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Sculpture/Statuary — McKenzies Auctioneers


Auction House:McKenzies Auctioneers
Number of lots recorded:16
Lots with images:15
Prices available:16

*** Sir Edgar Bertram Mackennal (1863 and 1931) 'Vesta' c. 1900 patinated bronze on marble base signed 'Mackennal' on base. Height 22.5 cm (figure) ***
*** Owen Davies (b, 1961) Mermaid and two Cobras, lost wax cast bronze, together with a cut limestone plinth Height: 89 cm (bronze only) ***
*** An alabaster and marble bust of a girl likely, Italian c.1880. Height 35 cm ***
*** An alabaster carving of a woman and winged cherub, c.1900 'Sogno Di Sposa' incised on the front of the plinth signed on the reverse, 'Luigi Ouzalesi, Scultore, Pisa'. Height 46 cm. Plus a short marble plinth ***
*** Marble and alabaster bust of a Breton girl, set upon a green marble base ***
*** A carved oak panel of a mining scene, c.1940's, signed with monogram 'GW' depicting underground coal miners. Height 51 cm. Length 63.5 cm. Depth 7.5 cm ***
*** A pair of Blackamoore figures, modelled as boys holding aloft 6 light candelabras (electrified), each standing on a plinth. Total. Height 202 cm ***
*** Bronze, Francisque Joseph Duret (1804-1865), 'The Wine Harverster's Comic Improvisation', mid 19th century, with dark patination, signed 'F Duret' in cast, French foundry mark stamped: 'Delafontaine'. Height 43 cm ***
*** Pair carved Italian greyhound statues, mid 20th century, carved wood and painted decoration, manufactured Florence, with makers label. Height 77 cm *** N/A 
*** Artist Unknown, a cast bronze sculpture of a miner. Height 48 cm. Width 78 cm ***
*** Three South African Wildlife Bronzes by Donald Greig (b.1959) i) lion Trafalgar, manufactured 2005, Le 11/20 length: 31 cm; height 13 cm ii) elephant, manufactured 2006, Le 5/100 length: 28 cm; height 14.5 cm iii) leopard, manufactured 2006, Le 23/50 length: 28.5 cm; height 10 cm ***
*** Carved ivory figure of a French monarch, 19th century, depicting a French aristocrat dressed in courtly attire, with possession of an orb upon an ovular plinth base. Height 29.5 cm ***
*** A carved wood Balinese dancer sculpture, mid 20th century, by FA pan Akus of Bali, signed under base. Note: FA pan Akus is a noted master carver in Bali. Height 114.5 cm. Provenance:. Presented as a gift by President of Indonesia, to lady. Hasluck, wife of Sir Paul Hasluck, who had been. Minister for external Affairs from 1964-1969 and Governor-General of Australia from 1969-1974.… ***
*** Pair bronze neoclassical style figures, c.1900, patinated bronze finish, a fine pair of cast bronze figures depicting Greek or, Roman style subjects, mounted on marble plinth bases. Height 40 cm & 43 cm ***
*** Sevres parian ware figure group 'Diane Au Bain', late 19th century, bisque porcelain, depicting a semi draped central figure of Diana the, huntress, with three nymphs and two hounds, by her side, stamped with 'Sevres' impressed mark to base verso. Height 38 cm ***
*** Art Deco marble tiger figure group, c.1920's, Continental, depicting two tigers play fighting. Length 62 cm. Height 32 cm ***

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