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A rare Imperial gilt bronze…

Sale Title:The Ray Mitchell and Julian Sterling Collections
Auction House:Mossgreen Auctions
Auction Location:Melbourne
Date: 26/02/2007
Lot No.  ***
Description:A rare Imperial gilt bronze figure of the Bodhisattva Padmapani, Xuande mark and period, (1426-1435), seated on a double lotus base in lalitasana, his right hand in varada mudra, the left in vitarka mudra, both sprouting lotuses that bloom at his shoulders, wearing a Crown and jewellery, sealed 25.5 cm, Estimate on request, Literature: see: Von Schroeder, Buddhist sculptures in Tibet, Vol. 2, #359C, p 1283; also: Buddhist Images in gilt metal, Chang Foundation, Taipei, cat no's 48; 50 and 65, for other related examples; also: Visions of Enlightenment, the Speelman collection of important early Ming Buddhist Bronzes, Sotheby's Hk, 7th Oct 2006, lot 813, for a very similar example
Estimate: ***
Price: ***
Category: Oriental — Bronze
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