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Auction House:
Vickers & Hoad Auctioneers
Number of lots recorded:16
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Prices available:16
*** Large Chinese bronze tri footed censer with double lug handles, standing 49.2 cm high. Along with University of Wollongong, thermo luminescence laboratory Authenticity report. Apparent age 2680 years, This analysis was conducted upon sample removed from the internal upper rim of the Ware and the resultant age is consistent with the Zhou Dynasty period (1046-256 BC) A previous uncertified analysis yielded a similar age. ***
*** Song Dynasty bowl with incised decoration. Diameter 25 cm ***
*** Very rare Ming Dynasty, Jiajing (Chia-ching) mark and period, yellow glazed saucer dish, deep egg yoke yellow, with fine oily glaze, slightly unglazed foot rim, with bluish tint and inscribed with the six-character mark in under glaze-blue within a double-circle. Purchased in China 1994, Ex Rex Morgan collection, approx 17.3 cm dia ***
*** Chinese patinated green bronze seated bull, post Han dynasty, 25.5 cm long ***
*** A blue & white barbed dish, late Ming Dynasty. The interior boldly painted with a central peacock within a floral scroll & wave pattern around the barbed inverted rim. 31.5 cm dia. ***
*** Fine and rare Chinese antique bronze mirror from Tang Dynasty, with flower leaves decorated and wearing natural patina. 12.4 cm Dia. Provenance: Purchased in England in 1980's ***
*** Early Ancient Egyptian Pottery 'Ushabti' inscribed with hieroglyphics from the book of the dead 170mm high, circa 677-525 B.C.E ***
*** A dated Chinese carved grey limestone standing figure of Bodhisattva with attendants on an inverted lotus base, flaming Halo, with inscriptions verso, reading AD 586. Sui Dynasty, standing 42 cm high without base, 47 cm high with base. Ex private collection France ***
*** Rare 17th century De Rossi, G., Penisola dell India di la dal Gange et Isole intorno ad essa adiacenti, Rome, 1683-1688. Giacomo Rossi's fine late 17th century map of India with Ceylon and Maldives. Issued in Il Mercurio Geografico in lower right hand corner a large title cartouche with dedication to Tavernier and Mandeslo, supported by exotic Asian figures and surmounted by an elephant. The cartographer was Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola(1643-1695) who was active in Modena inItaly.… ***
*** Two Chinese framed silk paintings, Ming Dynasty ***
*** Lekythos. Athens, 4th century Bc, with Certificate of Authenticity, Antiquities and Ethnograhica Society Adelaide, 1973 ***
*** Ming carved stone bust of Buddha, head restored, remanets of old paint with later over painted decoration. Fitted carved old hardwood stand, possibly late Ming Dynasty. ***
*** Bronze of a votary pouring a libation from a patera, Roman 1st century Bc, approx 6.6 cm, with Certificate of Authenticity, Antiquities and Ethnograhica Society Adelaide, 1974 ***
*** Antique Chinese Song dynasty bowl Taizou D:16.5 cm ***
*** Antique stone hand of deity, Khymer, 12th century Cambodia, with original receipt and purchased David Jones, Sydney, 1974 ***
*** 15th century Medieval Penannular cloak fastener. Made in bronze approx 4 cm dia ***