Japanese Divers helmet, c.1940's, by the Kimura Tetsukizyo works, Nagasaki Japan, with criss-cross side window guards and internal telephone and split cock all valves complete and with original marked name plate on front breast plate. Height 41 cm ***
*** A Troughton and Simms ships Navigation instrument Used for redrawing large maps to small scale 19th century with London makers stamp, with original case. BandW photograph and letter with the item, postmarked 1878 box length 63 cm ***
*** Jack Sue's standby compass. One of the standby compass types as used by members of Z special Unit during Operation Agas behind Japanese lines in the then British north Borneo in 1945. This compass was used in conjunction with the personal field compass. Diameter 4.5 cm ***
*** A Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd, Divers telephone System Mk7, serial number 206 Ex. Australian Navy, apparently used during World War II, with headset, mouthpiece and voltage gauge box, with custom wooden crate. Height 33 cm. Width 34 cm. Depth 27 cm ***
*** Boxed Octant Maritime Navigational instrument mid 20th century, brass with mahogany case manufactured by Hezzanith, England with retailers label, L. J. Harri, Amsterdam 26 x 24 cm ***
*** A Heinke Divers helmet brass port screw mount type part of the hard hat collection obtained by Jack in the early 70's. Diameter 14.2 cm ***

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