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Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLotsLink To
29-Nov-2023Sterling Silver & Accoutrements; Fine JewelleryWellington718 Prices not yet available
10-Oct-2023Maori & Oceanic ArtWellington135View Images
20-Sep-2023Affordable Art & Studio CeramicsWellington85View Images
27-Jul-2023Studio CeramicsWellington116View Images
21-Jun-2023Sterling Silver & AccoutrementsWellington524View Images
31-May-2023Antique & Decorative ArtsWellington828View Images
17-May-2023Affordable & Costume JewelleryWellington199View Images
10-May-2023Affordable ArtWellington22View Images
6-Apr-2023New Collectors Maori, Oceanic and African ArtWellington394View Images
5-Apr-2023Asian ArtWellington212View Images
4-Apr-2023Maori, Oceanic and African ArtWellington377View Images
23-Mar-2023Studio Ceramics & Applied ArtsWellington179View Images
14-Dec-2022Affordable Art & Studio CeramicsWellington93View Images
7-Dec-2022Sterling Silver; Fine & New Zealand Historical JewelleryWellington671View Images
9-Nov-2022Ross Allen Royal Doulton CollectionWellington309View Images
25-Oct-2022Studio Ceramics & Applied ArtsWellington189View Images
5-Oct-2022Maori & Oceanic Art, Day 2Wellington201View Images
4-Oct-2022Maori & Oceanic Art, Day 1Wellington335View Images
15-Sep-2022Antique & Decorative Arts - Day 2Wellington436View Images
14-Sep-2022Antique & Decorative Arts - Day 1Wellington610View Images
13-Sep-2022Fine JewelleryWellington326View Images
10-Aug-2022Antique Doll & CraftWellington409View Images
3-Aug-2022Janice Andrews Estate Shell CollectionWellington82View Images
20-Jul-2022Affordable Art & Studio Ceramics (Art lots only)Wellington97View Images
30-Jun-2022New Zealand Historical Silver & JewelleryWellington495View Images
29-Jun-2022The Antique Collection of George EadesWellington602View Images
8-Jun-2022Modern Moorcroft & Collectable ChinaWellington232View Images
26-May-2022Designer Handbags & FashionWellington173View Images
5-May-2022Studio Ceramics & Applied ArtsWellington149View Images
31-Mar-2022Antiques & Decorative Arts, Day 2; New Zealand & Historical SilverWellington309View Images
30-Mar-2022Antiques & Decorative Arts, Day 1Wellington482View Images
29-Mar-2022Fine & Estate JewelleryWellington365View Images
9-Feb-2022Affordable Art & Studio CeramicsWellington99View Images
15-Dec-2021Antique Doll & Toy AuctionWellington551View Images
8-Dec-2021Modern DesignWellington198View Images
7-Dec-2021Maori, Oceanic, African, and Asian ArtWellington319View Images
25-Nov-2021Studio Ceramics & Applied ArtsWellington129View Images
10-Nov-2021Fine & Estate JewelleryWellington370View Images
27-Oct-2021Antique & Decorative ArtsWellington780View Images
6-Oct-2021Affordable & Applied artWellington83View Images
8-Sep-2021The Captain John Crowder Maritime CollectionWellington297View Images
12-Aug-2021Studio Ceramics & Applied ArtsWellington113View Images
28-Jul-2021Antique & Decorative Arts AuctionWellington598View Images
27-Jul-2021Fine & Estate JewelleryWellington291View Images
16-Jun-2021Affordable Art & Studio CeramicsWellington59View Images
22-Apr-2021Maori, Oceanic & African ArtsWellington192View Images
21-Apr-2021Applied ArtsWellington1View Images
25-Mar-2021Fine & Estate JewelleryWellington293View Images
24-Mar-2021Antique & Decorative ArtsWellington468View Images
24-Feb-2021Affordable Art & Studio CeramicsWellington51View Images
9-Dec-2020Fine & Estate JewelleryWellington400View Images
3-Dec-2020Studio Ceramics and Applied Arts; Maori and Pacific ArtefactsWellington135View Images
11-Nov-2020Antique & Decorative ArtsWellington622View Images
21-Oct-2020Affordable Art & Studio CeramicsWellington54View Images
10-Sep-2020New Zealand & International Fine ArtWellington36View Images
19-Aug-2020Antiques & Decorative ArtsWellington387View Images
22-Jul-2020Affordable Art & Studio CeramicsWellington47View Images
4-Jun-2020Applied Art & Studio CeramicsWellington95View Images
21-May-2020Cynthia & John Wright Estate Doll CollectionWellington325View Images
20-May-2020Antique & Decorative Arts; Maori & Pacific ArtefactsWellington585View Images
19-May-2020Estate & Fine JewelleryWellington423View Images
30-Jan-2020Affordable & Applied ArtWellington41View Images
5-Dec-2019Studio Ceramics and Applied ArtWellington79View Images
20-Nov-2019Antiques & Decorative ArtsWellington789View Images
19-Nov-2019Fine JewelleryWellington384View Images
5-Sep-2019Studio Ceramics & Applied ArtWellington85View Images
1-Aug-2019African, Oceanic & Maori ArtefactsWellington577View Images
31-Jul-2019Antique & Decorative ArtsWellington631View Images
30-Jul-2019Fine & Estate JewelleryWellington316View Images
12-Jun-2019The Noel & Margaret Dick Art CollectionWellington14View Images
29-May-2019Affordable & Applied ArtWellington72View Images
28-Mar-2019Antique & Decorative Arts, Day 2Wellington776View Images
27-Mar-2019Antique & Decorative Arts, Day 1Wellington598View Images
30-Jan-2019Affordable and Applied ArtWellington47View Images
5-Dec-2018Toys & DollsWellington305View Images
15-Nov-2018Applied Art & Studio CeramicsWellington85View Images
31-Oct-2018Antique & Decorative ArtsWellington811View Images
26-Sep-2018Affordable ArtWellington88View Images
30-Aug-2018Militaria; African, Oceanic & Maori ArtefactsWellington542View Images
9-Aug-2018Applied Art and Studio CeramicsWellington110View Images
19-Jul-2018Antique & Decorative Arts, Day 2Wellington454View Images
18-Jul-2018Antique & Decorative Arts, Day 1Wellington744View Images
23-May-2018Applied ArtsWellington77View Images
12-Apr-2018Applied Art & Studio CeramicsWellington89View Images
22-Mar-2018Antique & Decorative Arts, Day 2Wellington763View Images
21-Mar-2018Antique & Decorative Arts, Day 1Wellington740View Images
7-Dec-2017Studio Ceramics & Applied ArtWellington96View Images
16-Nov-2017Militaria; ArtefactsWellington1,007View Images
15-Nov-2017Antique & Decorative ArtsWellington738View Images
14-Nov-2017Fine JewelleryWellington416View Images
18-Oct-2017Affordable ArtWellington26View Images
7-Sep-2017Applied Art & Studio CeramicsWellington65View Images
17-Aug-2017Antiques & Decorative Arts, Day 2; Handbags & AccessoriesWellington1,030View Images
16-Aug-2017Antiques & Decorative Arts, Day 1Wellington738View Images
5-Jul-2017Toy & Doll AuctionWellington1,201View Images
21-Jun-2017Applied ArtWellington45View Images
10-May-2017ArtefactsWellington438View Images
6-Apr-2017Applied Art & Studio CeramicsWellington132View Images
16-Mar-2017Antiques & Collectables, Day 2Wellington616View Images
15-Mar-2017Antiques & Collectables, Day 1Wellington681View Images
21-Dec-2016Affordable JewelsWellington400View Images
23-Nov-2016Applied Art & Studio PotteryWellington125View Images
3-Nov-2016Antique & Decorative Arts, Day 2Wellington809View Images
2-Nov-2016Antique & Decorative Arts, Day 1Wellington658View Images
11-Aug-2016Fine Art Auction (Decorative arts lots only)Wellington28View Images
14-Jul-2016Antiques & Decorative Arts - Day 2Wellington488View Images
13-Jul-2016Antiques & Decorative Arts - Day 1Wellington622View Images
25-May-2016Affordable & Applied artWellington98View Images
4-May-2016Militaria & ArtefactsWellington270View Images
15-Apr-2016The Tim Clemence Poster CollectionWellington51View Images
18-Feb-2016Antiques & Decorative Arts - Day 2Wellington220View Images
17-Feb-2016Antiques & Decorative Arts - Day 1Wellington699View Images
28-Jan-2016Applied ArtWellington62View Images
19-Nov-2015Applied ArtsWellington28View Images
22-Oct-2015Maori & Tribal Art AuctionAuckland272View Images
21-Oct-2015Oriental AntiquesAuckland401View Images
14-Oct-2015Mid 20th Century Modern DesignWellington143View Images
30-Sep-2015Colonial CollectablesWellington770View Images
20-Aug-2015New Zealand Historical & MilitariaWellington320View Images
19-Aug-2015Antique & Decorative Arts; MilitariaWellington814View Images
2-Jul-2015Studio Ceramics & Applied ArtWellington96View Images
12-Mar-2015Applied ArtsWellington107View Images
19-Feb-2015Sterling Silver & AccoutrementsWellington346View Images
18-Feb-2015Porcelain & Pottery, Glass, Oriental, Woods & Metals; New Zealand & Pacific ArtefactsWellington576View Images
17-Feb-2015Framed Works, Furniture & Persian RugsWellington196View Images
3-Dec-2014Maori & Pacific Tribal AuctionAuckland96View Images
20-Nov-2014Antique, Oriental & Collectables Auction, Day 2Auckland350View Images
19-Nov-2014Affordable Art (Decorative arts lots only)Wellington69View Images
19-Nov-2014Antique, Oriental & Collectables Auction, Day 1Auckland329View Images
18-Nov-2014Toy TrainsAuckland220View Images
25-Sep-2014Studio Ceramics & Applied ArtWellington100View Images
11-Sep-2014JewelleryWellington235View Images
10-Sep-2014Antiques & Decorative ArtsWellington916View Images
9-Sep-2014Mid 20th Century Modern DesignWellington123View Images
24-Jul-2014The Armstrong Family Doll & Toy Collection, Day 2Wellington645View Images
23-Jul-2014The Armstrong Family Doll & Toy Collection, Day 1Wellington774View Images
17-Jul-2014Antiques & Collectables, Day 2Auckland373View Images
16-Jul-2014Antiques & Collectables, Day 1Auckland431View Images
25-Jun-2014Affordable Art (Ceramics and glass)Wellington52View Images
15-May-2014Studio Ceramics and Fine ArtsWellington106View Images
1-May-2014Antiques & Decorative Arts; Fine & Estate JewelleryWellington885View Images
29-Apr-2014Military, Scientific Instruments & ArtefactsWellington211View Images
28-Mar-2014Tribal Art: Maori, African and South PacificAuckland125View Images
27-Mar-2014Jewellery, Collectables and FurnitureAuckland312View Images
26-Mar-2014Toys and TrainsAuckland408View Images
12-Mar-2014Studio Ceramics & Applied ArtWellington0 Prices not yet available
29-Jan-2014Affordable Art (Decorative arts lots only)Wellington82View Images
4-Dec-2013Toy & Doll AuctionWellington1,381View Images
21-Nov-2013Applied ArtWellington118View Images
14-Nov-2013Antiques & Collectables Auction Day 2Auckland462View Images
13-Nov-2013Antiques & Collectables Auction Day 1Auckland407View Images
7-Nov-2013Ken Scadden Military Campaign Medal AuctionWellington533View Images
6-Nov-2013Antique & Decorative Arts AuctionWellington813View Images
5-Nov-2013Fine Jewellery & WatchesWellington363View Images
22-Aug-2013Applied ArtWellington106View Images
11-Jul-2013Antiques & Collectables, Day 2Auckland577View Images
10-Jul-2013Antiques & Collectables, Day 1Auckland322View Images
26-Jun-2013Affordable ArtWellington80View Images
19-Jun-2013Maori & Pacific ArtefactsAuckland171View Images
30-May-2013Antique & Decorative Arts Auction, Day 2Wellington444View Images
29-May-2013Antique & Decorative Arts Auction, Day 1Wellington636View Images
28-May-2013JewelleryWellington367View Images
18-Apr-2013Applied Art AuctionWellington171View Images
20-Mar-2013Antiques & Collectables AuctionAuckland555View Images
19-Mar-2013Asian ArtAuckland194View Images
24-Jan-2013Affordable Art & PotteryWellington104View Images
28-Nov-2012Maori & Pacific ArtefactsAuckland277View Images
20-Nov-2012Antiques & Collectables Auction, Day 2Auckland386View Images
19-Nov-2012Antiques & Collectables Auction, Day 1Auckland273View Images
15-Nov-2012Applied ArtWellington165View Images
9-Aug-2012Applied Art AuctionWellington185View Images
24-Jul-2012Antiques & Collectables Auction Day 2Auckland466View Images
23-Jul-2012Antiques & Collectables Auction Day 1Auckland353View Images
19-Jul-2012Antique & Decorative Arts Auction Day 2Wellington1,025View Images
18-Jul-2012Antique & Decorative Arts Auction Day 1Wellington337View Images
1-May-2012Antiques & Collectables, Day 2Auckland334View Images
30-Apr-2012Antiques & Collectables, Day 1Auckland356View Images
4-Apr-2012Applied Art AuctionWellington202View Images
12-Mar-2012Toy CarsAuckland802View Images
5-Dec-2011Tribal Art, Featuring The Webster Collection Part IVAuckland206View Images
1-Dec-2011Applied Art AuctionWellington226View Images
14-Nov-2011Antiques & Collectables AuctionAuckland655View Images
5-Sep-2011Antique AuctionAuckland794View Images
1-Sep-2011Applied Art AuctionWellington263View Images
20-Jul-2011Antique & Decorative Arts AuctionWellington1,472View Images
10-May-2011Antique & Collectables Auction, Day 2Auckland391View Images
9-May-2011Antique & Collectables Auction, Day 1Auckland364View Images
14-Apr-2011Applied Art AuctionWellington197View Images
7-Apr-2011Collectables, Pharmaceutical Collection, Coin Collection, Swarovski Collection, Bossons Collection, Bell CollectionAuckland515View Images
22-Mar-2011Kenneth Athol Webster Collection Part IIIAuckland253View Images
24-Feb-2011Antique & Decorative Arts Auction, Day 2Wellington887View Images
23-Feb-2011Antique & Decorative Arts Auction, Day 1Wellington647View Images
30-Nov-2010Antique & Oriental Auction - Day 2Auckland346View Images
29-Nov-2010Antique & Oriental Auction - Day 1Auckland327View Images
18-Nov-2010Applied Arts AuctionWellington202View Images
16-Oct-2010The Bruce Mai Sale - A major lifetime collection of New Zealand railway and shipping memorabiliaAuckland535View Images
16-Sep-2010Antiques & Decorative Arts Auction - Day 2Wellington817View Images
15-Sep-2010Antiques & Decorative Arts Auction - Day 1Wellington853View Images
14-Sep-2010The Kenneth Webster Collection Of Tribal ArtAuckland226View Images
11-Aug-2010Dunbar Sloane, Auckland, Winter Antique Auction, Day 3Auckland116View Images
10-Aug-2010Dunbar Sloane, Auckland, Winter Antique Auction, Day 2Auckland303View Images
9-Aug-2010Dunbar Sloane, Auckland, Winter Antique Auction, Day 1Auckland292View Images
23-Jul-2010The Doreen Blumhardt CollectionWellington462View Images
23-Jun-2010Doll & Toy Auction and Vintage Costume & Boudoir AccessoriesWellington1,348View Images
19-Apr-2010Antiques & Decorative ArtsAuckland927View Images
18-Mar-2010MilitariaWellington365View Images
17-Mar-2010Antique & Decorative Arts AuctionWellington1,422View Images
3-Dec-2009Applied ArtsWellington155View Images
29-Nov-2009Militaria & AccountrementsAuckland104View Images
18-Nov-2009Maori & Pacific ArtefactsAuckland174View Images
17-Nov-2009Modernist Collection, China & Collectables, Jewellery & SilverAuckland351View Images
16-Nov-2009The Peter Herbert Collection and New Zealand Historical AuctionAuckland196View Images
11-Nov-2009Antiques and Decorative ArtsWellington1,597View Images
13-Aug-2009New Zealand And International Applied ArtWellington142View Images
29-Jul-2009Doll and Toy AuctionWellington1,024View Images
29-Jul-2009The Best of Florence Court, Day 3Auckland226View Images
28-Jul-2009The Best of Florence Court, Day 2Auckland236View Images
27-Jul-2009The Best of Florence Court, Day 1Auckland204View Images
17-Jun-2009Antiques & Decorative Arts; MilitariaWellington1,466View Images
30-Apr-2009Applied ArtsWellington149View Images
8-Apr-2009Silver, Jewellery and MilitariaAuckland136View Images
7-Apr-2009Collectables and BooksAuckland214View Images
6-Apr-2009Transport, Artefacts and New Zealand HistoricalAuckland204View Images
25-Feb-2009Antiques & Decorative ArtsWellington1,209View Images
19-Nov-2008The New Zealand Sale, Day 3, Together With Collectables and FurnitureAuckland198View Images
18-Nov-2008The New Zealand Sale, Day 2Auckland225View Images
17-Nov-2008The New Zealand Sale, Day 1Auckland162View Images
6-Nov-2008Decorative Arts Auction Day 2Wellington607View Images
5-Nov-2008Decorative Arts Auction Day 1Wellington541View Images
10-Sep-2008Decorative Arts, Day 3: Furniture, Posters and ArtAuckland156View Images
9-Sep-2008Decorative Arts, Day 2: China and Collectables, Woods and MetalsAuckland231View Images
8-Sep-2008Decorative Arts, Day 1: Jewellery and SilverAuckland216View Images
28-Aug-2008Applied ArtsWellington212View Images
23-Jul-2008Antique & Decorative Arts AuctionWellington1,338View Images
20-Jul-2008The Norm Burgess Gun CollectionAuckland54View Images
28-May-2008Doll & Toy AuctionWellington886View Images
15-May-2008Posters And Fine ArtAuckland59View Images
14-May-2008New Zealand Historica, Jewellery, Collectables, SilverAuckland318View Images
12-May-2008ArtefactsAuckland113View Images
8-May-2008Applied Art AuctionWellington201View Images
13-Mar-2008MilitariaWellington218View Images
12-Mar-200890th Anniversary AuctionWellington1,037View Images
23-Feb-2008Lindale 1950's Memorabilia Museum AuctionWellington390View Images