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An important excavated bronze…

Sale Title:Fine Asian Art, Twentieth Century Design and Antiques
Auction House:Mossgreen Auctions
Auction Location:Melbourne
Date: 02/06/2008
Lot No.  ***
Description:An important excavated bronze vessel, the Shan Fu Liang Qi Gui, late Western Zhou, 9th/8th century BC, with a good original patina, the interior and inside of the cover cast with a thirty-three character inscription, translated by Dr Barnard as follows: I the Shan Fu Officer, Liang Qi, have made(for) my august. Deceased father, Hui Chung, and august deceased mother, Hui Yi, (this) honoured Gui-tureen to be employed in offerings(commemorative of) filial piety, (to be employed in) prayers for a vigorous old age - an old age without limit. A hundred(births=) Sons(and) A thousand grandsons-Sons and grandsons-for ever value and employ(it) in sacrifice. Height 25.1 cm. Diameter 20.1 cm (at mouth).
Estimate: ***
Price: ***
Category: Oriental — Bronze
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