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Auction House:Vickers & Hoad AuctioneersNumber of lots recorded:1,278
Sale Title:Directors' Selection; Militaria & Weapons Auction including the collection of the late John MoverleyLots with images:1,166
Auction Location:SydneyPrices available:739
LotDescription Price Image
*** A very important and rare North Indian pesh kabz of late 18th century date and of museum quality, approx 44 cm overall with 31 cm blade. The blade of finest watered steel is of very pronounced T section with the back being 13mm in width at the base, the whole of the back being finely chiselled with interlaced foliage and arabesques to highest standard, as is the forte on both faces. The upper face of the exposed tang is also 13mm in width and has chiselling en suite.… ***
*** A Important and rare Turkish jambia with scabbard of mid to late 17th century date, approx 30 cm overall with 18 cm curved double edged blade of convex section of very finely watered steel. The ricasso with partial gilt koftgari inscriptions on both faces. The hilt of a single piece of walrus ivory (morse) of fluted form.… ***
*** Indo-Persian dagger double-curved blade with T-shaped back, reinforced point, pattern welded with honeycomb design;plain black horn hilt with metal rivets, elaborate gold and silver koftgari floral inlay to forte, back of blade and around spine of hilt. Tan velvet sheath with metal inlays ***
*** Choice Turkish bichaq with scabbard of 19th century date, approx 34 cm overall with 23 cm blade forged with a reinforced back which is finely engraved for it's full length. Ricasso and tang covers overlaid with silver which is finely engraved. Ivory grip scales of traditional flared form. The pommel containing the traditional tweezers with ivory tip set with a diamond. Silver scabbard embossed overall with stands of arms and foliage terminates in a finely modelled fish head.… ***
*** Important large Balkan jambiya with scabbard. 395mm overall with 240mm curved double edged watered steel blade of good quality with pronounced central ridge. One piece horn hilt set with nine large silver studs. Wood lined scabbard of heavy silver with overall decoration of a high standard ***
*** Indonesian Kris, 19th/20th century, straight blued steel blade (no pamor) with greneng, plain brass cup-shaped mendak, Sulawesi type hooked hilt in fine tropical timber, superbly patinated with silky inclusions, contemporary repair in plaited gilt wite. Gayaman type sheath, bound with three silver loops. Blade and hilt approx 35.5 cm ***
*** Sulawesi badik or tabu tabu with curved and grained blade showing Islamic verse, shaped wooden hilt, fitted scabbard with white metal banding. Approx 27.5 cm long ***
*** Indonesian long handled knife, side arm to mandau, Hilt in dark timber, patinated, with aso (dragon) carved to upper end, terminating in brass ferrule and backward curved clipped blade (some rust). Approx 31 cm ***
*** Ifugao (Philippines) double edged knife, wood hilt carved as kneeling figure, matching sheath with rattan binding. Approx 36 cm long ***
*** Sumba badik or tabu tabu with curved plain blade, buffalo horn handle fashioned as abstracted figure, with aged glossy patina, wooden scabbard with curved horse's head to upper end, bands of rattan binding. Sumba Origin. Approx 29 cm long ***
*** Toraja Sword, fine & complete dua lalan, plain blade with some pitting, hilt carved with 'chicken' motifs (adjoining circles), hilt with bands of fine plaited fibre, wooden scabbard with all over rattan banding, origin probably Sulawesi, c.1900's.Approx long 68 cm. ***
*** Antique Kris, well carved hilt, approx 43 cm long ***
*** Indonesian Kris, sinous pamor blade with curves (luk), wooden hilt carved as bird with young, inlaid eyes. Origin Lombok. Two piece brass and white metal medak with gems. Blade and hilt approx 37 cm L. Modern Gayaman type sheath in light coloured wood. ***
*** Indonesian small knife in scabbard, plain blade with slight curve, buffalo horn handle, bands of bone inlay to hilt and scabbard. Approx 31.5 cm ***
*** Indonesian Kris, java, blade with strong, ribbed pamor, gently undulating with seven luk, lambeh gadja at upper end, short Cirebon wooden hilt heavily carved with bent forest-demon type figure, spiral eyes, covered with yellow pigment (lacquer?) Plain brass collar, wood scabbard. Approx 43 cm long ***
*** Sulawesi badik or tabu tabu with curved and grained blade showing Islamic verse, shaped wooden hilt, fitted scabbard with white metal banding. Approx 30 cm long ***
*** Indonesian Kris, heavy straight blade with vertical striations, white metal mendak with beads. Surakarta type hilt in dark wood. Gayaman type sheath in richly patterned wood, white metal sleeve with window. Blade & hilt 47 cm. Origin Java ***
*** Old Burmese knife and scabbard of good quality. 360mm overall with 220mm slightly down curved single edged blade of hand forged steel. The hilt and scabbard of silver with fine decoration ***
*** An important and early Australian presentation levee sword with scabbard in the Mameluke style popularised by the Duke of Wellington, by Tatham of Charing Cross London (and so marked on the ricasso). The curved blade finely etched with foliage, stand of arms and panel 'Presented to William Snow Clifton, Hony. Secy. And Treasurer by the members of the Victorian Yeomanry Corps. 1858', the gilt embossed hilt with ivory grip scales, the shagreen covered wooden scabbard with the en suite mounts.… ***
*** An important and early Australia Scottish dirk with scabbard by Henry Wilkinson of Pall Mall London (and so marked on the ricasso).… ***