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Auction House:
E. J. Ainger Pty. Ltd.
Number of lots recorded:16
Lots with images:16
Prices available:16
*** A Beyer Peacock Manchester 1876 locomotive. Live steam scale model locomotive. Together with tracking, a custom built case and stand. 83 cm long, 41 cm high. ***
*** A detailed static model of Thermopylae clipper ship Built 1868 a mid-19th century sailing ship, the body of moulded wood, painted green. The planked deck with three masks and rigging raised on a wooden base. 48 cm high, 122 cm long, 49 cm deep. ***
*** A 19th century carved walnut carousel horse. Modelled with front legs and back legs bent, with a carved saddle, carved with a coat of arms. 114 cm high, 140 cm long. ***
*** A European mechanical wind up musical performing acrobat. 80 cm high. ***
*** Rover chrome Viking mascot, with radiator cap, together with Rover chrome Viking mascot. 11 cm high. 15 cm high. ***
*** A model locomotive steam engine and a copper cooling tank. 32 cm high ***
*** Hornby Meccano train set and Union Pacific train set, each electric with transformer and tracks ***
*** A model steam engine. Maker: Bassett-Lowke. Height: 14.5 cm ***
*** Model of Spanish galleon ***
*** A detailed static model of a sailing ship with wooden body, the deck of painted wood, with detailed deck fittings, and rigging. 140 cm long ***
*** An early 20th century painted rocking horse. Carved with applied polychrome decoration, leather saddle, mane and tail. 117 cm wide ***
*** An early 20th century painted rocking horse, the mottled brown painted horse with horse hair mane and tail, leather saddle, bridle and reins, raised on a turned stretcher base. 108 cm high, 106 cm wide, 46 cm deep. ***
*** Early Mickey and Minnie Mouse dolls with 'Pie slice' eyes, circa 1940's ***
*** Model steam engine and accessories ***
*** A, boxed Hornby train set maker Meccano with L.M.S. Locomotive 2270 with 1949 purchase certificate ***
*** Rover 9 car radiator. ***