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Auction House:Leonard Joel Pty. Ltd.Number of lots recorded:111
Sale Title:CollectablesLots with images:110
Auction Location:MelbournePrices available:69
LotDescription Price Image
*** Guy Martin Boyd Victoria circa 1950 Baluster shaped earthenware biscuit barrel decorated with indigenous motifs yellow ground restoration to rim incised Martin Boyd 16 cm wide ***
*** Diana Ware, New South Wales, circa 1960, circular shaped ceramic vase decorated with an Indigenous figure in a landscape white ground painted Central Australia printed factory mark 21 cm high ***
*** Wembley Ware, Western Australia circa 1955, ceramic slip cast native stockman ashtray impressed Wembley Ware. Width 12 cm ***
*** Essexware, New South Wales circa 1957. Assembled three piece earthenware tea set comprising a teapot creamer an a sugar vessel each decorated with stylised Aboriginal motifs on varying brown backgrounds one with painted mark Essexware Leura, two with incised marks the teapot 11cm high ***
*** Rose Noble New South Wales circa 1950 Four miniature ceramic jugs each decorated with Australian motifs printed maker's mark 6 cm high ***
*** Guy Martin Boyd Victoria circa 1950 Circular earthenware plate painted with an indigenous elder incised Martin Boyd Australia 18.5 cm diameter ***
*** Guy Martin Boyd, Victoria, circa 1950, baluster shaped earthenware coffee pot decorated with indigenous motifs mottled ground incised Martin Boyd Australia. Height 21 cm ***
*** Florenz Pottery New South Wales, circa 1970, comprising ceramic cruets jug mug and a dish each slip cast and decorated with stylised Indigenous motifs cruets with foil label the jug. Height 20 cm ***
*** Nixon Pottery New South Wales circa 1960 Five ceramic dishes and a vase each decorated with Indigenous Australian motifs the plates incised Nixon 15 cm wide ***
*** Carl Cooper, Victoria, circa 1945, two miniature earthenware dishes decorated with indigenous motifs incised Carl Cooper and Cooper 45 the largest. Height 5 cm ***
*** Darbyshire Pottery Western Australia circa 1950 Rare slip cast ceramic figure of an Aboriginal male elder the figure with dark hair and a red head band seated with his left knee held against his body moulded mark Darbyshire 8cm high ***
*** Pieter Vander Helda Australia Two ceramic slip cast Indigenous children the girl with restoration to her legs the boy incised Pieter Vander Helda Australia 10 cm high ***
*** Guy Martin Boyd Victoria circa 1950 Ovoid earthenware lamp painted with an indigenous female figure cream ground incised Martin Boyd Australia 28 cm high ***
*** Brownie Downing New South Wales circa 1956 Two ceramic flasks each in the form of a book decorated with Indigenous motifs 17.5 cm high ***
*** Studio Anna New South Wales dates ranging from circa 1960 - 1980 Collection of four slip cast items including an ashtray two dishes and a small vase each depicting icons of a different Australian city incised factory marks and foil labels. (4) ***
*** Two Royal Doulton Collectors Plates Two ceramic plates each transfer printed in black and white with Indigenous Australians printed factory mark and No. D6410 D611 26cm diameter ***
*** Gymea Pottery, New South Wales, pair of triangular shaped book ends each painted with an indigenous figure incised making reed dilly bags and oomah camp fire, signed Rita. 13 cm high ***
*** Studio Anna New South Wales circa 1969 A pair of slip cast cruets and a jug each depicting a Sydney icon the jug with paper label 12.5 cm high ***
*** Guy Martin Boyd Victoria circa 1950 Circular earthenware plate painted with an indigenous elder incised Martin Boyd Australia 26.5 cm diameter ***
*** Wembley Ware, Western Australia circa 1955, pair of ceramic slip cast book ends each in the form of an inverted young female lustre glaze paper maker's label. Height 28.5 cm ***