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24/10/2016Fine Antique Furniture & CollectablesAdelaide0

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Auction DateAuction TitleLocationLotsLink To
19/09/2016Fine Antique Furniture & CollectablesAdelaide455View Images
15/08/2016Evening Antique AuctionAdelaide390View Images
18/07/2016Evening Auction of Fine Antique Furniture & CollectablesAdelaide464View Images
20/06/2016Evening Auction of Fine Antique Furniture and CollectablesAdelaide509View Images
16/05/2016Evening Antique AuctionAdelaide445View Images
21/03/2016Evening Antique AuctionAdelaide442View Images
15/02/2016Evening Antique AuctionAdelaide424View Images
14/12/2015Evening Antique AuctionAdelaide521View Images
09/11/2015Oriental & South East Asian Fine ArtAdelaide427View Images
19/10/2015Fine Antiques & CollectablesAdelaide435View Images
10/08/2015Evening Antique AuctionAdelaide403View Images
13/07/2015Evening Antique AuctionAdelaide521View Images
15/06/2015Antique Furniture and Fine CollectablesAdelaide392View Images
18/05/2015Evening Antique AuctionAdelaide468View Images
13/04/2015Evening Antique AuctionAdelaide625View Images
30/03/2015Natural History AuctionAdelaide146View Images
10/03/2015Evening Antique AuctionAdelaide492View Images
09/02/2015Antique Furniture and Fine CollectablesAdelaide535View Images
15/12/2014Antiques & CollectablesAdelaide601View Images
17/11/2014Antique Furniture and Fine CollectablesAdelaide635View Images
20/10/2014Evening Antique AuctionAdelaide408View Images
22/09/2014Evening Antique AuctionAdelaide458View Images
25/08/2014Antique Furniture, Fine Collectables and MaritimeAdelaide368View Images
28/07/2014Antique Furniture and Fine Collectables including a collection of fine Royal Worcester PorcelainAdelaide543View Images
30/06/2014Fine Antique Furniture, Collectables and Works of ArtAdelaide437View Images
27/05/2014Taxidermy - Deceased EstateAdelaide111View Images
26/05/2014Antique French Furniture and Fine CollectablesAdelaide400View Images
28/04/2014Evening Antique Auction incl. Estate of Peter LiascosAdelaide482View Images
24/03/2014Fine Antique Furniture, Collectables and Works of ArtAdelaide494View Images
24/02/2014Antiques & CollectablesAdelaide106View Images
03/02/2014Auction of Antiques, Collectables & Works of ArtAdelaide342View Images
16/12/2013Antiques, Collectables & Works of ArtAdelaide584View Images
28/10/2013Antiques & CollectablesAdelaide457View Images
19/08/2013Monthly Antiques & CollectablesAdelaide411View Images
22/07/2013Antique and Period Furniture, Porcelain, Glass, Silver etc.Adelaide461View Images
24/06/2013Evening Antiques AuctionAdelaide387View Images
28/05/2013Evening Doll AuctionAdelaide189View Images
27/05/2013Antiques & CollectablesAdelaide442View Images
29/04/2013Antique and Period Furniture, Porcelain, Glass, Oriental, Objets D'Art, Jewellery & TaxidermyAdelaide529View Images
25/03/2013Auction of Antiques, Collectables, Objet d'Art & Fine JewelleryAdelaide406View Images
25/02/2013Antique and Period Furniture, Porcelain, Glass, Objets D'Art, Jewellery and ClocksAdelaide477View Images
11/12/2012Works of Art and Fine JewelleryAdelaide178View Images
10/12/2012English and European Ceramics & Glass, Oriental, Antique Silver, Objets D'Art and Fine Antique FurnitureAdelaide424View Images
12/11/2012Antique, Period and Furniture, Porcelain, Glass, Objets D'Art, Jewellery, Paintings and ClocksAdelaide494View Images
15/10/2012Specialty AuctionAdelaide451View Images
24/09/2012Single Vendor Auction of the Property of a GentlemanAdelaide459View Images
23/07/2012Antique, Period and Furniture, Porcelain, Glass, Objets D'Art, Jewellery, Paintings and ClocksAdelaide431View Images
18/06/2012Antique and Period Furniture, Porcelain, Glass, Objets D'Art, Jewellery, Paintings and ClocksAdelaide409View Images
14/05/2012Fine Antique Furniture, Collectables and Works of ArtAdelaide574View Images
02/04/2012Fine Antique Furniture, Collectables, English & Australian PaintingsAdelaide468View Images
05/03/2012Fine Antique Furniture, Collectables, English & Australian PaintingsAdelaide471View Images
13/12/2011JewelleryAdelaide224View Images
12/12/2011Fine Antique Furniture, Collectables and Objets D'ArtAdelaide385View Images
14/11/2011Fine Antique Furniture, Collectables and Works of ArtAdelaide498View Images
10/10/2011Fine Antique Furniture, Collectables and Works of ArtAdelaide509View Images
05/09/2011Fine Antique Furniture, Collectables and Works of ArtAdelaide515View Images
27/06/2011Fine Antique Furniture, Collectables and Works of ArtAdelaide563View Images
16/05/2011Fine Antique Furniture, Collectables and Works of ArtAdelaide422View Images
14/05/2011Fine Antique Furniture, Collectables and Works of ArtAdelaide0 Prices not yet available
11/04/2011Fine Antiques, Collectables and Works of ArtAdelaide384View Images
12/03/2011"00" Gauge Model TrainsAdelaide189View Images
07/03/2011Fine Antique Furniture, Silver, Porcelain, Carpets and Works of ArtAdelaide381View Images
07/02/2011Antique Furniture, Fine Ceramics, Jewellery, Clocks and Works of ArtAdelaide355View Images
07/12/2010Fine Antique Furniture, Decorative Art and PaintingsAdelaide466View Images
01/11/2010Fine Antique Furniture, Decorative Art and PaintingsAdelaide331View Images
27/09/2010Fine Antiques, Collectables and PaintingsAdelaide386View Images
06/09/2010Evening Auction of Antiques, Collectables & PaintingsAdelaide433View Images
26/07/2010Fine Antiques Collectables and PaintingsAdelaide334View Images
28/06/2010Fine Antiques, Collectables & PaintingsAdelaide361View Images
31/05/2010Fine Antiques, Collectables & PaintingsAdelaide590View Images
03/05/2010Fine Antiques, Collectables and PaintingsAdelaide436View Images
22/03/2010Fine Antique Furniture, Decorative Arts, Collectables and PaintingsAdelaide400View Images
22/02/2010Evening Auction Of Antiques, Collectables & PaintingsAdelaide390View Images
14/12/2009Fine Collectables, Antiques and PaintingsAdelaide393View Images
09/11/2009Fine Antique Furniture, Porcelain and Glass, Oriental, Jewellery, Silver, Clocks and PaintingsAdelaide363View Images
12/10/2009Fine Antiques, Collectables and PaintingsAdelaide332View Images
07/09/2009Fine Antiques, Collectables and PaintingsAdelaide308View Images
29/06/2009Fine Antiques, Furniture, Collectables and PaintingsAdelaide325View Images
11/05/2009Fine Antiques, Furniture, Collectables and PaintingsAdelaide222View Images
06/04/2009Fine Antiques, Furniture, Collectables and PaintingsAdelaide188View Images
02/02/2009Evening Auction of Antiques & Decorative ArtsAdelaide273View Images
02/09/2008The John Klinger Collection, Antique Furniture & Decorative ArtsAdelaide691View Images
01/09/2008The John Klinger Collection, English Continental & Australian SilverAdelaide250View Images
31/08/2008The John Klinger Collection, Fine Antique Jewellery and Pocket WatchesAdelaide232View Images
28/07/2008Fine Antiques and Decorative Art - Evening AuctionAdelaide223View Images
30/06/2008Evening Antique AuctionAdelaide239View Images
31/05/2008Special Maritime Collection Contents AuctionAdelaide222View Images
05/05/2008Evening Estate Antique AuctionAdelaide224View Images
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