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Auction House:Vickers & Hoad AuctioneersNumber of lots recorded:353
Sale Title:Militaria & WeaponsLots with images:327
Auction Location:SydneyPrices available:279
LotDescription Price Image
*** Pair of antique French Paris Porcelain twin handled vases, each painted with Napoleon in scenes depicting conquest & surrender, each approx 26.5 cm high (2) ***
*** O. H. Muller 'Bueuresci' bronzed metal figure of a soldier, approx 30 cm high ***
*** Model muzzle loading cannon in brass with steel mounted wooden carriage, approx 16 cm high, 41 cm long ***
*** Antique French Yataghan blade sword bayonet for the Chassepot rifle mid 1860s, complete with it's steel scabbard, approx 72 cm long ***
*** Antique French Yataghan blade sword bayonet dated 1813, complete with it's steel scabbard, approx 71 cm long ***
*** Antique French solid brass Napoleon III cannon, approx 12 cm high, 33 cm long ***
*** Antique French cruciform blade bayonet for the lebel rifle, complete with it's steel scabbard & brass grip. Approx 65 cm long ***
*** Small anti aircraft brass shell and projectile, de-milled (no longer live). Approx 34 cm overall. ***
*** SS Nazi German pin badge, part of a Nazi arm band, The War weekly paper, map & autograph book *** N/A
*** World War II anti aircraft shell and round, de-milled (no longer live). Approx 29.5 cm high ***
*** Leon Michan ? French school portrait of a Military man in uniform, oil on canvas in oval, signed lower left indistinctly. Approx 45 cm high, 37 cm wide *** N/A
*** Ferret Scout Car Mark I - Australian Army No 115147. Rare and very restorable Daimler built reconnaissance vehicle used by Armoured Regiments from the 1950s to 1970s. The popular Ferret was powered by a Rolls Royce B60 petrol engine giving it a maximum speed of 80 kph. Operated by a crew of two, this smallest member of the armoured family relied on its speed and low profile for defence - although it did mount a 0.30 calibre machine gun in its open top. Length 3.9m, 1.9m wide, weight 4,000 kg.… ***
*** High quality single epaulette, Imperial Russian or German ***
*** Large original French World War I military poster, Artist 'Maurice Neumon 1918'. Approx 118 cm x 80 cm ***
*** United States, diplomats court sword. Blade broken. 19th century, Mother of pearl grip scales. Approx 44 cm long ***
*** Group of five mid 19th century French socket bayonets, average 55 cm long (5) ***
*** French boys sword 19th century, approx 57 cm long overall ***
*** Pair of German World War II era officer's boots in black leather (2) ***
*** Pair of German World War II era officer's boots in black leather, nicely worked with maker's particulars (2) ***
*** Very nice French Naval Officer's bicorn hat in it's wooden carrying case, together with gilt mounted black leather sword belt with gilt buckle. ***