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Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLotsLink To
1-Aug-2021Special SaleMelbourne305View Images
29-Nov-2020Special SaleMelbourne251View Images
15-Mar-2020Special Sale, Day 2Melbourne396View Images
14-Mar-2020Special Sale, Day 1Melbourne462View Images
7-Apr-2019Special Sale, Day 2Melbourne283View Images
6-Apr-2019Special Sale, Day 1Melbourne363View Images
12-Aug-2018Special Two Day Auction of Fine Antiques and Decorative Arts, Day 2Melbourne211View Images
11-Aug-2018Special Two Day Auction of Fine Antiques and Decorative Arts, Day 1Melbourne367View Images
29-Apr-2018Special Two Day Auction of Fine Antiques and Decorative Arts, Day 2Melbourne170View Images
28-Apr-2018Special Two Day Auction of Fine Antiques and Decorative Arts, Day 1Melbourne338View Images
6-Aug-2017Special Sale, Day 2Melbourne261View Images
5-Aug-2017Special Sale, Day 1Melbourne355View Images
30-Apr-2017The Estate Of A Gentleman together with the Richard Divall AO OBE CollectionMelbourne388View Images
5-Mar-2017Remaining Architectural Fittings from Cliveden Mansion, East MelbourneMelbourne4View Images
11-Dec-2016The Estate of Stanley Crawford StevensMelbourne241View Images
23-Oct-2016Special Sale, Day 2Melbourne288View Images
22-Oct-2016Special Sale, Day 1Melbourne353View Images
7-Aug-2016Estates of Lady Sidney Orme McPherson and her daughter Marion Orme PageMelbourne507View Images
22-May-2016Special Auction, Day 2Melbourne195View Images
21-May-2016Special Auction, Day 1Melbourne329View Images
6-Dec-2015Fine Antiques & Decorative Arts, Day 2Melbourne266View Images
5-Dec-2015Fine Antiques & Decorative Arts, Day 1Melbourne326View Images
16-Aug-2015Special Sale, Day 2.Melbourne404View Images
15-Aug-2015Special Sale, Day 1.Melbourne160View Images
3-May-2015Two Day Special Auction, Day 2Melbourne417View Images
2-May-2015Two Day Special Auction, Day 1Melbourne224View Images
29-Mar-2015The Dr. Peter Brew CollectionMelbourne509View Images
9-Nov-2014Special Weekend Auction.Melbourne537View Images
3-Aug-2014The Estate of Patricia JacksonMelbourne401View Images
20-Jul-2014Special SaleMelbourne515View Images
6-Apr-2014Important Sale of Silver and Antique FurnitureMelbourne501View Images
8-Dec-2013Important collection of Judith Conroy & the late Doctor David ConroyMelbourne315View Images
13-Oct-2013The Spring Art & Antique Auction, including the Estate of Madame Verna GreeneMelbourne488View Images
7-Jul-2013The Roger Bond Collection of Chinese Porcelain and Vintage Rover and Car PartsMelbourne638View Images
28-Apr-2013Special SaleMelbourne523View Images
21-Oct-2012"Swinton", Kew SaleMelbourne381View Images
28-Apr-2012Special SaleMelbourne553View Images
11-Dec-2011Smyth Collection BrightonMelbourne409View Images
4-Dec-2011Fine Furniture and Decorative Arts Sale featuring the Trevor Willey CollectionMelbourne446View Images
3-Dec-2011Peter Mac Foundation BequestMelbourne424View Images
30-Jul-2011Benjamin Bradbury CollectionMelbourne584View Images
27-Mar-2011Special Two Day Antique Auction - Day 2Melbourne305View Images
26-Mar-2011Special Two Day Antique Auction - Day 1Melbourne340View Images
4-Sep-2010Special Two Day Antique AuctionMelbourne664View Images
1-Aug-2010The Adam Galleries SaleMelbourne124View Images
1-May-2010Autumn Special SaleMelbourne803View Images
28-Feb-2010The Holst CollectionMelbourne276View Images
6-Dec-2009Fine Furnishings - The Collection of Mr Barry IlesMelbourne313View Images
6-Sep-2009The Estate of Mrs. Majorie May KingstonMelbourne233View Images
1-Aug-2009Winter Special SaleMelbourne717View Images
4-Apr-2009Autumn Two Day Special SaleMelbourne606View Images
15-Nov-2008Outstanding Antiques and Descorative ArtsMelbourne665View Images
9-Aug-2008Winter Two Day Special SaleMelbourne748View Images
16-Mar-2008Two Day Autumn Special Antique AuctionMelbourne624View Images
28-Oct-2007Special Sale Including Colonial FurnitureMelbourne588View Images