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Auction House:
Charles Leski Auctions Pty. Ltd.
Number of lots recorded:16
Lots with images:7
Prices available:16
*** 1959 Helms World Trophy Award, heavy silver-plated plaque in original perspex case. The trophy engraving includes, 'Helms World Trophy - Created by Paul H.Helms to Honor the Foremost Amateur Athlete on Each Continent of the World, Annually, With Selections dating from 1896'. ***
*** 1912 Stockholm, V Summer Olympics: 1912 Olympics Poster: 'Jeux Olympiques, Stockholm 1912, Le 29 Juin - 22 Juillet', artwork by Olle Hjortzberg, seven-colour lithograph, printed by A.Botzells of Stockholm, linen backed, size 73 x 101 cm. Condition A-.… *** N/A
*** John Konrads’ Scrapbooks: Scrapbooks (4) of press clippings, 1953-64; plus large box of newspaper pages & magazines (14).… *** N/A
*** Longcase regulator clock, silvered dial marked ‘R. Crystie, Dumfries Scotland’ with subsidiary seconds dial, mid 19th century. Clock features a four pillar movement with George Graham dead beat escapement, single weight with pendulum and winder. Excellent runner, very accurate with arched case of satinwood, burr walnut and gilt brass fitments. 210 x 41 x 24 cm ***
*** W. Simpson, 1947, complex Congreve rolling ball clock with silvered dial marked ‘W.Simpson, Barnoldswick, Fecit 1947’, subsidiary dial with day, date, month and moon phase. This wonderful clock is housed in a glazed walnut case with a single weight mechanical/electric movement. 121 x 47 x 45 cm ***
*** W. Simpson, 1952, complex clock with George Graham ‘dead beat’ escapement. Complexities include seconds sweep hand, day, date, month, and strike on hour. Also plays tunes on 4 adjustable tone gongs. Mechanical/electrical with 3 weights, pendulum and accessory key. Clock is housed in attractive rectangular wooden case. 151 x 51 x 43 cm ***
*** Blue Poles: 1973-74 Archive of letters (21) mainly from artists opposed to, or in favor of the Australian Government's purchase of Jackson Pollock's abstract painting 'Blue Poles', noted signed letters from Patrick White, John Percival, Sali Herman, William Dargie, Kenneth Jack, Manning Clark, Keith Hancock, Margaret Priest, Alan Marshall, Betty Archdale & Dorothy Green; also a 1973 Season's Greetings card from Prime Minister Gough Whitlam illustrating 'Blue Poles'(unsigned).… ***
*** Jack Thompson's 1984 Silver Logie, plaque engraved '1984 Logie Award, Jack Thompson, Best Lead Actor in a Single Drama Mini Series'. 21 cm tall, man-shaped statuette on wooden base. Thompson won this prestigeous award for his role in 'Waterfront' ***
*** Australian 'Baggy Green' Test Cap, green wool, embroidered Coat-of-Arms on front, made by 'Albion', circa early 1980s. Provenance: Supposed to be ex Rod Marsh. Purchased from a charity auction in the late 1980s. Superb condition. *** N/A
*** Donald Friend (1915-89, Australian artist, writer and diarist): c1941-59 correspondence with letters (41), postcards (2) & telegrams (2), noted one letter with two World War II sketches, another with map of Hill End, all signed 'Donald'.… *** N/A
*** Cooking: Extensive library, noted 'The Young Housewife's Daily Assistant' by Cre-Fydd [London, 1864]; 'The American Household Advisor' published by Bridgman [New York, 1875]; 'High-Class Cookery Recipes' by Clarke [London, 1885]; 'The Australian Home, A Ha… *** N/A
*** Clifton Ernest Pugh (1924-90, Australian), 'The Road to Masada 1975' (Israel Series), mixed media on composition paper, signed and dated lower right, 57 x 77 cm ***
*** Gerry Gee – Humphrey B. Bear - L.J.Sterne Doll Co: Nice archive featuring Gerry Gee, Humphrey B. Bear, Gerry Gee Junior, Beatle Gerry Gee & dolls.… *** N/A
*** 1956 Melbourne, XVI Summer Olympics: 1956 Olympic Village Archive: Five archive boxes, with 1000's of documents, letters and files, noted Teams Information Bulletins Nos.… *** N/A
*** Cooking: Extensive library, strong in Australian titles, noted 'Australian Cookery Recipes for the People, as given at the Centennial Exhibition, Melbourne, 1888-89' by Miss Pearson [Melbourne, 1889]; 'The Art of Living in Australia' by Muskett [London, 18… *** N/A
*** 1966-82 football cards, noted Scanlens 1966 (6 + 2 die cuts); 1967 (44); 1968 Series A (18) & Series B (8); 1969 (34 + 6 die cuts with outside section removed); 1970 (26); 1972 (36); 1975 (23); 1976 (6); 1978 (186); 1980 (70) & 1982 Wafl (47); 1973 Noonans… *** N/A