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Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLotsLink To
7-Nov-2023Jewellery, Decorative & Fine ArtsAuckland313View Images
10-Oct-2023Jewellery, Decorative & Fine ArtsAuckland243View Images
9-Oct-2023Ethnographic Art and ArtefactsAuckland149View Images
12-Sep-2023Jewellery, Decorative & Fine Arts AuctionAuckland238View Images
11-Sep-2023Pocket Watch AuctionAuckland207View Images
8-Aug-2023Jewellery, Decorative & Fine Arts AuctionAuckland250View Images
13-Jun-2023Jewellery, Decorative & Fine Arts AuctionAuckland240View Images
16-May-2023Jewellery, Decorative & Fine Arts AuctionAuckland268View Images
18-Apr-2023Jewellery, Decorative & Fine Arts AuctionAuckland290View Images
17-Apr-2023Pocket Watch CollectionAuckland216View Images
14-Mar-2023Jewellery, Decorative & Fine Arts AuctionAuckland240View Images
14-Feb-2023Jewellery, Decorative & Fine Arts AuctionAuckland262View Images
13-Feb-2023Ethnographic Art & ArtefactsAuckland159View Images
6-Dec-2022Jewellery, Decorative & Fine Arts AuctionAuckland335View Images
8-Nov-2022Jewellery, Decorative & Fine Arts AuctionAuckland283View Images
7-Nov-2022Remaining Stock of Tanfield PotteryAuckland200View Images
12-Oct-2022Rebecca Alexander Jewellery CollectionAuckland273View Images
11-Oct-2022Jewellery, Decorative & Fine Arts AuctionAuckland337View Images
13-Sep-2022Jewellery, Fine & Applied ArtAuckland347View Images
12-Sep-2022Tanfield Potter Fine China AuctionAuckland150View Images
16-Aug-2022Jewellery, Fine & Applied ArtAuckland270View Images
20-Jul-2022The Cox Collection. New Zealand Made Jewellery & More, Part IIAuckland129View Images
19-Jul-2022Jewellery, Fine & Applied ArtAuckland365View Images
12-Jul-2022The Gray Collection 19th & 20th Century Decorative Arts, Part IIAuckland175View Images
21-Jun-2022Jewellery, Fine & Applied ArtAuckland340View Images
25-May-2022The Gray Collection 19th & 20th Century Decorative ArtsAuckland190View Images
24-May-2022Antique, Jewellery & Art AuctionAuckland310View Images
27-Apr-2022The Cox Collection. New Zealand Made Jewellery & MoreAuckland154View Images
26-Apr-2022Jewellery, Decorative & Fine ArtsAuckland333View Images
23-Mar-2022Jacquie & Graeme Storm Pottery Collection, Part 2Auckland187View Images
22-Mar-2022Jewellery, Fine & Applied ArtAuckland319View Images
23-Feb-2022Stamp BoxesAuckland325View Images
22-Feb-2022Jewellery, Decorative & Fine ArtsAuckland312View Images
18-Jan-2022Jewellery, Decorative & Fine ArtsAuckland356View Images
7-Dec-2021Toy & Doll Collectors AuctionAuckland131View Images
30-Nov-2021Jewellery, Decorative & Fine ArtsAuckland327View Images
3-Nov-2021Jacquie & Graeme Storm Pottery CollectionAuckland233View Images
2-Nov-2021Jewellery, Decorative & Fine ArtsAuckland303View Images
12-Oct-2021Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland313View Images
10-Aug-2021Jewellery, Decorative & Fine ArtsAuckland380View Images
13-Jul-2021Jewellery, Antique & Fine Arts AuctionAuckland342View Images
15-Jun-2021Jewellery, Decorative & Fine Arts AuctionAuckland322View Images
18-May-2021Jewellery, Decorative & Fine Arts AuctionAuckland338View Images
20-Apr-2021Jewellery, Decorative & Fine Arts AuctionAuckland375View Images
23-Mar-2021Jewellery, Decorative & Fine Arts AuctionAuckland341View Images
23-Feb-2021Jewellery, Antique, Art & Nautical AuctionAuckland371View Images
19-Jan-2021Jewellery, Antique & ArtAuckland377View Images
1-Dec-2020Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland450View Images
3-Nov-2020Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland523View Images
6-Oct-2020Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland362View Images
8-Sep-2020Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland413View Images
4-Aug-2020Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland604View Images
7-Jul-2020Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland551View Images
9-Jun-2020Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland418View Images
25-May-2020The Ngaire Hart Estate CollectionAuckland455View Images
19-May-2020Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland569View Images
25-Feb-2020Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland613View Images
21-Jan-2020Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland504View Images
10-Dec-2019Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland656View Images
12-Nov-2019Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland669View Images
15-Oct-2019Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland658View Images
7-Oct-2019The Guy Ngan Estate AuctionAuckland190View Images
17-Sep-2019Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland599View Images
20-Aug-2019Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland578View Images
23-Jul-2019Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland599View Images
25-Jun-2019Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland823View Images
28-May-2019New Zealand Music, Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland889View Images
30-Apr-2019Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland780View Images
26-Mar-2019Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland718View Images
26-Feb-2019Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland564View Images
22-Jan-2019Jewellery, Antique & Art AuctionAuckland612View Images
4-Dec-2018Antique & Art AuctionAuckland731View Images
6-Nov-2018Antique & Art AuctionAuckland644View Images
9-Oct-2018Antique & Art AuctionAuckland765View Images
11-Sep-2018Antique & Art AuctionAuckland743View Images
14-Aug-2018Antique & Art AuctionAuckland779View Images
17-Jul-2018Antique & Art AuctionAuckland811View Images
19-Jun-2018Antique & Art AuctionAuckland822View Images
22-May-2018Antique & Art AuctionAuckland667View Images
24-Apr-2018Antique & Art AuctionAuckland754View Images
27-Mar-2018Antique & Art AuctionAuckland712View Images
27-Feb-2018Antique & Art AuctionAuckland755View Images
23-Jan-2018Antique & Art AuctionAuckland537View Images
12-Dec-2017Antique & Art AuctionAuckland720View Images
14-Nov-2017Antique & Art AuctionAuckland729View Images
31-Oct-2017The Anneke Borren CollectionAuckland435View Images
17-Oct-2017Antique & Art AuctionAuckland728View Images
19-Sep-2017Antique & Art AuctionAuckland681View Images
22-Aug-2017Antique & Art AuctionAuckland771View Images
25-Jul-2017Antique & Art AuctionAuckland690View Images
27-Jun-2017Antique & Art AuctionAuckland700View Images
30-May-2017Antique & Art AuctionAuckland654View Images
2-May-2017Antique & Art AuctionAuckland642View Images
4-Apr-2017Antique & Art AuctionAuckland709View Images
14-Mar-2017Portobello Antiques & ArtAuckland583View Images
28-Feb-2017Antique & Art AuctionAuckland622View Images
24-Jan-2017Antique & Art AuctionAuckland534View Images
23-Jan-2017Antique & Art AuctionAuckland0 Prices not yet available
6-Dec-2016Antiques & ArtAuckland675View Images
8-Nov-2016Antiques & ArtAuckland1,050View Images
11-Oct-2016Antiques & ArtAuckland676View Images
13-Sep-2016Antiques & ArtAuckland729View Images
16-Aug-2016Antique & Art AuctionAuckland656View Images
19-Jul-2016Antique & Art AuctionAuckland585View Images
5-Jul-2016Special Antique, Art & Firearm AuctionAuckland147View Images
21-Jun-2016Antique & Art AuctionAuckland730View Images
24-May-2016Antique & Art AuctionAuckland974View Images
19-Apr-2016Antique & Art AuctionAuckland816View Images
15-Mar-2016Antique & Art AuctionAuckland655View Images
16-Feb-2016Antique & Art AuctionAuckland643View Images
19-Jan-2016Antique & Art AuctionAuckland503View Images
1-Dec-2015Antiques & Fine ArtAuckland708View Images
3-Nov-2015Antiques & Fine ArtAuckland600View Images
6-Oct-2015Antiques & Fine ArtAuckland686View Images
8-Sep-2015Antiques & Fine ArtAuckland790View Images
11-Aug-2015Antiques & Fine ArtAuckland659View Images
14-Jul-2015Antiques & Fine ArtAuckland765View Images
16-Jun-2015Antiques & Fine ArtAuckland626View Images
19-May-2015Antiques & Fine ArtAuckland649View Images
21-Apr-2015Antiques & Fine ArtAuckland678View Images
24-Mar-2015Antiques & Fine ArtAuckland578View Images
24-Feb-2015Antiques & Fine ArtAuckland545View Images
20-Jan-2015Antiques & Fine ArtAuckland485View Images
2-Dec-2014December Antique & Art AuctionAuckland760View Images
4-Nov-2014November Antique & Art AuctionAuckland816View Images
7-Oct-2014October Antique & Art AuctionAuckland585View Images
9-Sep-2014September Antique & Art AuctionAuckland671View Images
12-Aug-2014August Antique & Art AuctionAuckland566View Images
15-Jul-2014July Antique, Art & Militaria AuctionAuckland660View Images
17-Jun-2014June Antiques & Art AuctionAuckland707View Images
20-May-2014May Antiques & Art AuctionAuckland713View Images
15-Apr-2014April Antique & Art AuctionAuckland563View Images
18-Mar-2014March Antique & Art AuctionAuckland627View Images
18-Feb-2014February Antique & Art AuctionAuckland537View Images
21-Jan-2014January Antique & Art AuctionAuckland525View Images
3-Dec-2013Antiques & Fine ArtAuckland808View Images
5-Nov-2013November Art & Antique AuctionAuckland756View Images
8-Oct-2013October Art and Antique AuctionAuckland598View Images
10-Sep-2013September Art and Antique AuctionAuckland814View Images
13-Aug-2013August Art and Antiques AuctionAuckland641View Images
16-Jul-2013July Art and Antiques Auction, including the Doug & Joy Redmond Collection Part 2Auckland797View Images
18-Jun-2013June Art and Antiques Auction, including the Doug & Joy Redmond Collection Part IAuckland827View Images
21-May-2013May Art and Antiques AuctionAuckland645View Images
23-Apr-2013April Art and Antiques AuctionAuckland733View Images
26-Mar-2013March Art and Antiques AuctionAuckland806View Images
26-Feb-2013February Art and Antiques AuctionAuckland671View Images
22-Jan-2013January Art and Antiques AuctionAuckland558View Images
4-Dec-2012December Art and Antique AuctionAuckland910View Images
6-Nov-2012November Art & Antique AuctionAuckland856View Images
9-Oct-2012October Art and Antique AuctionAuckland777View Images
11-Sep-2012September Art and Antique AuctionAuckland771View Images
14-Aug-2012August Art and Antique AuctionAuckland760View Images
17-Jul-2012July Art & Antiques AuctionAuckland849View Images
19-Jun-2012June Art & Antiques AuctionAuckland842View Images
22-May-2012May Art & Antiques AuctionAuckland731View Images
24-Apr-2012April Art & Antiques AuctionAuckland823View Images
27-Mar-2012March Art & Antique AuctionAuckland713View Images
28-Feb-2012February Art & Antique AuctionAuckland719View Images
24-Jan-2012January Art and Antiques AuctionAuckland602View Images
6-Dec-2011December Art and Antiques AuctionAuckland742View Images
8-Nov-2011November Art and Antique AuctionAuckland736View Images
11-Oct-2011October Art and Antique AuctionAuckland807View Images
13-Sep-2011September Art and Antique AuctionAuckland728View Images
16-Aug-2011August Art and Antique AuctionAuckland796View Images
19-Jul-2011July Art and Antique AuctionAuckland738View Images
21-Jun-2011June Art & Antique AuctionAuckland767View Images
24-May-2011May Art and Antique AuctionAuckland580View Images
19-Apr-2011April Art and Antique AuctionAuckland732View Images
22-Mar-2011March Art & Antique AuctionAuckland858View Images
22-Feb-2011February Antique & Art AuctionAuckland593View Images
25-Jan-2011January Antique & Art AuctionAuckland576View Images
7-Dec-2010December Antiques & Art AuctionAuckland801View Images
9-Nov-2010November Art & Antique AuctionAuckland659View Images
12-Oct-2010October Antique AuctionAuckland796View Images
14-Sep-2010September Antique AuctionAuckland820View Images
17-Aug-2010August Antique AuctionAuckland756View Images
20-Jul-2010July Antique AuctionAuckland678View Images
22-Jun-2010June Antique & Art AuctionAuckland783View Images
25-May-2010May Antique AuctionAuckland681View Images
27-Apr-2010April Antique AuctionAuckland756View Images
9-Mar-2010March Antique AuctionAuckland804View Images
27-May-2008Fine & Applied Art AuctionAuckland168View Images