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Upcoming Auctions

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Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLots
5-Dec-2023The Collection of John Elliot Lawford (1933 – 2020)Auckland200

Past Auction Lots by Category

Past Auctions by Catalogue

Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLotsLink To
31-Oct-2023Studio Ceramics including the Mike Pohl Collection of Keith MurrayAuckland192View Images
19-Sep-2023Minimal Opulence: The Gary Langsford and Vicki Vuleta CollectionAuckland71View Images
27-Jun-2023New Collectors Art including: The Collection of Jann Medlicott, Twentieth-Century Design & Studio CeramicsAuckland310View Images
30-May-2023The Lois Going CollectionAuckland33View Images
19-Mar-2023The Collection of the Late Ron Sang - Part IIAuckland183View Images
21-Feb-2023New Collectors Art & Studio CeramicsAuckland109View Images
24-Nov-2022Important Paintings & Contemporary ArtAuckland24View Images
18-Oct-2022Applied Art and Modern DesignAuckland248View Images
21-Jun-2022New Collectors Art & Modern Design including the John Gow Collection of Photography and The Tataramoa CollectionAuckland184View Images
13-Apr-2022New Collectors ArtAuckland24View Images
1-Mar-2022Modern DesignAuckland308View Images
7-Dec-2021Important Paintings & Contemporary ArtAuckland2View Images
14-Nov-2021The Collection of Adrian Burr and Peter Tatham - Vol. 2Auckland165View Images
3-Nov-2021New Collectors & Applied ArtsAuckland21View Images
11-May-2021New Collectors Art, Applied Arts, Modern DesignAuckland225View Images
23-Mar-2021Decorative ArtsAuckland3View Images
23-Feb-2021New Collectors ArtAuckland32View Images
8-Dec-2020Upside Crown: The Paul Hartigan Collection of Crown Lynn Ceramics; Applied ArtsAuckland149View Images
24-Sep-2020New Collectors Art | Modern DesignAuckland186View Images
23-Jun-2020New Collectors Art (Decorative Art lots only)Auckland41View Images
25-Feb-2020Scandinavian DesignAuckland87View Images
24-Sep-2019New Collectors ArtAuckland118View Images
27-Jun-2019New Collectors ArtAuckland39View Images
26-Feb-2019New Collectors ArtAuckland58View Images
25-Oct-2018John Perry Collector & Modern Decorative ArtsAuckland124View Images
25-Jul-201820th Century Design & Studio CeramicsAuckland301View Images
22-Feb-2018The Pat O'Connor Collection of New Zealand Studio PotteryAuckland231View Images
6-Jul-2017The Collection of Ann Coney (Decorative arts lots only)Auckland7View Images
22-Jun-2017The Charlie Saxton Estate Collection of Rugby Memorabilia; Modern Design & Studio CeramicsAuckland301View Images
16-Mar-2017A Private Collection of Contemporary Art & Applied ArtsAuckland36View Images
23-Feb-2017The Mark Wright Collection of TV and Film ToysAuckland275View Images
5-Oct-2016Decorative ArtsAuckland299View Images
8-Sep-2016The Tim & Sherrah Francis CollectionAuckland260View Images
2-Jun-2016Decorative ArtsAuckland268View Images
25-Feb-2016The Simon Manchester Collection of Len Castle CeramicsAuckland143View Images
9-Dec-2015Decorative ArtsAuckland241View Images
2-Sep-2015The Brian F.Baker Vintage Radio Collection; Decorative ArtsAuckland860View Images
4-Jun-2015The Collection of Dame Judith Te Tomairangi o Te Aroha Binney & Sebastian BlackAuckland51View Images
5-Mar-2015The Ron Sang CollectionAuckland128View Images
18-Feb-2015Decorative ArtsAuckland405View Images
10-Dec-2014Rare Toys from the collections of Warwick Henderson and Bob GeerligsAuckland354View Images
22-Oct-2014Nordic DesignAuckland198View Images
7-Oct-2014Asian Art, Modern Design, New Zealand and International Studio Ceramics, Asian & Decorative ArtsAuckland529View Images
26-Jun-2014Ex 23 Archive Collection/The Chester Nealie, Book Fundraising Auction/Furniture And Decorator Items/Ruth Butterworth CollectionAuckland381View Images
21-May-2014Modernism in New ZealandAuckland214View Images
5-Mar-2014Asian Art/Modern Design/Studio Ceramics/Decorative Arts/New Zealand ArtefactsAuckland576View Images
11-Dec-2013Asian Art; Tribal Art & Taonga; Decorative ArtsAuckland375View Images
10-Dec-2013Taxidermy; Modern DesignAuckland199View Images
24-Oct-2013New Zealand & International Studio PotteryAuckland474View Images
9-Jul-2013Asian ArtAuckland411View Images
4-Jul-2013Modern Design / New Zealand and International Studio PotteryAuckland398View Images
7-Mar-2013Modern Design & Decorative ArtsAuckland307View Images
6-Mar-2013Asian ArtAuckland347View Images
6-Dec-2012Maori & Oceanic ArtAuckland176View Images
7-Nov-2012The David Cooke Collection of Fine & Decorative ArtsAuckland319View Images
6-Nov-2012Asian ArtAuckland313View Images
25-Oct-2012The Karakter Collection of 20th Century Modern Design; NZ Ceramics; The Len Castle Estate CollectionAuckland413View Images
24-May-2012Objects and Modern DesignAuckland348View Images
1-Mar-2012The English Collection of 20th and 21st Century DesignAuckland242View Images
29-Feb-2012Asian ArtAuckland209View Images
8-Dec-2011Decorative Arts & DesignAuckland504View Images
13-Oct-2011RugbyAuckland166View Images
6-Sep-2011The Ross Morrison CollectionAuckland223View Images
14-Jul-2011Discovery & Oceanic ArtefactsAuckland341View Images
13-Jul-2011Objects, Modern Design and Decorative ArtsAuckland282View Images
8-Jun-2011The Martin Hill Collection of International and New Zealand CeramicsAuckland206View Images
3-Mar-2011Oceanic Art, The Arts of the Samurai & Asian ArtAuckland271View Images
2-Mar-2011The Douglas Lloyd-Jenkins Collection of Modern Design & Decorator ItemsAuckland456View Images
29-Jun-2010Napoleon's Final DaysAuckland50View Images
13-Dec-2009A Private Auckland CollectionAuckland11View Images
1-May-200820th Century DesignAuckland236View Images
3-May-2007ObjectsAuckland66View Images