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Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLotsLink To
08/10/2017Chinese, Japanese & Asian Works of ArtSydney389View Images
24/09/2017Emporium; Interiors; CuriosSydney345View Images
10/09/2017Fine Aboriginal & Oceanic ArtSydney304View Images
20/08/2017Chinese, Japanese & Asian Works of ArtSydney489View Images
30/07/2017EmporiumSydney814View Images
16/07/2017Fine Art, Silver, Jewellery & CollectablesAdelaide317View Images
16/07/2017Art; Asian; JewelsSydney251View Images
25/06/2017Emporium Auction; Interiors; CuriosSydney625View Images
04/06/2017Fine Aboriginal & Oceanic ArtSydney273View Images
28/05/2017Emporium Auction; Interiors; CuriosSydney786View Images
13/05/2017Chinese, Japanese & Asian Works of ArtSydney388View Images
30/04/2017Emporium Auction; Interiors; CuriosSydney669View Images
09/04/2017Art; Asian; JewelsSydney179View Images
26/03/2017Emporium Auction; Interiors; CuriosSydney639View Images
26/02/2017Emporium Auction; Interiors; CuriosSydney804View Images
29/01/2017Emporium Auction; Interiors; CuriosSydney817View Images
11/12/2016Fine Aboriginal & Ethnographic ArtSydney130View Images
27/11/2016November EmporiumSydney920View Images
30/10/2016October EmporiumSydney715View Images
16/10/2016Art - Asian - JewelsSydney249View Images
25/09/2016September Emporium AuctionSydney615View Images
18/09/2016Spring Fine Art, Doll & CollectablesAdelaide133View Images
28/08/2016August EmporiumSydney632View Images
31/07/2016July Emporium AuctionSydney684View Images
26/06/2016June Emporium AuctionSydney539View Images
29/05/2016May EmporiumSydney857View Images
22/05/2016MilitariaSydney272View Images
08/05/2016The Todd Barlin Collection (Part Two)Sydney326View Images
24/04/2016Antiques & InteriorsSydney767View Images
10/04/2016Art. Asian. JewelsSydney230View Images
20/03/2016Antiques & InteriorsSydney693View Images
28/02/2016Antiques & InteriorsSydney626View Images
31/01/2016Antiques & InteriorsSydney829View Images
29/11/2015Antiques & InteriorsSydney1,086View Images
28/11/2015RadiosSydney487View Images
22/11/2015MilitariaSydney0 Prices not yet available
16/11/2015Tribal & Oceanic ArtsSydney290View Images
25/10/2015Antiques & InteriorsSydney534View Images
11/10/2015Art. Asian. JewelsSydney308View Images
27/09/2015Antiques & InteriorsSydney744View Images
30/08/2015Antiques & InteriorsSydney666View Images
17/08/2015The Todd Barlin Collection, Part 1Sydney311View Images
26/07/2015Antiques & InteriorsSydney641View Images
12/07/2015Art. Asian. Jewels.Sydney174View Images
28/06/2015Antiques & Interiors, Jewellery, Glass & Asian ArtSydney707View Images
31/05/2015Antiques & CollectablesSydney800View Images
26/04/2015Antiques & InteriorsSydney703View Images
12/04/2015Art.Asian.JewelsSydney182View Images
29/03/2015Antiques & InteriorsSydney774View Images
25/01/2015Antiques & InteriorsSydney947View Images
30/11/2014Jewellery, Fine Art, Antiques & InteriorsSydney847View Images
23/11/2014Vintage Fashion: The Darnell CollectionSydney520View Images
17/11/2014Fine Aboriginal, Tribal & Oceanic ArtsSydney222View Images
26/10/2014Antiques & InteriorsSydney627View Images
29/09/2014JewellerySydney233View Images
28/09/2014Antiques & InteriorsSydney915View Images
08/09/2014Fine Aboriginal, Tribal & Oceanic ArtsSydney228View Images
31/08/2014Fine Antiques & Interiors AuctionSydney716View Images
27/07/2014Antiques & InteriorsSydney768View Images
22/06/2014Antiques & Interiors including Silver and AsianSydney833View Images
19/05/2014The Alan & Jan Cocks Australian Jewellery CollectionSydney316View Images
18/05/2014Antiques & Interiors, Art, Toys, Trains & ClocksSydney743View Images
27/04/2014Antiques, Interiors, Asian Art & Vintage FashionSydney676View Images
30/03/2014The Tim Fredman Collection of Memorabilia & ToysSydney361View Images
23/03/2014Fine Jewellery; Antiques & Interiors incl. Silver and Modern DesignSydney332View Images
23/02/2014Antiques & Interiors including SilverSydney377View Images
19/01/2014Antiques and Interiors including Asian ArtSydney539View Images
15/12/2013Antique Radios & Jukeboxes; Antiques & InteriorsSydney1,005View Images
18/11/2013Aboriginal, Oceanic and Tribal ArtsSydney110View Images
17/11/2013Fine Silver, Antiques & InteriorsSydney471View Images
20/10/2013Asian Arts, Antiques & Interiors including Modern Design, Posters & ComicsSydney657View Images
22/09/2013Antiques, Cars, Jewellery, Tribal, TaxidermySydney654View Images
18/08/2013Antiques & InteriorsSydney599View Images
21/07/2013Antiques & Interiors including Silver and Oriental ArtSydney307View Images
24/06/2013Aboriginal, Tribal & Oceanic ArtsSydney126View Images
23/06/2013Antiques & Interiors including Modern Design, Tribal and Oceanic Art; JewellerySydney783View Images
19/05/2013Antiques & Interiors including Oriental ArtSydney416View Images
21/04/2013Antiques & Interiors including Taxidermy and WineSydney769View Images
24/03/2013Antiques & Interiors including Jewellery, Oriental Art, and Oceanic & Tribal ArtSydney581View Images
17/02/2013Specialist Modern Design AuctionSydney535View Images
25/11/2012Antiques & Interiors including Taxidermy and Tribal ArtSydney518View Images
18/11/2012The Exquisite Collection of a GentlemanBrisbane302View Images
21/10/2012Antiques Jewellery Posters Modern Design & AsianSydney588View Images
23/09/2012Antiques & Interiors including Asian Works of Art, Jewellery, Fashion & Textiles.Sydney350View Images
16/09/2012The Estate of The Late Keith NapperSydney322View Images
19/08/2012Antiques & Interiors, Silver, Asian Art and Collectors' Number PlatesSydney590View Images
22/04/2012Antiques & Interiors including Modern Design, Affordable Art, Silver, Taxidermy, and Peppergreen Part 1Sydney649View Images
18/03/2012Antiques & CollectablesSydney424View Images
27/02/2012Antiques & CollectablesAdelaide153View Images
30/01/2012Antiques & CollectablesAdelaide146View Images
22/01/2012Antiques & Interiors including Chinese ceramics and works of artSydney564View Images
20/11/2011Antiques & InteriorsSydney421View Images
23/10/2011Antiques & Interiors including Taxidermy, Jewellery and Fine Asian ArtSydney698View Images
18/09/2011Antiques & InteriorsSydney232View Images
21/08/2011Antiques & InteriorsSydney329View Images
24/07/2011Fine Asian Art and TaxidermySydney641View Images
27/06/2011Important Estate JewelleryAdelaide343View Images
19/06/2011Art on SundaysSydney695View Images
09/05/2011Antiques and CollectablesAdelaide449View Images
17/04/2011Modern Design & JewellerySydney409View Images
21/02/2011Antiques & CollectablesAdelaide399View Images
20/02/2011Antiques & InteriorsSydney471View Images
07/02/2011Aboriginal Art, Artifacts & Circus EphemeraAdelaide129View Images
23/01/2011Antiques & Interiors and WineSydney559View Images
06/12/2010The Adelaide CollectionAdelaide366View Images
22/11/2010The F. Hardwicke Knight Estate CollectionAdelaide890View Images
21/11/2010The Dennis Baker CollectionSydney412View Images
25/10/2010Decorative ArtsAdelaide310View Images
28/06/2010Decorative ArtsAdelaide198View Images
29/03/2010Decorative Arts AuctionAdelaide239View Images
15/02/2010Decorative ArtsAdelaide359View Images