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Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLots
09/12/2017Monthly Auction, Day 1Sydney0
10/12/2017Monthly Auction, Day 2Sydney0

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Past Auctions by Catalogue

Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLotsLink To
19/11/2017Monthly Auction, Day 2Sydney880 Prices not yet available
18/11/2017Monthly Auction, Day 1Sydney706 Prices not yet available
22/10/2017Monthly Auction, Day 2Sydney1,003View Images
21/10/2017Monthly Auction, Day 1Sydney598View Images
17/09/2017Monthly Auction, Day 2Sydney695View Images
16/09/2017Monthly Auction, Day 1Sydney436View Images
27/08/2017The Howell CollectionSydney311View Images
20/08/2017Monthly Auction, Day 2Sydney705View Images
19/08/2017Monthly Auction, Day 1Sydney729View Images
16/07/2017Monthly Auction, Day 2Sydney622View Images
15/07/2017Monthly Auction, Day 1Sydney582View Images
25/06/2017The Jennifer Longworth CollectionSydney575View Images
18/06/2017Monthly Auction, Day 2Sydney750View Images
17/06/2017Monthly Auction, Day 1Sydney425View Images
21/05/2017Monthly Auction, Day 2Sydney818View Images
20/05/2017Monthly Auction, Day 1Sydney460View Images
23/04/2017Monthly Auction, Day 2Sydney657View Images
22/04/2017Monthly Auction, Day 1Sydney572View Images
19/03/2017Monthly Auction - Day 2Sydney753View Images
18/03/2017Monthly Auction - Day 1Sydney550View Images
26/02/2017The Estate of the late Brian JonesSydney440View Images
19/02/2017Monthly Auction, Day 2Sydney579View Images
18/02/2017Monthly Auction, Day 1Sydney500View Images
22/01/2017Monthly Two Day Auction - Day 2Sydney624View Images
21/01/2017Monthly Two Day Auction - Day 1Sydney423View Images
11/12/2016December Auction, Day 2Sydney798View Images
10/12/2016December Auction, Day 1Sydney607View Images
20/11/2016November Auction, Day 2Sydney965View Images
19/11/2016November Auction, Day 1Sydney624View Images
16/10/2016October Auction, Day 2Sydney816View Images
15/10/2016October Auction, Day 1Sydney665View Images
18/09/2016September Auction, Day 2Sydney798View Images
17/09/2016September Auction, Day 1Sydney524View Images
21/08/2016August Auction, Day 2Sydney891View Images
20/08/2016August Auction, Day 1Sydney644View Images
17/07/2016July Auction, Day 2Sydney794View Images
16/07/2016July Auction, Day 1Sydney803View Images
19/06/2016June Auction, Day 2Sydney698View Images
18/06/2016June Auction, Day 1Sydney984View Images
22/05/2016May Auction, Day 2Sydney919View Images
21/05/2016May Auction, Day 1Sydney767View Images
17/04/2016April Auction, Day 2Sydney847View Images
16/04/2016April Auction, Day 1Sydney551View Images
20/03/2016March Auction, Day 2Sydney838View Images
19/03/2016March Auction, Day 1Sydney582View Images
21/02/2016February Auction, Day 2Sydney856View Images
20/02/2016February Auction, Day 1Sydney722View Images
24/01/2016January Auction, Day 2Sydney792View Images
23/01/2016January Auction, Day 1Sydney513View Images
13/12/2015Ceramics, Glass, Silver, Furniture, Oriental & GeneralSydney840View Images
12/12/2015Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, BooksSydney563View Images
15/11/2015Ceramics, Glass, Silver, Furniture, Oriental & GeneralSydney878View Images
14/11/2015Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, BooksSydney597View Images
18/10/2015Ceramics, Glass, Silver, Furniture, Oriental & GeneralSydney754View Images
17/10/2015Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, BooksSydney454View Images
20/09/2015Ceramics, Glass, Silver, Furniture, Oriental & GeneralSydney959View Images
19/09/2015Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, BooksSydney658View Images
16/08/2015Ceramics, Glass, Silver, Furniture, Oriental & GeneralSydney708View Images
15/08/2015Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, BooksSydney539View Images
19/07/2015Ceramics, Glass, Silver, Furniture, Oriental & GeneralSydney648View Images
18/07/2015Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, BooksSydney524View Images
12/07/2015The Auchinachie CollectionSydney351View Images
22/06/2015Antiques & CollectablesSydney843View Images
21/06/2015Fashion & Estate JewellerySydney858View Images
31/05/2015Quarterly Fine Jewellery AuctionSydney443View Images
17/05/2015Monthly Auction, Day 2Sydney606View Images
16/05/2015Monthly Auction, Day 1Sydney546View Images
19/04/2015Monthly Auction, Day 2Sydney728View Images
18/04/2015Monthly Auction, Day 1Sydney559View Images
22/03/2015Monthly Auction, Day 2Sydney705View Images
21/03/2015Monthly Auction, Day 1Sydney587View Images
22/02/2015Antiques & Decorative Arts, Day 2Sydney823View Images
21/02/2015Antiques & Decorative Arts, Day 1Sydney744View Images
25/01/2015Fine Jewellery AuctionSydney555View Images
18/01/2015Antiques, Art & Collectables, Day 2Sydney848View Images
17/01/2015Antiques, Art & Collectables, Day 1Sydney515View Images
07/12/2014Jewellery, Art, Antiques & Collectables, Day 2Sydney704View Images
06/12/2014Jewellery, Art, Antiques & Collectables, Day 1Sydney678View Images
16/11/2014Art, Antiques & Collectables, Day 2Sydney799View Images
15/11/2014Art, Antiques & Collectables, Day 1Sydney593View Images
19/10/2014Ceramics, Silver & Silver Plate, Oriental & FurnitureSydney766View Images
18/10/2014Jewellery, Fine & Affordable Art, Collectables, BooksSydney466View Images
21/09/2014Ceramics, Glass, Silver, Furniture, Oriental & GeneralSydney935View Images
20/09/2014Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, BooksSydney686View Images
17/08/2014Ceramics, Glass, Silver, Furniture, Oriental & GeneralSydney704View Images
16/08/2014Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, BooksSydney440View Images
03/08/2014Vintage Clothing, Fashion & TextilesSydney658View Images
20/07/2014Ceramics, Glass, Silver, Furniture, Oriental & GeneralSydney703View Images
19/07/2014Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, BooksSydney513View Images
22/06/2014Ceramics, Glass, Furniture, Collectables, Silver, Oriental & GeneralSydney839View Images
21/06/2014Jewellery, Coins, Stamps & ArtSydney591View Images
18/05/2014Ceramics, Glass, Furniture, Collectables, Silver, Oriental & GeneralSydney774View Images
17/05/2014Jewellery, Coins, Stamps & ArtSydney757View Images
13/04/2014Ceramics, Glass, Furniture, Collectables, Silver, Oriental & GeneralSydney797View Images
12/04/2014Jewellery, Coins, Stamps & ArtSydney728View Images
30/03/2014Fashion SaleSydney420View Images
16/03/2014Ceramics, Glass, Furniture, Collectables, Silver, Oriental & GeneralSydney654View Images
15/03/2014Jewellery, Coins, Stamps & ArtSydney693View Images
16/02/2014Ceramics, Glass, Furniture, Collectables, Silver, Oriental & GeneralSydney806View Images
15/02/2014Jewellery, Coins, Stamps & ArtSydney536View Images
19/01/2014Ceramics, Glass, Furniture, Collectables, Silver, Oriental & GeneralSydney797View Images
18/01/2014Jewellery, Coins, Stamps & ArtSydney591View Images
08/12/2013Ceramics, Glass, Furniture, Collectables, Silver, Oriental & GeneralSydney755View Images
07/12/2013Jewellery, Coins, Stamps & ArtSydney745View Images
17/11/2013Antiques & CollectablesSydney763View Images
16/11/2013Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, BooksSydney666View Images
20/10/2013Antiques & CollectablesSydney839View Images
19/10/2013Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, BooksSydney497View Images
22/09/2013Antiques & CollectablesSydney873View Images
21/09/2013Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, BooksSydney656View Images
18/08/2013Antiques & CollectablesSydney691View Images
17/08/2013Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, BooksSydney671View Images
21/07/2013Antiques & CollectablesSydney638View Images
20/07/2013Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, BooksSydney549View Images
16/06/2013Antiques & CollectablesSydney684View Images
15/06/2013Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, BooksSydney316View Images
19/05/2013Antiques & CollectablesSydney653View Images
18/05/2013Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, BooksSydney344View Images
21/04/2013Antiques & CollectablesSydney805View Images
20/04/2013Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, BooksSydney523View Images
17/02/2013Antiques & CollectablesSydney700View Images
16/02/2013Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, BooksSydney468View Images
20/01/2013Antiques & CollectablesSydney651View Images
19/01/2013Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, BooksSydney373View Images
09/12/2012Antiques, Jewellery, Art & CollectablesSydney876View Images
17/11/2012Jewellery, Art, Antiques & CollectablesSydney1,006View Images
20/10/2012Antiques, Jewellery, Art & CollectablesSydney1,316View Images
15/09/2012Antiques, Jewellery, Art & CollectablesSydney1,216View Images
18/08/2012Antiques, Art & CollectablesSydney1,103View Images
14/07/2012Antiques, Jewellery Art & CollectablesSydney1,009View Images
17/06/2012Antiques, Art Jewellery & CollectablesSydney651View Images
19/05/2012Antiques, Stamps, Art & CollectablesSydney1,045View Images
15/04/2012Antiques & CollectablesSydney806View Images
14/04/2012Art & BooksSydney227View Images
17/03/2012Antiques, Art & CollectablesSydney983View Images
19/02/2012Antiques & CollectablesSydney702View Images
21/01/2012Antiques, Art & CollectablesSydney927View Images
11/12/2011December Monthly Antiques, Jewellery and CollectablesSydney587View Images
20/11/2011November Special Auction - Antiques, Art & CollectablesSydney686View Images
06/11/2011November Special Auction - Antiques, Art & CollectablesSydney576View Images
16/10/2011Antiques, Art, Jewellery & CollectablesSydney634View Images
09/10/2011Southern Highlands AuctionSydney606View Images
18/09/2011Antiques, Art & CollectablesSydney555View Images
21/08/2011Antiques, Furniture, Collectables and JewellerySydney391View Images
17/07/2011Antiques, Pharmaceuticals, Jewellery and CollectablesSydney674View Images
19/06/2011Collectables, Antiques, Jewellery & ArtSydney576View Images
15/05/2011Art, Antiques, Jewellery & CollectablesSydney516View Images
17/04/2011Antiques, Jewellery and CollectablesSydney592View Images
20/03/2011Antiques, Jewellery and CollectablesSydney529View Images