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Auction House:Leonard Joel Pty. Ltd.Number of lots recorded:365
Sale Title:The Toy SaleLots with images:325
Auction Location:MelbournePrices available:339
LotDescription Price Image
*** Rare French Dinky 24q Ford Vedette navy blue, small lettering to base, red ridged hubs ***
*** French Dinky 24s Simca 8 Sport 1st type black, fawn seats, thin windscreen, convex hubs ***
*** French 24y Studebaker Commander off white with maroon lower front panels and roof, chrome ridged hubs and white tyres ***
*** French Dinky 25L Studebaker covered truck 2nd type, long bonnet version, blue body, brown tilt, blue ridged hubs ***
*** French Dinky 25I Ford open wagon light metallic blue, separate rivetted hook and spare wheel, yellow ridged hubs ***
*** French Dinky 25O Studebaker milk truck blue cab, white back, blue ridged hubs, ten metal milk churns, in red box with yellow inner tray ***
*** French Dinky 14z Triporteur red, tinplate base, driver with green jacket and black trousers, red ridged hubs, black tyres ***
*** French Dinky 25cg Camionnette Citroen 1200kg Gervais cream body and ridged hubs with 'Gervais' decal to sides ***
*** Rare French Dinky 25JB Ford Covered Wagon 'Sncf' 1st type, blue cab and chassis, dark blue tin tilt, cast-in rear hook, black ridged hubs with 'M' black tyres Provenance Ex lot 1364, 12 & 13 December, 2003, Collectoys, France. *** N/A
*** French Dinky 25JB Ford covered wagon 'SNCF' 2nd type, blue cab and chassis, dark blue tin tilt with yellow lettering 'Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer Francais', separate rear hook, black ridged hubs ***
*** French Dinky 25v Ford Refuse truck dark green, cross-braced interior tailgate, dark green ridged hubs ***
*** French Dinky 25JV Ford covered wagon 'Grands Moulins de Paris' grey cab and body, black tin tilt with red lettering to side, separate hook, red ridged hubs, slight loss to decals ***
*** French Dinky 25jj Ford covered wagon 'Calberson' 2nd type, yellow cab and chassis, black tin tip with yellow 'Calberson' decal to side with map of France, separate rear hook, red ridged hubs ***
*** Two French Dinky 29e Isobloc Autocars one dark green/light green, smooth sides and roof, tinplate ladder, light green ridged hubs; one silver and red, ridged roof, tinplate ladder, red ridged hubs (2) ***
*** French Dinky 29f Autocar Chausson red lower body, cream upper body, red ridged hubs, white tyres *** N/A
*** French Dinky 528 Peugeot 404 Pininfarina Cabriolet white, red interior, plastic lady driver, concave hubs ***
*** French Dinky 528 Peugeot 404 Cabriolet Pinifarina light beige, red interior, woman driver, spun hubs; and French Dinky 510 Peugeot 204, metallic red, off white interior, spun hubs, both in illustrated yellow boxes (2) ***
*** French Dinky 546 de Soto Diplomat metallic green body with cream roof and silver detail, concave spun hubs, black tyres ***
*** French Dinky 546 Opel Rekord taxi black, red interior taxi sign, silver spun hubs and white treaded tyres, rare German market issue with German wording to yellow box ***
*** French Dinky 549 Coupe Borgward 'Isabella' turquoise, red interior, concave hubs ***