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Auction House:McKenzies AuctioneersNumber of lots recorded:111
Sale Title:Collectable Surfboards, Part 1.Lots with images:98
Auction Location:PerthPrices available:110
LotDescription Price Image
*** Surfboard: Balsa Pig Board, 1957. 8 feet 8 inches x 21 inches with classic 'D' fin. Beautiful balsa grain. Excellent condition. ***
*** Surfboard: Bill Wallace Toothpick, 1997. 16 feet hollow ply paddle board, made and signed by Bill. ***
*** Surfboard: Bill Wallace Wooden Okinui Surfboard, 1956. This hollow wooden surf board was possibly the first made in Australia. 10 feet 3 inches x 23½ inches. Excellent original condition. After watching a display by the American surfers on their balsa boards put on for the Melbourne Olympics, Bill went straight home and made one. Because balsa was not available in Australia he manufactured one from hollow ply. Previous to this all our surf boards being manufactured were of the 14 – 18 feet toothpick style. ***
*** Surfboard: David Frame Balsa Mal, c. 1950s. 8 feet 10 inches x 22 inches. At 19 years of age he ordered the Burmese Balsa, purchased the glass and matting at Artarmon, Sydney and shaped this beauty. Immaculate condition, totally original. ***
*** Surfboard: Duke Kahanamoku 'Maui' model, c. 1959. 9 feet 7 inches x 22 1/2 inches. Single fin square tail, classic 'D' shaped fin of laminated timber. Excellent condition ***
*** Surfboard: Harbour Solid Balsa Board, 1962. 9 feet 2 inches x 21 inches 'D' fin. Very good condition. ***
*** Surfboard: Hawaiian Hollow Plywood Board, c. 1956. 9 feet x 22 inches, (Okinui). Immaculate condition. ***
*** Surfboard: Hollow Hawaiian Plywood Board, c. 1956. 9 feet 2 inches x 24 inches. Hollow board early model. Excellent condition. ***
*** Surfboard: Hollow Plywood, c. 1940 feet s. 6 feet x 18 inches, hollow core, timber construction. Hand made white arrow deck. ***
*** Surfboard: Hollow Wooden Hawaiian Board, c. 1955. 10 feet 3 inches x 23 inches, unknown maker ***
*** Surfboard: Wayne Lynch Involvement Series, c. 1968. Average condition. ***
*** Surfboard: South Pacific Surf Boards, c. 1959/60. Epoxy resin, this board was 132nd off the mould. Very good condition. It has the classic 'D' fin and is 9 feet 6 inches x 21 inches and is extremely heavy. Attractive blue colour. It is a great example of the type. ***
*** Surfboard: Shane Stringerless Longboard, c. 1967. 9 feet 6 inches x 24 inches, double ender. Good condition ***
*** Surfboard: Scott Dillon Stringerless Longboard, c. 1967. 9 feet 3 inches x 23 inches. Excellent condition ***
*** Surfboard: Scott Dillon Single Stringer Hot Dog, c. 1964/65. 9 feet x 21 inches, Very good condition. ***
*** Surfboard: Scott Dillon Longboard, c. 1959. 9 feet 1 inches x 21 inches. This round nose and 'D' fin longboard still has the original metallic sticker. Good condition ***
*** Surfboard: Sam Egan Vee Bottom, c. 1967. Stingerless, original unrestored condition, 7 feet x 24 inches, long fin. Shaped by Garry Hansen. *** N/A
*** Surfboard: Rick Surfboards Single Fin, 1968. Round tail 7 feet 10 inches x 24 inches. Wave set fin box. Clear foam construction. Made by Rick Stoner, Bing’s old partner. He broke away from the partnership in 1961.… *** N/A
*** Surfboard: Phil Edwards Single Stringer, 1968. A popular model by the legendry Phil Edwards. 9 feet 5 1/2 inches x 22 inches, square tail, single stringer, large raked fin. Attractive yellow rails with white top, yellow bottom with pin stripe and contrasting blue fin. Excellent condition ***
*** Surfboard: OLE Olson Twin Fin, 1961. 8 feet 11 inches x 21 1/2 inches. Built in 1961 by Bob, he remembers only making one of these, one of the first ever twin fins. Double glass on fins and black stripes with OLE logo. Fully restored. ***