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Auction House:
McKenzies Auctioneers
Number of lots recorded:16
Lots with images:16
Prices available:16
*** A rare Fijian 'Tabua' incised whale's tooth 19th century a Fijian tabua is a sperm whale tooth neck ornament attached to a looped sinnet fibre chain (Magimagi), they were a highly prized and valuable possession and were given as gifts for atonement or as a token of esteem and were important as negotiables between rival chiefs. Tooth. Length 21 cm neck chain 48 cm ***
*** Teak and mother of pearl doors from a Merchant's house in Lombok, Indonesia ***
*** A New Zealand greenstone (jade) page turner, with engraved silver mounts, length 28 cm ***
*** Three Aboriginal Message boards mid 20th century, Central Australia the boards are decorated both sides, with incised circles and geometric designs. Lengths 34 cm. 41 cm & 41.5 cm ***
*** A Papua New Guinea Sepik hardwood house mask the mask has a pierced septum and tongue and decorated with natural white, red, black pigments. Note: Inventory number verso. Height 93.5 cm ***
*** A carved African ivory glove box, circa 1930's, each panel carved in relief with depictions of African, animal wildlife scenes. Height 5.3 cm. Width 20.5 cm. Depth 11 cm ***
*** A Papua New Guinea Sepik mask, lintel panel of. The man's house early 20th century. Decorated in black, white and red pigments. Height 36 cm; width 105 cm ***
*** i) A carved African ivory bust, depicting a tribal elder. Height 20 cm. Ii) A pair of carved ivory mantle vases, depicting fish and water birds. Heights: 20 cm & 24 cm ***
*** Two Aboriginal woomera's - throwing sticks mid 20th century, Kimberley Region decorated with geometric designs and red ochre. Lengths: 64.5 cm & 80.5 cm ***
*** Aboriginal Western Desert hardwood woomera, c.1930's, incised zigzag decoration to one side, traces of red ochre, nice patina, spinifex resin handle, (lacking tip hook). Length 60 cm. note: Owner recalls collected from Marble Bar 1950's ***
*** West Australian Aboriginal shield c. 1960's, north West, Kimberley Region carved desert hardwood with zig-zag lines to front, fluted and diagonal lines to verso. Length 85.5 cm. Width 18.5 cm ***
*** A superb carved Balinese Dancers figure group, height: 46 cm, length 70 cm ***
*** A Papua New Guinea Sepik hardwood carving Collected 1952. The carving is decorated with multiple masks and pierced septum with smoke patina to one side. Length 68 cm ***
*** A Papua New Guinea Abelam Sepik hook figure Collected 1952. The hook figure is decorated with five masks and pierced oral projections mounted on customised metal stand. Height 56 cm ***
*** An Aboriginal Western Desert hardwood shield, c1960's Kimberley Region, incised decoration to both sides length 71 cm ***
*** Aboriginal hardwood shield, c1960's La Grange Bay, Kimberley Region, incised interlocking decoration to one side length 79 cm ***