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McKenzies Auctioneers
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Numismatics, Stamps & Scrip
*** The Millennium coin collection 8 proof, gold coins, 10.021g, 99.99% gold. Diameter 2.5 cm each 16 proof, silver coins, 31.635g, 99.99% silver. Diameter 40..5 cm each. Released as a limited edition by the Perth and Royal Australian Mints. This set, number 1862/3000 coins designed by Stuart Devlin, Goldsmith and Jeweller to the Queen (Born Geelong 1931) presentation box in WA timbers, by Glen Holst, issue price in 2000 was $5,995 ***
*** The Australian nugget 1991 Proof Issue, issued by Perth mint limited edition set, 1oz .9999 gold $100 coin, 1/2oz .9999 gold $50 coin, 1/4oz .9999 gold $25 coin, 1/10oz .9999 gold $15 coin, 1/20oz .9999 gold $5 coin ***
*** Jack Sue's silk Jungle Pyjamas made from their 'Z' parachutes, these pieces of clothing were simply 'One Size Fits All'. These pyjamas were handmade and stitched from within the jungle hideouts in the Jambongan area by Madam Cheong Kau Kan, a local field nurse with the Chinese Underground post war, Madam Cheong became famous for her hand sewing projects They are in remarkable, well preserved condition ***
*** Order of St. Michael and St. George (GCMG), together with Knights Grand Cross (KCMG), with ribbon and fitted box, by Garrard & Co Ltd, London Goldsmiths and Jewellers to the King ***
*** Jack Sue's Sarong made in the jungle hideout near Lokopas by Madam Cheong Kau Kan from Z special parachutes ***
*** 1932 Commonwealth of Australia one pound banknote, pre decimal. Signed: Riddle Sheehan (thin). Cat: R27b. Grade: See certificate. ***
*** An album Australian pre decimal silver coins, complete set of Florins, plus 1937 & 1938 Crowns, Also 4 bonus Obverse Florins, well balance set 1910 to 1934, mostly G fine to VF, 1935 to 1964 mostly E.F to CH. Unc ***
*** 1927 George V one pound note Commonwealth of Australia: pre decimal. Signed: Riddle Heathershaw. Cat: R26 Unc. Grade: See certificate. ***
*** Donovan & Overland medallion. 15ct rose gold oval medal with central pierced letters EPFC within an engraved border 'Eighth Life Honorary Member 5.5.1921'. Weight 6.5grams ***
*** A South Australian 18ct gold medallion, the Joseph Fisher Faculty of Commerce medal Awarded from the University of Adelaide and engraved 'Richard Bunbury Dawbarn 1930', with fitted case. Diameter 38mm; weight 36grams. Note: Joseph Fisher (1834-1907) Accountant and Parliamentarian, South Australia ***
*** 1936 George V, ten shilling note, Commonwealth of Australia: pre decimal. Signed: Riddle Sheehan. Cat: R11 Unc. Grade: See certificate. ***
*** 1949 George VI, ten shilling notes, Consecutive pair Commonwealth of Australia: pre decimal. Signed: Coombe Watt. Cat: R14 Unc. Pair. Grade: See certificate. ***
*** 1979 Sesquicentennial Celebrations coin, a limited edition medallion struck by the Perth mint, 150 years of settlement in Western Australia, diameter 27mm. Thickness 2mm. Weight 21 grams, contains.999 pure gold ***
*** i) 1879 Victoria full gold Sovereign Melbourne mint, young head weight 7.9gm, 22ct i) 1880 Victoria full gold Sovereign Melbourne mint, young head weight 7.9gm, 22ct ***
*** 1915 Gallipoli campaign 10 Shillings Overprinted Banknote Serial number 096268. Note: to facilitate transactions during the Dardenelles campaign in World War 1 a number of English 10 Shilling and 1 pound notes were overprinted by the British Government in Arabic These notes were used by ANZACs fighting at Gallipoli and are sometimes found in belongings of soldiers who returned from this epic struggle against the Turks ***
*** 1933 George V one pound note Commonwealth of Australia: pre decimal. Signed: Riddle Sheehan. Cat: R28 aUnc/Unc. Grade: See certificate. ***