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Auction House:
Charles Leski Auctions Pty. Ltd.
Number of lots recorded:16
Lots with images:16
Prices available:16
*** Henry Lawson: 'Verses Popular and Humorous' by Henry Lawson (Sydney 1900) limited edition 25/50, with note suggesting 58 copies were produced, initialled A.R (Angus & Robertson). Signed 'Yours truely Henry Lawson'. Black cloth covered boards showing signs of wear, gilt lettering, very nice inside. Very rare ***
*** Shell X-100 oil rack with 10 quart bottles and tin tops with matching rack signage. Included are; 10, 20/20, 30 ( x 4), 40 ( x 2) and 50 ( x 2) weight tops (with lids) in good to very good condition. A rare and outstanding set, seldom seen. ***
*** Advertising poster Tooheys Pilsener export Lager, artwork by Walter Jardine, colour lithograph, printed by William Brooks & Co, size 45 x 58 cm ***
*** Michelin: Metal stove enamel sign ***
*** 1930s-style Coca Cola 'Serve Yourself' refrigerator; 85 x 85 x 60 cm. In working order. Together with a Coke crate, 3 bottles and a ruler. (6 items) ***
*** Cigarette & Tobacco Tins: English group of rectangular tins in different sizes. Earlier tins including Otto Rose, Gaiety Girl, Mal- Kah, Ogdens' Guinea Gold, the Three Castles, May Blossom, Richmond Navy cut and Gallaher's Rich Dark Honeydew. Curved tins including Afrikander Colonial Flake, My Princess, Marcovitch Black & White (2 different) and Abdulla Imperial Preference.… ***
*** C1930s advertising showcard 'Victoria Bitter, the Best That's Brewed', the beer in the glass cut out, and backed with yellow plastic, overall size 30 x 39 cm. Condition B. ***
*** Aston Martin: Metal sign Aston Martin Wings, 155 cm long ***
*** Cigarettes & Tobacco: range of cigarette packets from around the world (100+) including well known brands as well as lesser or short lived brands, majority of packets with contents; group of boxes of various sizes (45+); group of packets from India (30+); group of flat packs (20+): Noted 'Ibex Hand Made Cigarettes', A. Alexander Melbourne, Cameron's Havelock Mixture, 1 Lb, Melbourne, John Cotton 'The Edinburgh Cigarettes' full plastic box of 50 and Craven a Christmas packet of 50. Majority fine.… ***
*** Michelin: Metal sign for motor cycle tyres ***
*** Advertising: Group of predominantly Australian cards: noted, 'Swallow & Ariell's' (3); 'Wertheim' (2); 'Nestle Chocolate'; 'Empire Tobacco' (3); Cocoa advertising (2); 'Foss' Vanilla'; 'Caille Outboard Motors & Boats' (2); HMV 'Teacher's Whisky'; 'Wolfe's Schnapps'; Coal company; Sewing machines; umbrellas & News Agent's. Some rare cards well worth inspection. G/VG condition (20 items) ***
*** C1930s advertising showcard 'Abbots Extra Double Stout. Equal to the Best Imported. 1/4 Bot.', with original label on bottle (printed by Sands and McDougall), and price changed to 1/6, overall size 27 x 41 cm. Condition B. ***
*** Cigarette & Tobacco Tins: Australian group of tins of various shapes & sizes. Includes 'Lucy Hinton', D. Zukerman Melb. & USA equivalent, 'Tasman Toasted Flake', Wellington, 'Traveller Brand' tin & 'Pure Laiakia' canister by W.D. & H.O.Wills, 'Night Owl' tin, Baltco Cigarette Co. P/L, Melbourne, 'President Virginian Cigarettes' Perth, 'Altson's', 'Three Castles', 'Byron' etc. Nice group, enjoy viewing. (30) ***
*** Bank Sign, 'C.B.A. Bank', metal sign, 30 x 30 cm. ***
*** 1997 Select 'Medal signature card Sc4 Tony Lockett'. Card showing Tony Lockett wearing Adidas boots - which he would not sign and was unissued; and replacement card showing Tony Lockett wearing Puma boots (also unsigned). (2 items) ***
*** Cigarette Tins: Group of larger or round tins with a complete Capstan gift pack with 2 tins of cigarettes, 2 packets of playing cards, 2 cigarette holders, an ashtray & silver case; 5 square tins including 'Pioneer Brand', 'American Brand', 'Muratti's Neb-Ka', 'Traveller Brand' & Weinberg's Mahalia Cigarettes; Balkan Sobranie tobacco tin & cigarette tin; complete tins of Craven a & Abdulla; 9 round cigarette tins including Bear's Honeydew, John Player 'Perfectos Finos', the Three Castles, State Express, Chu… ***