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Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLotsLink To
26-Nov-2023Estate & CollectorSydney432 Prices not yet available
8-Oct-2023Ken Hands, Cultural Heritage CollectionSydney227View Images
9-Jul-2023Art & Indigenous, Asian Antiques, Fine Arts, JewellerySydney287View Images
21-May-2023Estate & Collector, Session ISydney408View Images
20-May-2023Estate & Collector, Session ISydney67View Images
7-Dec-2022Christmas Fine ArtsSydney276View Images
9-Oct-2022Treasures of Leuralla: Contents of Leuralla Toy & Railway Museum, Session IISydney308View Images
8-Oct-2022Treasures of Leuralla: Contents of Leuralla Toy & Railway Museum, Session ISydney182View Images
3-Jul-2022Sunday Art Online (Ceramics and Posters only)Sydney28View Images
16-Mar-2022Estate & Collector: – Session 2 – Asian & Decorative Arts, Silver & JewellerySydney419View Images
13-Mar-2022Estate & Collector: Session 1 – Australian & International Art, Tribal Arts, War PostersSydney112View Images
24-Oct-2021Estate & CollectorSydney239View Images
15-Aug-2021Australian & International ArtSydney7View Images
11-Jul-2021Estate & CollectorSydney322View Images
16-May-2021Australian & International ArtSydney7View Images
21-Mar-2021Estate & CollectorSydney391View Images
18-Oct-2020Estate & CollectorSydney336View Images
17-Oct-2020The Willem Kok Collection of Tribal and Asian Arts, and Edged WeaponsSydney570View Images
24-May-2020Estate & CollectorSydney516View Images
17-Nov-2019Estate & CollectorSydney298View Images
16-Nov-2019Estate & CollectorSydney32View Images
15-Sep-2019Estate & CollectorSydney533View Images
14-Sep-2019Estate of the Late Brian MurraySydney344View Images
21-Jul-2019Australian & International ArtSydney25View Images
2-Jun-2019Estate & CollectorSydney372View Images
9-Dec-2018Christmas EmporiumSydney468View Images
23-Sep-2018Estate & CollectorSydney315View Images
24-Jun-2018Estate & CollectorSydney415View Images
25-Feb-2018Estate & CollectorSydney307View Images
22-Oct-2017Estate & CollectorSydney254View Images
4-Jun-2017Estate & CollectorSydney441View Images
30-Apr-2017Australian & International Art (Ceramics lots only)Sydney27View Images
12-Feb-2017Estate of the late Tom MathiesonSydney158View Images
23-Oct-2016Estate & CollectorSydney670View Images
7-Aug-2016Estate & CollectorSydney487View Images
15-May-2016Estate & CollectorSydney414View Images
21-Feb-2016Estate & CollectorSydney474View Images
8-Nov-2015Estate & CollectorSydney520View Images
16-Aug-2015Estate & CollectorSydney476View Images
23-May-2015Estate & CollectorSydney474View Images
21-Feb-2015Estate & CollectorSydney594View Images
8-Nov-2014Estate & CollectorSydney505View Images
1-Oct-2014Estate of Lewis MorleySydney67View Images
2-Aug-2014Estate & Collector incl. Late David Spode CollectionSydney1,064View Images
17-May-2014Estate & CollectorSydney495View Images
15-Feb-2014Estate & Collector, Featuring Neville Cayley & AustralianaSydney440View Images
30-Nov-2013Estate and Collector AuctionSydney510View Images
26-Oct-2013Australian & International Art (Ceramics only)Sydney13View Images
29-Sep-2013Estate of the Late Nicholas PackhamSydney495View Images
24-Aug-2013Estate & Collector AuctionSydney283View Images
13-Jul-2013Estate & Collector AuctionSydney279View Images
13-Apr-2013Pictures, Fine Arts, Silver & JewellerySydney422View Images
23-Feb-2013Estate & Collector SaleSydney539View Images
20-Oct-2012Fine & Decorative Arts, Silver & JewellerySydney492View Images
8-Sep-2012Australian & International Art (Ceramics only)Sydney8View Images
4-Aug-2012Fine & Decorative Arts, Silver & Jewellery, incl. Affordable PicturesSydney591View Images
19-May-2012Fine & Decorative Arts, Silver & JewellerySydney633View Images
25-Feb-2012Fine & Decorative ArtsSydney710View Images
29-Oct-2011Fine & Decorative Arts, including Australian PotterySydney696View Images
30-Jul-2011Fine Arts, Affordable Pictures & JewellerySydney713View Images
7-May-2011Fine Arts & JewellerySydney444View Images
12-Feb-2011Fine Arts, Pictures & Jewellery, Including an Important Deceased EstateSydney686View Images
16-Oct-2010Fine Antique Oriental Wares, Silver & Jewellery, Pictures, Medals, Dec ArtsSydney624View Images
24-Jul-2010Tribal Artefacts and Tribal ArtSydney508View Images
24-Apr-2010Fine & Decorative ArtsSydney418View Images
13-Mar-2010Fine Art and BooksSydney43View Images
6-Feb-2010AustralianaSydney85View Images
12-Dec-2009End of Year CollectionSydney543View Images
26-Sep-2009Fine Arts, Furniture & Pictures, Silver & Jewellery, Tribal & MilitariaSydney655View Images
4-Jul-2009Fine Arts, Oriental & Russian Antiques, Silver & Jewellery, Affordable PicturesSydney581View Images
4-Apr-2009Fine Arts (including Russian Antiques)Sydney605View Images
13-Dec-2008End of Year CollectionSydney845View Images
18-Oct-2008Australiana, Oriental & EstateSydney634View Images
9-Aug-2008Oriental Arts, Colonial and Cedar FurnitureSydney359View Images
17-May-2008Decorative Pictures & CollectablesSydney392View Images
19-Apr-2008Quality Porcelain & Glass, Furniture, Oriental Wares & AustralianaSydney473View Images
9-Feb-2008AustralianaSydney219View Images