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McKenzies Auctioneers
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*** A cased pair F/L Duelling Pistols by Grierson gun maker to his Majesty full stocked octagonal barrel gold touch hole safety, chequered grips, ram rod worm, and complete with all accessories including 3 way powder flask, bullet mould and cleaning rod in working order Cal. 50, barrel, length 22 cm ***
*** A medieval knights style, full suit of armour with sword on custom stand high quality full scale reproduction manufactured by Marto, Artes de Toledo Spain 20th century, engraved steel and rivet construction. Height 204 cm (including base) ***
*** A Japanese Katana sword with scabbard. This sword was taken from a Jap Captain of the dreaded Kempei Tei following a raid upon a 20 man Jap garrison at Dampirit, on the Kudat peninsula of British north Borneo 1945. This item along with others including Lot: 8 tells a gruesome story. Note: This sword was used for beheadings, full details in Jack's book Blood on Borneo plus a custom made jarrah case total. Length 95 cm ***
*** A KGIII sea service flintlock 24 bore 1796 pattern by Tower Museum, grade condition. 1st issue to customs/coast guard and re issued Napoleonic Wars 1805 to Navy. Complete with ram rod and belt clip. Markings-back tang 'Crown Over 2', barrel brit proof marks, view marks and Crown over 12', flat lock marked 'Crown Over GR' and 'Tower', stock marked 'Broad Arrow UC', 'Broad Arrow 1805' and ordinance marks '8', brass butt cap marked '8 G Q D I'. Overall length 19 1/4 '.… ***
*** Jack Sue's Smatchet knife. Part of Z special Unit issue for general use. Length 42 cm ***
*** A Japanese flag with interesting provenance. Psychologically torn from what he had seen and witnessed from Japanese atrocities, Jack returned home with a cleaned Japanese skull that belonged to a cruel Jap soldier, who had inflicted terrible treatment upon innocent locals including beheadings. the skull was wrapped inside this flag. the skull was then presented to the WA University in the hope that scientific studies might reveal as to why the Japanese were so cruel.… ***
*** A rare pancake flipper dagger. These daggers were issued to Z Special Unit for work up close and personal. This is Jack Sue's Pancake Flipper dagger that he carried on his person throughout operations in British north Borneo 1945. Length 31 cm ***
*** World War I H.M.A.S. Sydney, S.M.S. Emden medal pair i) silver medal as presented by the people of Western Australia to the crew of H.M.A.S Sydney, 'To Commemorate the Victory Over the Emden, H.M.A.S. Sydney, 9th Nov. 1914'; View of 'Sydney' travelling right engraved to 'A.J. Hooper, Able Seaman' ii) H.M.A.S. Sydney/S.M.S. Emden commemorative medal by W.… ***
*** A World War I officers Gallantry group of 7 medals, comprising of: military cross (in box of issue) World War I pair correctly impressed 'Capt. B.B. Hill', 1939/45 star, war medal (un-named as issued), Efficiency decoration engraved 'T/Maj. Basil B. Hill, M.C.' Zimbabwe Independence medal Also comes with Order of the British Empire Certficate to the same man and WORLD WAR Queen Mary tin ***
*** World War I officers Gallantry group of 4 medals, comprising of: military cross 1914/15 star correctly impressed 'A1572 L. Cpl. A Oldham K.R.RIF. C.' British war medal & Victory medal impressed 'S. Lt. A . A . Oldham R.N.V.R.' .… ***
*** Rare Australian spear point Bowie knife by, Thomas short Sheffield 'For Australia', circa mid to late 19th century, excellent 6 ¾' single edged blade with 90% original, full polish, etched with scroll & leaf patterns &, 'For Australia' in a central banner, with 'For' section, of the etching is mostly covered by an area of staining, Ricasso marked 'Tho. Short Jun Sheffield', ebonised handle having mother of pearl inlay and gold, embossed leather scabbard with nickel plated mounts.… ***
*** A KGIII sea service Flintlock 24 Bore 1796 pattern by Tower.… ***
*** A full Stocked percussion pistol converted by a drum and Nipple from a Griffen F/L pistol full stock covered with silver wire inlays & Hallmarked silver furniture, with makers gold shield on barrel top, silver stars inlaid down barrel barrel, length 240 mm ***
*** An English Dragoon officers long F/L Holster pistol by FARMER 1745 original long ram rod. Everything complete, brass furniture barrel length 320mm ***
*** A Nazi SS Gestapo dress dagger together with carrying buckles, straps with scabbard a sleeper with etched blade 'My Honour Is My Loyalty' in German, blade length 22 cm ***
*** A Colins & Co Legitimus no. 18 knife with sheath. Issued to Jack and other members of Z special Unit for use behind Japanese lines in British north Borneo 1945. Length 38 cm ***