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Upcoming Auctions

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Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLots
3-Dec-2023A Connoisseur’s Collection Of Hiroe Swen Pottery: A Pristine Selection of 34 Pieces Dating from 1974-2018Sydney34
4-Dec-2023Fine Jewellery, Watches and Luxury DesignSydney206
5-Dec-2023Fine Jewellery, Watches & Luxury Design, Session IISydney303

Past Auction Lots by Category

Past Auctions by Catalogue

Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLotsLink To
25-Oct-2023An Important Collection of Peter Travis Pottery from the Estate of Professor Graeme W Clarke AOSydney89View Images
24-Oct-2023Art, Design & ClassicsSydney242View Images
22-Aug-2023Fine Jewellery, Watches and Luxury Design, Session IISydney227View Images
21-Aug-2023Fine Jewellery, Watches and Luxury Design, Session ISydney195View Images
8-Aug-2023From the Collection of Ben Stoner AntiquesSydney217View Images
25-Jul-202320.21C DesignSydney267View Images
9-May-2023Fine Jewellery, Watches, and Luxury Design, Session IISydney257View Images
8-May-2023Fine Jewellery, Watches, and Luxury Design, Session ISydney272View Images
19-Apr-2023Australian Studio CeramicsSydney161View Images
4-Apr-2023Fine Furniture, Silver, Asian and Decorative ArtsSydney380View Images
21-Feb-2023100 Years of DesignSydney219View Images
7-Dec-2022The Buckle Collection of a North Shore LadySydney50View Images
6-Dec-2022Fine Jewellery, Watches and Luxury Design, Session II,Sydney344View Images
5-Dec-2022Fine Jewellery, Watches and Luxury Design, Session ISydney232View Images
26-Oct-202220.21C Design, Session IISydney111View Images
25-Oct-202220.21C Design, Session ISydney173View Images
15-Sep-202220C Scandinavian DesignSydney127View Images
24-Aug-2022Fine Jewellery, Watches and Luxury Design - Including a Significant Estate Collection of Hermes, Session IISydney165View Images
23-Aug-2022Fine Jewellery, Watches and Luxury Design - Including a Significant Estate Collection of Hermes, Session ISydney215View Images
26-Jul-2022A Private Collection of Versace and Roberto Cavalli Furniture; Private Collection of French Provincial and English Country FurnitureSydney197View Images
8-Jun-2022Furniture and Decorative ArtsSydney129View Images
7-Jun-2022Fine Furniture, Silver, Paintings, Asian and Decorative ArtsSydney222View Images
28-Apr-2022Luxury DesignSydney237View Images
27-Apr-2022Fine Jewellery, Watches, and Luxury DesignSydney310View Images
18-Apr-202220.21C Furnishings From A Point Piper HouseSydney60View Images
29-Mar-202220/21C Art and DesignSydney312View Images
22-Feb-2022The Robert Hutchinson Collection of AustralianaSydney222View Images
7-Dec-2021Fine Jewellery, Watches and Luxury DesignSydney388View Images
2-Dec-2021Fine Furniture and Decorative Arts, Including The Russell Brooks Collection of Early Blue and White SpodeSydney262View Images
1-Dec-2021Traditional Furniture, Silver and Asian Arts Including Regency Furniture from the Collection of Dr. Henry Mackellar MichelmoreSydney160View Images
19-Oct-202120.21C Design Including a Significant Collection of Hermannsburg PotterySydney165View Images
31-Aug-202120.21C Design - Timed Online AuctionSydney303View Images
29-Jun-2021Fine Furniture, Paintings, Silver & Decorative ArtsSydney276View Images
27-Apr-2021Fine Jewellery, Luxury Design and WatchesSydney347View Images
2-Mar-202120.21C Art + DesignSydney279View Images
8-Dec-2020Fine Jewellery, Watches and Luxury Design / Fine Furniture, Silver, Decorative ArtsSydney639View Images
4-Nov-2020Private Collection of Fine Art, Design, Industrial Antiques from a Warehouse Home - OnlineSydney117View Images
18-Oct-202020.21C Art + DesignSydney361View Images
25-Aug-2020Elegant Couture, Luxury Design, Fine Jewellery and AntiquesSydney144View Images
9-Aug-2020Property From The Estates of Martyn Cook, Judith Hoyle and Andrew Pratten, Artworks and Statuary from The Hermitage, VaucluseSydney477View Images
19-Jul-2020A Significant Collection of Japanese Couture | Including Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des GarconsSydney118View Images
23-Jun-2020Fine Jewellery, Watches & Luxury DesignSydney233View Images
12-May-202020.21C Design - OnlineSydney302View Images
5-Apr-2020The Contents of the Historic Homestead 'Wollogorang', Goulburn - OnlineSydney362View Images
23-Feb-2020Traditional Furniture, Silver, Paintings and Decorative Arts Including a Significant Collection of Asian ArtsSydney348View Images
10-Dec-2019Fine Jewellery and Luxury Design Including Silver and WatchesSydney290View Images
8-Dec-201920.21C Art+DesignSydney213View Images
1-Oct-2019Furniture and Artworks From Bronte House and Wattle Ridge Farm The Homes of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew HandburySydney191View Images
27-Aug-2019Bob Hawke and Blanche d’Alpuget Mementos Curiosities Art and Design CollectionSydney180View Images
9-Jul-201920.21C Art + DesignSydney278View Images
18-Jun-2019Fine Jewellery & Luxury DesignSydney346View Images
7-May-2019Fine Furniture, Silver, Asian and Decorative ArtsSydney280View Images
5-Mar-201920.21C Art & DesignSydney236View Images
5-Dec-2018Fine Furniture, Paintings, Silver, Asian and Decorative ArtsSydney306View Images
23-Oct-2018Fine Jewellery & Luxury DesignSydney384View Images
26-Sep-2018French Art Deco & Post War DesignSydney195View Images
31-Jul-201820.21C Art and DesignSydney183View Images
8-Jul-2018The Contents of St Aubins House, SconeSydney341View Images
19-Jun-2018Fine Furniture, Silver, Asian and Decorative ArtsSydney355View Images
15-May-2018Ray Hughes, A Life With Art (Dec arts lots only)Sydney192View Images
10-Apr-2018Fine Jewellery & Luxury DesignSydney457View Images
27-Feb-201820.21C Design; Including a Gentelman's Collection of Modern Lalique and French art GlassSydney336View Images
12-Dec-2017Fine Furniture, Silver, Asian and Decorative ArtsSydney424View Images
12-Nov-2017The Contents of the Head Keeper's CottageSydney231View Images
17-Oct-2017Fine Jewellery & Luxury DesignSydney439View Images
19-Sep-201720.21C Design; Contemporary ArtSydney287View Images
20-Jun-2017Fine Furniture, Paintings, Silver, Asian & Decorative ArtsSydney475View Images
14-May-2017The Contents of Markdale, Binda, NSWSydney317View Images
27-Apr-2017Luxury Design; Fine JewellerySydney280View Images
28-Mar-201720C Art & DesignSydney176View Images
28-Feb-201720.21C Design | Contemporary ArtSydney257View Images
6-Dec-2016Fine Silver and Asian ArtSydney262View Images
25-Oct-2016Fine Jewellery and Luxury DesignSydney373View Images
20-Sep-201620.21C Art and Design | Contemporary ArtSydney283View Images
26-Jul-2016Fine Jewellery, Silver, Furniture, Decorative and Asian ArtSydney408View Images
21-Jun-2016An Important Collection of Moorcroft Pottery From The Estate of Mary SmartSydney152View Images
27-Apr-201620/21C DesignSydney181View Images
22-Mar-2016Fine Jewellery & Luxury DesignSydney272View Images
9-Feb-2016Fine Furniture, Paintings, Silver, Asian ArtsSydney347View Images
10-Nov-201520/21C Art and DesignSydney259View Images
20-Oct-2015Fine Jewellery & Luxury DesignSydney315View Images
26-Jul-2015Fine Furniture, Paintings, Decorative and Asian ArtsSydney445View Images
16-Jun-201520/21C Art and DesignSydney256View Images
19-May-2015Fine Jewellery and Luxury DesignSydney297View Images
22-Mar-2015Fine Furniture, Paintings, Decorative and Asian Art; The Mackay Collection of Australian PotterySydney491View Images
18-Nov-201420/21C Art & DesignSydney307View Images
15-Oct-2014Traditional Art & Design including Asian Art; Fine Jewellery and Luxury DesignSydney459View Images
30-Jul-201420/21 Century Art and DesignSydney195View Images
16-Jun-2014Fine Silver, Jewellery & Luxury DesignSydney278View Images
15-Jun-2014Fine Jewellery and Luxury Design; Traditional Art & DesignSydney166View Images
2-Apr-201420/21 Century Art and Design; Aust. & International Ceramics & GlassSydney250View Images
8-Dec-201320/21C DesignSydney194View Images
30-Oct-2013Traditional Art & Design, including the Orlando Brown CollectionSydney506View Images
15-Sep-2013Fine Jewellery and Luxury DesignSydney283View Images
7-Aug-201320C Art & DesignSydney144View Images
17-Jun-2013Traditional Art & DesignSydney257View Images
10-Apr-2013Fine Jewellery 20/21C Art & DesignSydney363View Images
10-Mar-2013Traditional Art & DesignSydney349View Images
9-Dec-201220/21C Art and DesignSydney214View Images
17-Oct-2012Fine Jewellery and Luxury DesignSydney272View Images
23-Sep-2012Emporium AuctionSydney419View Images
24-Jun-2012Fine Jewellery and Vintage Couture, 20/21 Century Design & Specialist Print AuctionSydney595View Images
17-Jun-2012The Entire Vintage Collection From Great Dane FurnitureSydney122View Images
9-May-2012The Barbara Sheridan Donnay and the late Gilbert J. Donnay CollectionSydney440View Images
4-Mar-2012Art & DesignSydney287View Images
3-Dec-2011Three Centuries of Art & DesignSydney405View Images
16-Oct-2011Traditional & Asian Decorative Arts; Fine Jewellery & Vintage CoutureSydney530View Images
15-Sep-2011A Gentleman’s Collection of English Silver, Traditional & Dec ArtsSydney103View Images
17-Aug-201120/21 C DesignSydney150View Images
8-Jun-2011Emporium: 18th, 19th & 20th Century designSydney405View Images
11-May-2011Fine Jewellery and Vintage Couture.Sydney324View Images
13-Mar-2011Post War Design - Lucas Callaghan CollectionSydney537View Images
21-Feb-2011Three EstatesSydney208View Images
7-Dec-2010Art & Design 1880-1980Sydney226View Images
27-Oct-2010Three Centuries Of Art And DesignSydney197View Images
26-Oct-2010The Mount Collection - Art & Design from Homes of Sally and Duncan MountSydney211View Images
26-Jul-201020/21 Century Art & Design, Vintage Couture and AccessoriesSydney135View Images
24-May-2010Traditional Furniture and Decorative ArtsSydney280View Images
22-Mar-201020/21 Century DesignSydney107View Images
7-Dec-2009Traditional Paintings, Furniture and Decorative ArtsSydney159View Images
2-Nov-2009Fine Estate And Vintage Costume Jewellery / Vintage Couture And AccessoriesSydney362View Images
1-Nov-2009Australian Studio Ceramics, Art And Design 20/21 C DesignSydney249View Images
30-Aug-2009Traditional Furniture, Paintings And Decorative ArtsSydney194View Images
19-Jul-2009Australian and International CeramicsSydney183View Images
28-Jun-200920/21C DesignSydney131View Images
5-Apr-2009Traditional DesignSydney173View Images
7-Dec-200820/21 Century Design; Collectables, Toys, Dolls, Sporting Memorabilia, and PostersSydney475View Images
26-Nov-2008The William F. Bradshaw Collection, 19th Century American Furniture and Decorative ArtsSydney45View Images
19-Nov-2008Australian Studio CeramicsSydney119View Images
24-Sep-2008Two Day Estate Auction, Day 2Sydney233View Images
23-Sep-2008Two Day Estate Auction, Day 1Sydney342View Images
23-Jul-2008Sottsass Memphis Milan Selling ExhibitionSydney68View Images
21-May-2008Traditional Design, Asian Australian and European Decorative Arts and Fine FurnitureSydney287View Images
19-May-2008British And European Silver Collection Of Arms And ArmourSydney430View Images
11-May-200820th Century Design and Vintage PostersSydney211View Images
4-Dec-200720th Century & Traditional DesignSydney155View Images
21-Oct-2007Australian IconsSydney242View Images
22-Jul-2007Australian Pottery; Winter Art & DesignSydney352View Images
25-Mar-200720th Century And Traditional DesignSydney131View Images
6-Dec-200620th Century and Traditional DesignSydney202View Images
18-Sep-200620th Century And Traditional DesignSydney181View Images
22-May-2006Autumn CollectionSydney216View Images
27-Nov-2005Summer CollectionSydney204View Images
25-Oct-2005Modern + ContemporarySydney291View Images