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Vickers & Hoad Auctioneers
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*** A very important and rare North Indian pesh kabz of late 18th century date and of museum quality, approx 44 cm overall with 31 cm blade. The blade of finest watered steel is of very pronounced T section with the back being 13mm in width at the base, the whole of the back being finely chiselled with interlaced foliage and arabesques to highest standard, as is the forte on both faces. The upper face of the exposed tang is also 13mm in width and has chiselling en suite.… ***
*** A important and rare Turkish jambia with scabbard of mid to late 17th century date, approx 30 cm overall with 18 cm curved double edged blade of convex section of very finely watered steel. The ricasso with partial gilt koftgari inscriptions on both faces. The hilt of a single piece of walrus ivory (morse) of fluted form.… ***
*** Rare old North Indian enamelled jambiya with scabbard. 29.5 cm overall with 18.5 cm recurved heavy double edged blade of thick diamond section with two deep fullers on each face. Enamelled silver hilt with pierced locket on pommel, the heavy silver scabbard is enamelled en suite and has a suspension locket on the reverse as well as a press stud to retain the dagger in it's scabbard ***
*** An important Australian Military presentation sterling silver mounted levee sword with two scabbards in the Mameluke style as popularised by the Duke of Wellington, in it's original cedar case. By Henry Wilkinson of Pall London. The curved blade finely and extensively etched with foliage, Royal Cypher, Australian Arms 'Advance Australia', crest of the 80th Regiment, crest opt a stork and panel 'Presented to Bt. Major George dean Pitt. H.M. 80th Regt.… ***
*** Fine Turkish sword of early date and of classic kilij form with scabbard, approx 86cm overall with approx 72cm curved single fullered blade of finely watered steel with pronounced and very well forged yelmen. The ricasso inlaid with gold inscriptions on both (the larger 'Be it known that there is no man like Ali and no sword like Zulfikar') as is the back which is forged with a raised line with floral terminals. Engraved silver cross guard and tang covers.… ***
*** Cased pair of Forsyth and Co. of London flintlock pistols. Each pistol fullstocked in walnut with checkered grips, approx 300mm overall with 172mm octagonal barrel of damascus twist in 25 bore and with two silver inlaid lines at the breech, the locks with rainproof pans, silver lined touchholes and half-cock safetys and rollers to frizzen. Engraved steel furnitune, captive ramrods.… ***
*** Important Indian jambiya with scabbard. 34.5 cm overall with 23 cm slightly curved double edged blade of watered steel with armour piercing tip. Pale green jade hilt of pistol grip form with carved foliate decoration. Red cloth covered wooden scabbard with gilt silver mounts of a high standard engraved with foliate decoration. A most elegant piece. ***
*** A superb German hand and a half sword of early date, approx 120cm overall with 97cm straight blade. Leather bound grip, steel guard with wide swept quillons and finger loops etc. The pommel and quillons of octagonal section. The double edged blade with double fullers is struck with a maker's stamp at the ricasso and engraved in the fullers (on both faces) 'NO ME SAQUES SIN RASON NO ME EN RAINES SIN HONOR' (Do not draw me without reason, do not replace me without honour...) ***
*** Superb and quite important old North Indian jambiya with scabbard. 40 cm overall with 26 cm curved double edged watered steel blade with well formed central ridge. Large green jade hilt of pistol grip form with chiselled floral decoration set with several gold mounted rubies. Velvet covered wooden scabbard with gilt koftgari decorated steel chape. Superb and quite important old North Indian jambia with scabbard. 40 cm overall with 26 cm curved double edged watered steel blade with well formed central ridge.… ***
*** Fine old Indian sword of shamshir form with scabbard, approx 90cm overall with 76cm heavy curved single edged blade of wootz steel of Persian make. The hilt with silver mounts inlaid with black enamel, the pommel being in the form of a male camel's head with protruding dulla, the grip scales are of walrus tusk (morse) The scabbard with silver mounts inlaid with black enamel. This sword is illustrated in 'Islamic and Oriental Arms and Armour' by Robert Hales (plate 562) ***
*** A superb rapier of 'Pappenheimer' type and of early 17th century date. Approx 118cm overall in length with approx 101cm straight blade. Wire bound grip with helically twisted overlay wire, the steel guard with wide swept quillons, bulbous pommel of octagonal section, side shells pierced with stars. The double edged blade of diamond section engraved 'WEHM ROD ANNO 1616' and 'ME FECIT SALINGEN ANNO' See 'European Swords' by A. North (plate 20) for a similar hilt. ***
*** Important cased set of antique pistols, engraved Tatham, octagonal barrel, length 18 cm.fitted in original distressed Tatham oak case with flask and tools. Paper label to cover. Engraved gilt brass plaque (Capt Sheridan RN ) Ex Capt Sheridan Royal Navy, made by Henry Tatham London. Vice-Admiral John Sheridan (c.… ***
*** High quality mid 19th century Indian kard with scabbard, originally part of the armoury of Badhanware, approx 38cm overall with approx 25cm blade of the finest watered steel of the Mohammed's ladder pattern. The ricasso and tang with fine gold koftgari floral decoration, ivory grip scales with silver rosettes. The scabbard of silver finely pierced with floral motifs. With its original woven retaining cord and red cloth storage bag. ***
*** Good cased pair of antique pistols by Wogdon of London, converted from flint lock to percussion during their working life. Each is 39.5cm overall with 25cm octagonal barrel of about 22 bore. Full stock with engraved steel furniture. Cased with a brass cap dispenser, powder flask, nipple wrench, turn screw, wad cutter. Case with trade label of Cogswell of London, who would have done the conversion ***
*** Fine old Turkish sword shamshir with scabbard of mid 19th century date, approx 90cm overall with approx 76cm curved single edged blade of shamshir form fine watered steel with a talisman and a cartouche of Arabic text in gold on one face. Horn grip scales retaining the original woven silver cloth tape and woven wrist strap. The cross guard and scabbard mounts of gilt silver bearing maker's stamps.… ***
*** A superb example of a British light cavalry officer's sword of pattern 1796 by Osborne. Silver wire bound leather grip, steel stirrup guard, curved fullered blade with single edge, very finely blued and gilt on both faces for half it's length and etched for the remainder. The decoration includes Britannica, stands of arms, Royal cipher of G.R, mounted officer, maker's particulars etc. Complete with it's steel scabbard. About as fine an example as could be found ***