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Auction House:
E. J. Ainger Pty. Ltd.
Number of lots recorded:16
Lots with images:16
Prices available:16
Textiles & Fabrics
*** An important and rare Tabriz floor rug, 600-800 knots per square centimetre. Has been in vendor's family since 1950's, 500 x 350 cm ***
*** A Kashmir silk floor rug, Hamadan style, 400 x 306 cm. Purchased at Hali for $30,000 ***
*** A 20th century superb silk overlay Nain carpet with floral design. 600x400 cm. Purchased for $30000. ***
*** A fine Kashan Persian carpet, the deep red field with a centre medallion within an arabesque and flower head beige border. 425 cm long, 322 cm wide ***
*** A Qum silk signed Persian rug, the deep blue field with a centre medallion and vine flower heads within a palmette and arabesque rose pink border. 300 knots per square inch. 152 cm long, 98 cm wide ***
*** A Kashan carpet, the deep blue field with rosette medallions, within a vine and palmette border, circa 1960. 405 cm long, 310 cm wide ***
*** A fine and old hand knotted Kashan Persian rug with flower design, 362 x 252 cm ***
*** A Tabriz lamb wool Persian carpet, the beige field with flower heads and vines, within three red and blue borders with palmettes and vine decoration, circa 1920. 400 cm long, 300 cm wide ***
*** Very fine Kashan rug with a light green centre medallion and a floral border ***
*** A unique hand knotted Persian rug from the city of Isfahan. This piece was specially woven for the royal family. This fine piece is a silk woven and has Anchor Artiste Metallic gold wool used in the backdrop. the temple design is set on a lovely green backdrop. 185 x 125 cm ***
*** A very fine large Kashan carpet with all over flower design on navy blue ground with a beige border. Size 420 x 364 cm ***
*** A signed antique rare Khatam design Persian rug. Hand knotted from Kerman region a centre medallion with beige and cranberry border. 374 cm x 296 cm ***
*** A Persian handmade Sarugh wool carpet, 338 x 243 cm ***
*** Khorasan rug with a deep red field centre medallion, flower designs, and a navy blue border ***
*** A Tabriz Persian carpet, circa 1930, the beige field with palmettes within a deep blue and beige border with arabesque decoration. 390 cm long, 287 cm wide ***
*** A very fine antique Tabriz rug, hand knotted with a magnificent geometric design on a red field within a cream and blue border. 384 cm x 298 cm ***