Lot Alerts (Free Service)

With our Lot Alerts service we automatically search each new auction catalogue as it is uploaded to our database, for items in the fields that you nominate and advise you prior to the auction by email. We will also advise you of the selling price after the auction by email. This way, you not only keep abreast of what items are coming up in your fields of interest, but also the latest prices. Each registered user can have up to 50 different saved searches operative at the one time.

You can add or edit your lot alerts here

Auction DateAuction TitleLotsPricesAuction HouseLocation
31-Aug-2023Fine Decorative Arts; Fine Jewellery & Timepieces463YesLawsonsSydney
30-Aug-2023Fine Antiques and Decorative Arts98YesEvans Hastings Valuers & AuctioneersCanberra
30-Aug-2023The Estate of Odette and James Ingram139YesEvans Hastings Valuers & AuctioneersSydney
29-Aug-2023The Connoisseur's Auction - Night Two: Furniture and Decor154YesSmall & Whitfield Auctions and ValuationsAdelaide
28-Aug-2023Antiques and Fine Art169YesScammell AuctionsAdelaide
28-Aug-2023The Connoisseur's Auction - Night One: Collectables and Objet d'Art280YesSmall & Whitfield Auctions and ValuationsAdelaide
27-Aug-2023Decorative Arts & Collectables, Session II695YesLeski Auctions Pty. Ltd.Melbourne
27-Aug-2023The Daryl Mills Retirement Auction143YesFor-AuctionMelbourne
26-Aug-2023Decorative Arts & Collectables, Session I594YesLeski Auctions Pty. Ltd.Melbourne
22-Aug-2023Important Jewels137YesLeonard Joel Pty. Ltd.Sydney
22-Aug-2023Fine Jewellery, Watches and Luxury Design, Session II227YesShapiro AuctioneersSydney
21-Aug-2023The Winter Auctions Series, Part II509YesGibson's Auctioneers & ValuersMelbourne
21-Aug-2023Fine Jewellery, Watches and Luxury Design, Session I195YesShapiro AuctioneersSydney
20-Aug-2023Antiques & Collectables703YesBarsby AuctionsSydney
20-Aug-2023The Winter Auctions Series, Part I556YesGibson's Auctioneers & ValuersMelbourne
16-Aug-2023Fine Jewels, Watches & Luxury353YesWebb'sAuckland
9-Aug-2023Asian Art, Including Paintings from the Wong Family Collection55YesBonhamsSydney
9-Aug-2023The Modern Edit157YesLeonard Joel Pty. Ltd.Melbourne
8-Aug-2023Australia Jewels167YesBonhamsSydney
8-Aug-2023Jewellery, Decorative & Fine Arts Auction250YesCordy'sAuckland