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Upcoming Auctions

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Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLots
27/11/2017Fine Jewels & WatchesMelbourne335
28/11/2017International Decorative ArtsMelbourne0
11/12/2017Australian HistoryMelbourne0

Past Auction Lots by Category

Past Auctions by Catalogue

Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLotsLink To
14/11/2017The Stock in Trade from Allpress AntiquesMelbourne244View Images
13/11/2017The Contents of Falls HouseSydney555View Images
22/10/2017The Collection of Martin Copley, AMMelbourne135View Images
20/09/2017The Collection of Dr. & Mrs William GalanosMelbourne269View Images
29/08/2017International Decorative ArtsMelbourne607View Images
28/08/2017Fine Jewels & WatchesMelbourne261View Images
15/08/2017Sporting MemorabiliaMelbourne599View Images
25/07/2017The Contents of Wood Nook FarmMelbourne73View Images
28/06/2017The Denis Joachim Collection, Part II (Art lots only)Melbourne214View Images
25/06/2017The Alan & Margaret Hickinbotham CollectionAdelaide181View Images
18/06/2017The Peterson CollectionBrisbane480View Images
07/06/2017The Colin Davies CollectionSydney179View Images
30/05/2017Australian HistoryMelbourne596View Images
16/05/2017Sporting MemorabiliaMelbourne633View Images
09/05/2017Fine Jewels and WatchesMelbourne175View Images
08/05/2017International Decorative ArtsMelbourne587View Images
02/05/2017The John Cunningham CollectionMelbourne383View Images
23/04/2017The Interior DecoratorSydney220View Images
28/03/2017The Interior DecoratorMelbourne308View Images
21/03/2017The Rodney Davidson CollectionMelbourne295View Images
21/02/2017The Trevor Kennedy Collection of Important Moorcroft and Australian Pottery & PorcelainSydney226View Images
13/02/2017The Lachlan & Kerry Ely Collection of English Ceramics & Decorative ArtsMelbourne463View Images
05/02/2017The Collection of Michael Ball AOSydney399View Images
18/12/2016The Contents of 14 Otway Street, Holland Park, BrisbaneBrisbane172View Images
14/12/2016The Mark Koronowicz CollectionMelbourne163View Images
12/12/2016Fine Chinese Works of Art & CeramicsSydney63View Images
11/12/2016The Raphy Star Collection of Important Asian ArtSydney99View Images
04/12/2016Fine Jewels & WatchesSydney218View Images
08/11/2016International Decorative Arts, Day 3Melbourne277View Images
07/11/2016International Decorative Arts, Day 2Melbourne400View Images
06/11/2016International Decorative Arts, Day 1Melbourne171View Images
30/10/2016International Decorative Arts from Three Private CollectionsSydney325View Images
17/10/2016Australian & Colonial HistoryMelbourne504View Images
09/10/2016The Interior Decorator No. 8Melbourne328View Images
09/10/2016The Frost Collection of Australian & Colonial AntiquesHobart353View Images
19/09/2016Sporting MemorabiliaMelbourne863View Images
30/08/2016Fine Jewels, Watches, Silver & Objet VertuMelbourne295View Images
28/08/2016The Estate of Joy Marchant; The Richard & Sue Gibson CollectionSydney155View Images
21/08/2016The Contents of Prince Albert House, MosmanSydney137View Images
02/08/2016International Decorative Arts, Day 3Melbourne447View Images
01/08/2016International Decorative Arts, Day 2Melbourne435View Images
31/07/2016International Decorative Arts, Day 1Melbourne100View Images
28/06/2016Australian & Colonial History, Including the Suzanne & Chris Morris CollectionMelbourne664View Images
20/06/2016The Denis Joachim Collection, Day 2, PhotographsMelbourne206View Images
05/06/2016A Private Collection of International Decorative ArtsMelbourne162View Images
22/05/2016Interior Decorator No 7Melbourne315View Images
15/05/2016The Estate of Suzanne CecilMelbourne261View Images
10/05/2016Sporting MemorabiliaMelbourne804View Images
03/05/2016Fine Jewels, Watches & Luxury Accessories – Evening SaleMelbourne242View Images
19/04/2016International Decorative Arts, Session 3Melbourne562View Images
18/04/2016International Decorative Arts, Session 2Melbourne578View Images
17/04/2016International Decorative Arts, Session 1Melbourne94View Images
03/04/2016An Important European CollectionMelbourne247View Images
21/03/2016Quarterly Collectors Auction SeriesMelbourne674View Images
28/02/2016The Estate of Jennifer PhippsMelbourne172View Images
21/02/2016The Contents of HurltonBrisbane559View Images
08/02/2016Sporting MemorabiliaMelbourne732View Images
08/12/2015Quarterly Collectors Auction SeriesMelbourne841View Images
22/11/2015The Geoffrey Stillwell CollectionHobart332View Images
17/11/2015The Spring Auction Series, Day 2Melbourne395View Images
16/11/2015Fine Jewels, Watches, Luxury Accessories, Silver & Objects of VertueMelbourne366View Images
09/11/2015Australian & Colonial, Antique & Historical AuctionMelbourne460View Images
08/11/2015The Marvin Hurnall CollectionMelbourne401View Images
02/11/2015The Phar Lap AuctionMelbourne2View Images
25/10/2015The Interior DecoratorMelbourne436View Images
18/10/2015The Barry and Anne Pang Collection (Non art lots only)Melbourne17View Images
22/09/2015Quarterly Collectors Auction, Day 2Melbourne680View Images
21/09/2015Quarterly Collectors Auction, Day 1Melbourne451View Images
07/09/2015Sporting MemorabiliaMelbourne783View Images
01/09/2015The Peter Elliott Collection, Day 3.Sydney502View Images
31/08/2015The Peter Elliott Collection, Day 2.Sydney171View Images
30/06/2015Quarterly Collectors Auction, Day 2Melbourne602View Images
29/06/2015Quarterly Collectors Auction, Day 1Melbourne483View Images
17/06/2015The Autumn Series, Day 2Melbourne325View Images
16/06/2015The Autumn Series, Day 1Melbourne328View Images
15/06/2015Fine Jewels & WatchesMelbourne303View Images
19/05/2015Australian & Colonial, Antique & HistoricalMelbourne483View Images
11/05/2015Quarterly Collectors AuctionMelbourne469View Images
23/04/2015Sporting MemorabiliaMelbourne591View Images
31/03/2015Quarterly Collectors AuctionMelbourne1,044View Images
01/03/2015The Contents of 11 Wyuna Road, Point Piper / Private CollectionSydney255View Images
22/02/2015The Collection of Caressa Crouch & Carl GonsalvesMelbourne496View Images
03/02/2015Sporting Memorabilia AuctionMelbourne612View Images
03/12/2014Quarterly Collectors Auction Series, Day 1Melbourne641View Images
02/12/2014Quarterly Collectors Auction Series, Day 1Melbourne651View Images
18/11/2014The Spring Auction Series, Day 2Melbourne626View Images
17/11/2014The Spring Auction Series, Day 1; Fine Jewels and WatchesMelbourne503View Images
16/11/2014Fine Jewels & WatchesMelbourne255View Images
07/11/2014The Melbourne Cup AuctionMelbourne658View Images
06/11/2014Australian & Colonial – Antique & HistoricalMelbourne479View Images
19/10/2014The Interior DecoratorMelbourne323View Images
14/09/2014Important Single Owner Auction – European Furniture and Decorative ArtsMelbourne368View Images
25/08/2014Quarterly Collectors AuctionMelbourne993View Images
05/08/2014Sporting MemorabiliaMelbourne729View Images
23/07/2014Australian Indigenous & Oceanic Art, Day 2 (tribal lots only)Melbourne29View Images
22/07/2014Australian Indigenous & Oceanic Art, Day 1 (tribal lots only)Melbourne77View Images
17/06/2014The Autumn Auction Series, Day 2Melbourne504View Images
16/06/2014The Autumn Auction Series, Day 1Melbourne357View Images
03/06/2014Australian Antiques & Historical CollectablesMelbourne338View Images
01/06/2014The Contents of Musk Farm, DaylesfordMelbourne367View Images
27/05/2014The Bill & Johneen Tilley CollectionSydney217View Images
25/05/2014The Contents of Rockwall House, featuring the collection of Lilian and John RollasonSydney427View Images
21/05/2014Sporting MemorabiliaMelbourne784View Images
06/05/2014Quarterly Collectors Auction SeriesMelbourne926View Images
04/05/2014The Collection of Warren & Bunty BonythonAdelaide658View Images
13/04/2014Antique & Collectable CamerasMelbourne235View Images
15/03/2014An Important Single Owner Collection of Australian Art & European AntiquesMelbourne0 Prices not yet available
04/03/2014A Private Collection of European & Asian Antiques & ArtMelbourne114View Images
25/02/2014Sporting MemorabiliaMelbourne502View Images
05/02/2014Quarterly Collectors Auction, Day 2Melbourne258View Images
04/02/2014Quarterly Collectors Auction, Day 1Melbourne529View Images
05/12/2013Sporting MemorabiliaMelbourne526View Images
04/12/2013Quarterly Collectors AuctionMelbourne574View Images
19/11/2013The Spring Auction SeriesMelbourne391View Images
22/10/2013The Maritime Collection of Desmond AdcockMelbourne162View Images
15/10/2013The Collection of John and Marita McIntoshMelbourne82View Images
09/09/2013The Relocation AuctionMelbourne237View Images
30/06/2013Margaret Olley - An Artist's LifeSydney290View Images
20/06/2013Mossgreen Melbourne, Autumn Auction Series, Day 2Melbourne204View Images
19/06/2013Autumn Auction Series, Day 1, Incl. Vincent Massa Collection of Fine Chinese CeramicsMelbourne446View Images
16/06/2013The Steven & Jane Wilson CollectionBrisbane63View Images
20/05/2013A Private Collection of Antiques & Decorative ArtsMelbourne497View Images
26/03/2013The Keith Miles CollectionMelbourne85View Images
19/03/2013The Collins Collection of Royal DoultonMelbourne275View Images
19/02/2013Summer Auction SeriesMelbourne629View Images
22/11/2012Chinese and Asian Arts and European AntiquesMelbourne838View Images
18/11/2012The Estate of the Late Leslie Walford AMSydney322View Images
11/11/2012The Ruth and John Clemente CollectionHobart415View Images
01/10/2012The Interior DecoratorMelbourne316View Images
19/08/2012Fine Australian Art, Designer Furniture and Antiques from the Collection of Peter and Divonne Holmes a'CourtSydney459View Images
30/07/2012A Private Collection of Australian Art, Antiques & FurnishingsMelbourne123View Images
18/06/2012Fine Chinese & Asian ArtMelbourne186View Images
28/05/2012Studio Eclectica AuctionSydney281View Images
20/05/2012A Collection from Thomas Hamel Interiors and Martyn Cook AntiquesSydney693View Images
23/04/2012A Collection of Fine International Art & AntiquesMelbourne339View Images
15/04/2012Clarendon House, Evandale, TasmaniaHobart727View Images
25/03/2012The Baragwanath CollectionSydney384View Images
14/03/2012The Estate of the Lyall SinclairMelbourne316View Images
28/02/2012Fine Chinese Art; The Collection of Gordon & Jeanette KingMelbourne102View Images
28/11/2011Fine Australian & International Art including the Cherry Jackaman and Gudrun Meling Collections (Dec. Arts only)Melbourne349View Images
21/11/2011Important Chinese Art and a Private Collection of European Art and AntiquesMelbourne769View Images
07/11/2011The Estate of Ann Lewis (Decorative arts only)Sydney181View Images
23/10/2011The Collection of Leo Schofield at Dysart House, Kempton, TasmaniaHobart581View Images
22/08/2011The August AuctionMelbourne265View Images
15/06/2011Fine International Art & AntiquesMelbourne193View Images
14/06/2011Fine Asian Art, including the Walter Hochstadter CollectionMelbourne618View Images
22/05/2011The Estate of David and Miriam RichMelbourne245View Images
09/05/2011The Roy Francis Ryan Collection, Tamworth NSW Day 2Melbourne238View Images
08/05/2011The Roy Francis Ryan Collection, Tamworth NSW Day 1Melbourne366View Images
27/03/2011The Estate of Len and Olga NettlefoldHobart349View Images
21/02/2011The Robert Doble CollectionMelbourne261View Images
30/11/2010Fine Chinese and Asian Arts and Decorative Arts - Day 2Melbourne807View Images
29/11/2010Fine Chinese and Asian Arts and Decorative Arts - Day 1Melbourne804View Images
16/11/2010Fine Australian Art And The Contents Of DunravenMelbourne188View Images
25/10/2010A Collection of 19th/20th Century & Contemporary Australian Art and Decorative ArtsMelbourne104View Images
30/08/2010The Interior DecoratorSydney652View Images
20/06/2010Contents of Werrington House, Werrington, SydneySydney479View Images
08/06/2010Private Collection from South Australia; Asian Art; Fine Jewellery & Watches; Various VendorsMelbourne518View Images
07/06/2010Private Sydney Collection; Australian & International Art; Contents of Miegunyah; Collection of Late Nigel ReedMelbourne414View Images
31/05/2010Fine Australian and International Art and the Collection of Robert BleakleyMelbourne98View Images
21/03/2010The Interior Decorator AuctionMelbourne754View Images
15/03/2010A Single Owner Collection Of Fine Australian Art, Featuring The Estate Of The Late Dorothy V SheehyMelbourne106View Images
29/11/2009'Australia' Tocal Homestead, Hunter Vallery, NSWSydney300View Images
22/11/2009Fine Australian & International Art & AntiquesMelbourne680View Images
16/11/2009Fine Asian Art and Decorative ArtsMelbourne752View Images
06/10/2009The Estate of the Late Sir David Osborne Hay CBE DSO MBE (MIL)Melbourne139View Images
30/08/2009The Sydney SaleSydney181View Images
14/07/2009The July AuctionMelbourne215View Images
12/07/2009The Scott Collection of John Campbell PotteryMelbourne202View Images
02/06/2009The Collection of Peter Hollick and Helen PattisonMelbourne333View Images
02/03/2009A Private Collection of 18th Century English Furniture and AntiquesMelbourne102View Images
01/03/200920th Century Furniture and Applied ArtsMelbourne95View Images
07/12/2008Fine Colonial Art, Furniture and Decorative arts at Somercotes, Ross, TasmaniaHobart532View Images
25/11/2008The Estate of the Late Graham Cornall; Fine Decorative Arts From Various SourcesMelbourne185View Images
24/11/2008The Estate of the Late William Bowmore OBE; Estate of the Late Dr. B. B. Carrodus; Fine Asian ArtMelbourne567View Images
23/11/2008The Estate of the Late Graham CornallMelbourne350View Images
17/08/2008Fine European & Asian, Decorative Arts, European & Australian ArtSydney471View Images
22/06/2008The Contents of Penhryn, Mount MacedonMelbourne226View Images
03/06/2008The Ivan Holland Collection.Melbourne214View Images
02/06/2008Fine Asian Art, Twentieth Century Design and AntiquesMelbourne639View Images
18/03/2008The Diana Cameron Collection and a Private CollectionHobart248View Images
19/11/2007Fine Asian & European Decorative ArtsMelbourne634View Images
13/08/2007The Property of Mr. & Mrs. Graeme HannanMelbourne96View Images
22/05/2007The Caspian Gallery AuctionSydney234View Images
21/05/2007The Kazari CollectionSydney273View Images
22/04/2007The Collection Of Clifford HockingMelbourne296View Images
17/03/2007The Collection of Dick and Barbie SeddonMelbourne39View Images
26/02/2007The Ray Mitchell and Julian Sterling CollectionsMelbourne591View Images